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Dr. Pants
song chosen by Larree I was eating a donut from the greatest donut stand in the universe - The Donut Man in Glendora, California. I searched for the perfect song to listen to while eating donuts here on IMP and this was the song that popped up. I listened to it for over an hour on a loop, I loved it so much. This song inspired my radio station, Attack of the Killer Strawberry Donuts. Enjoy! (And eat a donut.) added to station 11/21/2023 9:12:54 PM
Comedy Rap 8649
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Trevor Hambidge
song chosen by Steve April “Back to where the start is/home is where the heart is,” a meditation on alienation and home, a gritty, vivid chronicle about a displaced soul meandering through a purgatory, much like Dante, the great poet, scoping out the vivid imagery along the way, the “busdriver,with no regret,” “the sleepy seaside town,” and all. A troubadour with a unique sensibility, shedding light as he goes. Emotive vocal, the grand string section, that recalls a bit “Eleanor Rigby” with its in-your-face persistent, plaintive yearning and graceful figures, the song spirals like a nebulae, the end is the beginning, the beginning is the end, never heard that in a song before done quite this way, super-catchy chorus, also, that brings it all back home...Kudos, Trevor, welcome to the site. I'll hear this song on Mt. Olympus... added to station 11/21/2023 5:22:00 PM
Adult Alternative 8649
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Phil Streets
Oh My
song chosen by Duane Flock Oh My! Phil Streets has become a master in his craft, and it shows in everything you hear. The colorful ear candy that expands 360 degrees around you with great fills strategically placed in every split second keeps your attention. The superb production is second to none. Phil’s sound is reminiscent of Steely Dan, which he said is one of his favorite bands also. It shows. I have a lot of playlists that have at least one of Phil’s timeless songs on it. Great song, great artist! added to station 11/21/2023 5:18:46 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 8649
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Gina French
Of Rapture
song chosen by Bryon Tosoff This song is a must listen! Of Rapture is a song that is dynamic, powerful and inspiring by one of IndieMusicPeoples most highly decorated singers. Of Rapture is a modern experimental mid eastern rock fusion sonic wonder! The song is a powerful and incredible performance by Gina French The song invites the listener into a dangerous seductive secret passionate experience as indicated here in this lyrical context: "Our bodies joined in our sensuous glow Touch the deepest parts of me/And the passion overflows" Gina shares a insanely fantastic message about love, sex and a special relationship expressed in her lyrics. The listener will be totally connected throughout the song with the brilliant guitar and eastern stylistic touches of the saxophone which honor the eastern music styles. Gina adds her own eastern European feel and the band goes insanely wild with tremendous interaction of all the various instruments involved. As a seasoned veteran, Gina captures the various expressive tonal colors in the art of musical performance. Gina is right up there with rocker Pat Benatar abilities on this sogn. Of Rapture is a kicking it out killer tune This song is magical, it covers the waterfront of amazing musicianship, stunning production, songcrafting and a amazing singing sensation by Gina French Gina's styles range from the light airy smooth jazzy vibe to some downright amazing rocking it out girl power. It is apparent that Gina is an individual that can sing any style of music from jazz to rock and pop, just check out her music at her indiemusicpeople artist site. added to station 11/20/2023 1:16:27 PM
World Fusion 8649
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Swingset Chain
song chosen by Scott Stambaugh I remember the first time I heard this song. I was listening to songs at scouting artists to invite to IAC. Kylee's voice got me right away, and this melancholy meandering song knew where it was going even though I the listener did not. I've still never heard a single indie song that stuck with me like this one. The lyrics are about her memories and a relationship but despite the details they feel like my memories and relationships. She describes and sings these things on the spot and I go along for the ride everytime, often crying but it makes me happy at the same time. and this line of lyrics could and does define my life, really. Can any song do more? I'm freaking out that we're running out of time added to station 11/19/2023 9:43:19 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 8649
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