Robot RavenText Me, Don't Sext Me!
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Eighth song on Robot Raven's 2107 release, "Life Goes On"

Robot Raven

Text Me, Don’t Sext Me – a relationship anthem for these modern times.
Text Me, Don’t Sext Me!

Got your junk mail yesterday,
can’t say I was impressed.
Want to hear what you gotta say
but I’d rather you be dressed.
You might think it’s treasure
to show your pride and joy,
but it don’t give me pleasure
to be with a little boy.
Text me, don’t sext me.
Nothing I need to see.
Text me, don’t sext me.
Freaks me, wanta flee.
Text me, don’t sext me.
Jerks flirt to a “T”.
Text me, don’t sext me.
Where’s the chivalry?
Can’t undo what I just saw.
Why did you send me this?
I’m afraid to check my phone.
I’m getting really pissed.
Just want to talk, make some plans,
dance into the night.
Love is about ALL of me,
not just the parts you like.
Don’t want to see it.
Won’t really make it so.
Treat me like the one you love,
it’s your heart I want to show.
Your pics don’t impress me none,
your play’s in the wrong amount.
You think it’s gonna get ya some,
but it’s what you SAY that counts.
Think I’m on my high horse?
You say that I’m a prude.
Snap the selflies, send them forth
and accuse ME of being rude?
I don’t blow one’s own horn
but I gotta tell ya this...
your cock-a doodle do do do
will never get my kiss.
(refrain) x
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