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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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The Woman Station
Poets & Carnivores
successful art
cool indie music
good music
Pocket Mystic Delights
Serotonin Emission
the neopolitan palate
Musicians For Compassion 2
Folk Goddess Bo-ho Ra-di-o
Idyllic Specter
Play Out Loud!
In memory of Shambo


Recorded december 2005 in Toneart Studio
Lyrics by Eva-Louise
Music by Iggu
Produced by Iggu
Mixed by Rasmus Lindgren

Song Comments

successful art
just about the best production I've ever heard. Could this human person sound any more present?! I don't love love the song, although it works, but the track is damn compelling. Makes the station with room to spare.

A flashback.... I was held prisoner inside an elementary school, and made to float in a huge bucket. A huge hand would reach in, and take one of us out....one by one....we would hear the screaming amongst the distant lecture, and the grossed out children. My life was spared by the vigilante class clown with a heart of gold, he grabbed me out of the bucket...and stuck me in his backpack with the intent to set me free later that day, and so he did...but not before I saw the dissected remains of my friends....From 'SAD FROG'

the neopolitan palate
Unusual vocal and abstract intent here sort of pull this from stream of consciousness into something more cohesive...lovely arrangement, sparse and churchlike...

Musicians For Compassion 2
For the lost ones...

Folk Goddess Bo-ho Ra-di-o
WOW... kinda makes ya think about what each of our contribution to life is all about and who would ever notice if we really knew... what it would all be like if we just totally released our fears and went for it... and how our fears keep us locked up "inside" and make us feel like a drop on the water that ultimately disappears in the ripples! Love it!

it's so, so "sad"... and beautifully done! -M-

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