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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Certified Organic


I'd suggest you listen to this one on a late winter's day, driving up Highway 61 (of Dylan fame) along the Mississippi, watching the bald eagles flop along the ice.

Wes Miller banjo, synth, vocals
Monta May- lyrics

Song Comments

This is called I am, I presume refering to the immortal nature of I AM. The artist says listen to it while driving along highway 66. Be cardful or you'll get to see the nature of I AM shortly after you drive headlong into that truck coming the other way. The driver of the truck will be playing 'Taking It Easy' by the Eagles.

Music the Gods Like
Double WHOA!!!

Certified Organic
Killer groove, intro and stays on the theme great vocals and string section, moonlight magic here

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