UTAHCrash and Burn
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Like walking trough a car crash on a sunny afternoon. Be carefull.

reached  # 1 on  KIAC Big 50   

Jesper Both: Sang / Guitar
Søren Zahle: Guitar / Kor
Johan Vogel: Bas
Anders Rønne: Trommer
Jesper Jakobsen: Keyboard

So don't come here tomorrow.. x
Song Comments

IAC Pop Station
Great Rock Song

successful art
This song is fully successfully. And very rad.

IAC Every Minute
This one is a keeper! love the vocals and the beat is amazing!

The little station that could.

Sheridans Fave's

Tympanali 1
Yin lulls you into a mild, breathy trance only for Yang to grab you by the short and curlies for a spot of headbutting. Then Yin's back like it never happened.

IAIA Song of the Year Nominations

zing! flip! squash!--WATERPLANET radio
Shuffle beat and lingering, otherwordly vocals.

Best All-Time Indie

Rock your pants off
reminds me of radiohead...not a bad track, give it a listen. Make sure you listen through the breakcdown/change-over part. job well done.

Beautiful. This song has become a most welcome companion in my head.

Poor Billy station
I like the feeling of this song, it`s very beautifull the way they build up the composition and the singer carries us into a dreaming world.

The Metro Underground
Where in the hell did Utah come from? Undoubtedly a standout in the IAC masses! Great, great song.

Kayak Number One Songs!
week 26

personal favorites
the only song I've ever heard that goes from great to amazing suddenly late in the song.

A+ for Originality!
For some reason I picture driving down a road with this song playing endlessly. I've never heard anything else like it, ever.

Cheryl Blossom
set fire to the things that harm you.

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