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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Tuesday, August 24, 2021 12:27:14 PM
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Finnegans Wake Book 1 Chapter 3
More Than Friends
Buy Me a Coffee
My (k)NEW Life
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1987 Demo record. Bill Berry - piano; Larree Hollywood - guitars, vocals; Greg Kage (of Canned Heat fame) - drums, bass.

Lyrics & Music by Larree
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Larree Archive
Recorded in 1987; 16-track tape at Telstar, L.A.

neat slide guitar, and happenin' drums, larree weaves a story that causes a giggle , and then expands and embraces the multitudes, w a funny grace and riffage, the keys are a tasty touch, and builds very nicely to a happenin' ditty....(dig the shouts!!! and the chantin' vibe)...

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All Genres #23 - Pop/Pop Rock #1 (Hit #1 Pop Rock 7/3/2023)

Finnegans Wake Book 1 Chapter 3
Ack, ack, ack. With which clap, trap and soddenment, three to a loaf, our mutual friends the fender and the bottle at the gate seem to be implicitly in the same bateau, so to singen, bearing also several of the earmarks of design, for there is in fact no use in putting a tooth in a snipery of that sort and the amount of all those sort of things which has been going on onceaday in and twiceaday out every other nachtistag among all kinds of pro- miscious individuals at all ages in private homes and reeboos publikiss and allover all and elsewhere throughout secular sequence the country over and overabroad has been particularly stupendous. To be continued. Federals' Uniteds' Transports' Unions' for Exultations' of Triumphants' Ecstasies.

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