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Old Gold
My Kind Of Hush
A tribute to the great 'old gold' Herman's Hermits song but with the big choir treatment

Retro Pop
11/16/2018 8:51:34 AM
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The Music Fades Away

11/16/2018 8:29:17 AM
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Motown Moe
Cool Christmas Ride
Nice smooth jazz holiday instrumental for relaxing and having a chilled xmas party

Smooth Jazz
11/16/2018 2:10:45 AM
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That's what some songs do to you
Simple Jazz backing to multi layered vocal harmonies

Easy Listening Jazz Vocals
11/16/2018 9:06:34 AM
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Seven and Counting
Dancing With My Dream
Upbeat pop-rock love-song with catchy chorus.

Melodic Rock
11/15/2018 12:25:18 PM
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Phil Streets
Santa Fe
Our boy reveals his happy place.

Alternative Pop Rock
11/15/2018 2:19:06 AM
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Victor Sanchez

Alternative Modern Rock
11/15/2018 1:59:41 AM
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The spit on my tongue is now the spit on your tongue

Alternative Indie
11/14/2018 4:22:29 AM
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New Nobility
Blue Butterfly(Revolution)

Hard Rock
11/13/2018 5:46:10 PM
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Mel T
When will we be done Don ?
Slow piano intro and outro (with Slovenian harmony choir) leading to big, fast Pop song highlighting fiddle - Mel laments her life in the old country

Alternative Pop Rock
11/13/2018 5:36:20 PM
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Eric Lawrence
The End

11/15/2018 8:02:25 PM
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Jason Flatt
So Into You
Recorded this at Gene Breeden Studio

11/12/2018 7:22:38 PM
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A high energy, full on, balls out rocker.

Progressive Hard Rock
11/12/2018 6:36:32 PM
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New Nobility

Hard Rock
11/12/2018 4:04:18 PM
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New Nobility
Asian Girl

Alternative Pop Rock
11/12/2018 4:00:11 PM
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Shawn Adam Williams
Miss High Roller

11/12/2018 5:26:00 AM
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Wreckless Beats
Since I've already produced over 500 hip hop instrumentals, and I've already written over 500 poems over the years... I finally decided to put them together and spread truth through music.

Poetic Hip Hop
11/11/2018 10:38:13 PM
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Side FX and Kim Cameron
Take Me Back To Ibiza
Recently added to the Carpe Musicam EP, Take Me Back pulls your ears into several directions. What begins as a electro pop melody quickly turns into a major house beat. A love story about a woman who meets her night-in-shining armor on the beaches of Ibiza, Spain. Together, they share the sun, dance under the night skies, and discover the true magic of this small Spanish island. Ending the song with subtle dub undertones, once again, provides the very best in ear candy. Produced by Kevin...

11/11/2018 10:01:01 PM
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Bob Elliott
Crazy, Crazy
The Pawns are Matt Perez, Bob Elliott

11/13/2018 9:57:24 PM
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Mel T
If Donald was an Indie fan instead of a Republican
Reggae backed novelty song - Mel T leads and The Republicats support her

Reggae Groove
11/12/2018 2:24:15 PM
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Steve April
pizzicato strings by mark, wah???

Alternative Modern Rock
11/11/2018 2:57:56 AM
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Alan Ballard
A Little Rock n Roll Never Hurt Anyone
Hello, Been a little bit since I posted anything here. Anyhow this is my newest song, called "A Little Rock n Roll Never Hurt Anyone". Hope you enjoy.

11/10/2018 8:39:24 PM
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Phil Streets
Oh My
Baby gonna be a star. . . they say.

Alternative Pop Rock
11/10/2018 5:16:44 PM
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