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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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This song is about boyhood friends are separated because the affection felt by one of them is too strong.
More generally, it espresses the isolation sometimes felt by gay men when the straight friends they feel close to cannot understand or relate to their emotions.


Jonathan Jonathan
Where am I going
How long have I been growing
Away from the boy that you once thought you knew

Jonathan Jonathan
The path is empty
There's nothing here to tempt me
And now this path begins and ends with you

Jonathan Jonathan
I blew my chances
To listen to your answers
Cause I just stared at the answers coming through

Ah boyhood friend
I've reached the end
There's no escaping
The jaws of time are gaping
But long ago you showed me what to do

One day when you found me crying
You said a wiser man once said
That you could spend a long time dying
But in the end you'd wind up dead

And I thought about it seriously
And I looked at you and then
I asked when I would see you
And you said I'd see you when

When volcanoes have no crater
When a chilli has no spice
When it snows at the equator
When the eskimos grow rice

And I looked for where your heart was
But your heart had turned to stone
And all at once i found myself alone

Jonathan Jonathan
What do you do now
What is it you go through now
And do you ever wonder about me

Jonathan Jonathan
Are you still in prison
or has the spirit risen
And led you to the gate that makes men free

And all the words of wisdom
That are in those sacred books
Come rushing like a river to my mind

If I allow the tide to wake me
If I permit the swell to take me
Who knows what joys or demons I might find

Jonathan Jonathan
Where am I going
What are these changes showing
Why is it that tonight I hear your laughter flowing
And I

Feel a breeze that takes me back
Through the railway station
To the dusty track
Past the palaces of pleasure and of pain
To where Jonathan and David walk again

Oh yes just children
But oh what children

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