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Tuesday, June 21, 2022 1:37:40 AM
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Tuesday, June 21, 2022 1:53:45 AM
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Soft and sweet pop beat. You will hear how r&b has influences during my writing process.

Singer/Songwriter: Katelyn McClung
Producer/Engineer: Amery Miller

Have you ever fallen for a casual fling? Well I have and this is exactly what was going through my mind.
I wanna see what lies beyond these sheets

Don’t you know that we are just two strangers
Trying to feel a little love for free.
This doesn’t mean that we should feel the danger
We need to take this slow and sweet

It can’t be just the dick that’s got me so jaded
It has to be our chemistry
Cause I feel it even when you don’t say it
Or is cause you’re naked next to me?

Baby what’s your sign and do you like my type of energy?
Your arms are wrapped around my waste
I love it when you’re feeling me
Maybe we could talk a bit
And see where this could lead

Don’t you know that we are just two strangers
Searching our bodies just to feel something
If you’re lonely I can come and save ya
I could really use the company

It can’t be just the dick that’s got me distracted
It has to be the way I feel the heat
Cause I want this even when Im not asking
Or is cause your naked next to me

Baby we could do this
We could dance into the melody
Ill sell my soul to you
If you give me what my body needs
Save your promises
Cause if you lose them
Then its bitter sweet

Got me on my knees
Why don’t you take another dose of me
Ill ride until we die
No, you’ll never get bored of me
May I could hold you down
And show you what’s lies underneath
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