Duane Thanks Verity. for adding For You She's actually coming for dinner today. Cheers, Duane
Verity Aw, that's lovely to know, thanks for all you do at IMP Duane
James Stanley Howen Thank you very muchVerity for adding "My Grandfather's Home to your story tellers station!
Verity Thanks James, that's just the right thing for this station
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The stories behind the songs
Hi, Verity Keen here. I'm hoping to find songs with a story that I can analyse. Lyrics are important to me so I'll always choose artists who explain songs and add lyrics.
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J. Patrick Sharpe
Have I Got A Story For You
If you want a good story then you have to walk down the Country Road where you'll find musicians out of pocket, out of work, even out of style but honest and faithful to their art for the whole of their lives added to station 9/1/2023 2:38:23 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 8642
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Eric Steffensen
History Lesson
This is a story about success in the face hopelessness and devastation, where one guy's persistence paid off resulting in a product to sell and make him rich. added to station 9/1/2023 2:48:11 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 8642
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negative tendencies
Smitty Was Right
So much detail and inside info in this long story about a character the writer knew well - interesting and very listenable added to station 9/1/2023 5:14:45 PM
Folk Rock 8642
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Dead Desert
Under My Skin
The story here is not in the song, it's all about the band from a war torn Country managing to escape to the UK and continue to make music like this song added to station 9/2/2023 4:32:12 AM
Pop 8642
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Duane Flock
For You
A sad and worrying story but we now know it had a happy ending. A well sung personal song with a lovely tearjerker bridge. added to station 9/2/2023 6:04:03 PM
Alternative Rock 8642
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Little Torso Boy
Some stories are hard to tell but have to be told for closure on horrific events people witness and also to let the wider world know what cruel things happen in war. Aside of that, this is a really well made song and extremely moving with an engaging performance by the writer Stoneman added to station 9/3/2023 6:32:24 AM
Urban 8642
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Father Time
Miss Wills' Frustration
I can hear the trauma in the voice of the guy telling the story :) This song has a really catch punchline and some great feature instruments filling it out|. I'm guessing there's no real 'revengeful' end to this story but I'm sure the mean teacher is long gone by now. added to station 9/3/2023 4:22:29 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 8642
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Bruce Satinover
My Vestigial Tail
This is an unusual one, quite a unique story. Well written, sung and played added to station 9/11/2023 10:06:48 AM
Guitar Rock 8642
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Val Jensen
It's a Fine Thing
There's a lot of story telling and de ive narrative in this song added to station 9/17/2023 6:07:55 PM
Psychedelic Pop 8642
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Mark Ashley Wardell
Just One Night
Lots of info and advice makes this qualify as a story of something that is or could be happening added to station 9/17/2023 6:11:53 PM
Latin/Pop 8642
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Dave Latchaw
A Day Like This
I really like this song by Dave, such quality. I only have one station so I'm adding it here. I guess I can call it a love story (to fit the brief) This could have been a John Lennon hit for sure :) added to station 9/30/2023 3:27:05 AM
Pop 8642
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The Dorroughbys
Summer Bird
A heartfelt rendition of a tender moment, not so much a story but more an atmospheric happening added to station 10/24/2023 7:49:33 AM
Ballad 8642
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James Stanley Howen
My Grandfather's Home - 1984
Beautifully nostalgic memories that are presented and performed perfectly. No written lyrics but the vocals are so easy to hear so that's enough to understand this song. added to station 11/3/2023 3:25:50 PM
Spiritual Easy Listening 8642
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Larry Killip
Walking In Western Park
This is a review I did for another station a while back but it fits the Story theme of this new place. "I have a "Western Park" that I often used to walk around so I can picture the scene, which helps. Larry has an appealing voice and vocal projection, touches of Gilbert O'Sullivan are evident - in fact the narrative style of this song adds to this impression. I like a song with a story that holds my interest but the addition of great music and extra harmonies make it a little more enticing. Will definitely check out more from this artist - Verity " added to station 11/21/2023 5:56:17 AM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 8642
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