Maria DainesAin't No Love
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Diggin' in the dirt...

Under the spare wheel of a Mercury Ford 68' yeah lay a ghetto hat and one long fingered glove, n' he said don't be late, but I'm never late n' I knew he'd be back, if push come to shove there ain't no love.
Well I had nothin' but a blind grin and I was thinkin' 'bout the strange things my mother used to say in strange ways, things she used to do with her hair, without a care, worryin' me there,
there ain't no love.

N' time flew through the winda like the stars'd been turned off n' she was always off n' he was broke n' had a cough, sure was, for all that he was worth, but I didn't care what he was worth, there ain't no love.

Now he can throw his anger off the nearside a' the moon, n' take his simple fixtures from the corner of the room, cos I ain't rollin' back, not a penny not a smile, a little piece a' that sure gonna last a pretty while, there ain't no love.

Well I was waitin' by the depot, with two fingers in the air, seems a hat made for a ghetto sure hides a lot a' hair, n' I knew he'd bound to be there, in the back half of a truck, bearin' down all over, buryin' his luck, there ain't no love.
Cos he'd be comin' off the westside like thunder in a cloud, yeah, fixin' up his best side, sure to show up loud, there ain't no love.


There's footprints in the coal shed n' handprints in the snow, there's fire in the crows nest, now where I'm gonna go? He ain't gonna show. There ain't no love. Ain't no love.
Now Beelzebub his'self he ain't got nothin' on the boy, he dirty as a blackbird, n' sneekier n' oil, now where my gonna go? There ain't no love. You yah black hearted boy.


Yeah I'm gonna put my ghetto hat on sideways n' just leave the scene....ain't no love.

Diggin' in the dirt cos there ain't no love...


Maria Daines/Paul Killington
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Song Comments

Dogladies Sounds
Gutsy Blues!!!! Lady you are goooooooood!

Mystic Blues Radio
What a great song and story, nothing like it when something real translates in to a song and this one grabs ya , love the chatting up slash singing off here and there by Maria, crazy girl you are with that inflection you got there. Makes me smile. Great Job all round by everyone involved

Future Ones

Gyroscope Blues

Another Fine Mess
Maria is in the Zone on this and kinda funny too

Blues Music is Truth
I reviewed this one some where on one of my other stations,I need to go there a find out what I said, but in short. it makes me want to listen it like one million times, What a great groove and Maria sure can kick some serious vox out and what a great punching bass, great mix like the production is way too cool and talk about the stellar fiery chops on guitar bring it...... Anyways, I will just sit back and listen up. makes me smile

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