Gina FrenchSeasons of Us
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Sunday, January 29, 2023 10:16:50 PM
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Tuesday, January 31, 2023 2:35:36 AM
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Sultry and moody vocals, added with a little bit of Billie Holiday type phrasing. A solid rhythm section, sweeping strings, and a complimentary acoustic guitar, help to carry the melody, through its twists and turns, and the turning of the seasons.

Gina French - Vocals and Co-producer
Eric Lilavois - Producer and Engineer
Andrew Rudd - Drums
Brady Kish - Upright Bass
Andrew Joslyn - Violin, Cello, Viola - Strings arrangement

This is a tribute song written for my parents. I pictured them in San Francisco, in the 1950's, in their early golden days, where they met and got married. I pictured a smokey dinner club, with a jazz band playing in the background. These were some of the places, that they frequented in those days.
Each verse correlates with a season, and winter being the last - representing their last years, in Utah, and in dealing with getting old and my dad's MS, getting worse.
When I first wrote it on my guitar, I found some jazz sounding chords, and then the melody and lyrics just flowed out.
When I took it into the studio, I found that all of these great players and my wonderful producer, Eric, were so in tune to what I had envisioned. They did a great job in capturing the mood and feeling of the song.
Song Comments

Desperado Revue 2022 GK Contenders - 1
Contender for 2022 GK nomination - Jazz

Gina's vocals are inviting, exceptional and fantastic.She caresses the vocals so well with soaring vocals here and there. She weaves a stunning story of her parents and the places they frequented as portrayed in Gina's composition. This song is beautifully arranged tribute with lovely interaction between the instruments.magnificent mix and great production. This is certainly a great piece of work, top notch musicians and such beautiful lyrical magic displayed throughout. from the eye guy Bryon

Gina weaves a story of love, places and gives a wonderful tribute to her parents, great production and vocals are stunningly amazing

Vibilicious groove to Seasons of Us, Gina lays down a sweet smooth vibe with her sensual rich vocal, a song that is incredibly inviting and wonderful to listen to. Heartfelt vocals, great musicianship and excellent lyrical content that draws you into the song. Stunningly beautiful

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