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Ric Laue
Jacob's Well

10/17/2019 1:44:41 AM
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Bob Elliott
This is song number four on the album "Wooden Soul" by The Pawns, 8/19.

Acoustic Soul
10/17/2019 2:41:29 AM
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Get It Out Of Your Mind

Abstact Lounge Jazz
10/16/2019 10:50:35 AM
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Get It Out Of Your Mind

10/16/2019 10:41:10 AM
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Motown Moe
Back in The Day Summers Funk Mix
Funky Jazz with a touch of chill

Smooth Jazz
10/16/2019 11:07:29 PM
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Song For Brian

Acoustic Ballad
10/14/2019 6:24:16 PM
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Alan Marchand
Two Left Feet
'Two Left Feet" is written in 13/4 time and phrased 3-3-4-3. Not your standard waltz and doesn't lend itself to toe-tapping; hence, the title.

Instrumental Experimental
10/14/2019 6:13:34 PM
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Neil w Young
All Through The Night
From my 2007 album, 'No Looking Back' ... written in 1986.

10/14/2019 6:53:13 PM
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Alan Ballard
The Announcement
Hello, I've been focusing in more on creating Orchestral/ Hybrid/ Cinematic feeling kind of songs. This is one of those songs. I hope you enjoy and thanks for listening.

10/13/2019 11:40:39 PM
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Earthquake Blues
A blues trio featuring Alan Waxman on the drums and Eric Fliegel on bass backing me on a song I wrote in the 1970s. This version was recorded at Eric's Studio in 1991. It's kind of... loose.

Electric Blues
10/14/2019 3:55:52 AM
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dorian london
In the Beginning (God and Lucifer as Friends)
This song is about Life Before Adam and Eve

Pop Vocals
10/12/2019 11:44:39 PM
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The OverSoul
Dead Letters (Express Delivery) v2
Another battle cry

Alternative Indie
10/14/2019 3:55:54 PM
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purposefully a microtonal song

10/12/2019 8:48:08 PM
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The OverSoul
Dead Letters (Express Delivery) v1
A battle cry before we die

Acoustic Alternative
10/12/2019 10:36:30 PM
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CP Fletcher
Empty is the first single by A Permanent Shadow, an electronic rock outfit based in Barcelona.

Alternative Pop Rock
10/12/2019 3:15:58 PM
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Rich Russom and Joe Aloisa
Paradise ~ Rich Russom
...Ain't It Nice

Blues Rock
10/12/2019 1:04:44 PM
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Alan Ballard
Painted Memories
Hello, This is my new instrumental. An Orchestral / Hybrid mix. I wish that were a genre here. If it is I couldn't find it. Anyway Hope you enjoy. And as always thank you for listening.

Guitar & Piano
10/12/2019 5:48:12 AM
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Stan Lewis
Set me free

10/11/2019 10:00:31 PM
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Alan Marchand
"Sleepyhead" sets a dreamy mood, so you can relax at the end of a long day.

Easy Listening
10/10/2019 10:39:45 PM
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