Ricardo Confessori - Drums

Leo Mancini - Guitar

Fernando Quesada - Bass

Thiago Bianchi - Vocals

Shaman was formed in 2000, when Ricardo Confessori left Angra to form a new band.
Shaman means "the one who sees in the dark", and it is generally represented by priests that can heal using elements of nature.

With a mix of heavy metal, classical and world music, in the beginning of 2002, the band begun recording their first album called "Ritual."
The album was recorded in Germany, except for some parts that were recorded in Brazil and the United States, with the renowned production of Mr. Sascha Paeth.

"Ritual" was very well received in Brazil and all around the globe, being released in more than 15 countries. The World Ritual Tour lasted a year and a half, passing through Brazil and several other countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia. There were about 150 shows, an excellent mark of dates for a debut album tour.

In 2003, Shaman was ranked on various 'first places' on the specialized media polls, and the big surprise was having "Ritual" winning as the best music album (and not only on the heavy metal style) of 2002, being chosen by readers of Folha de Sao Paulo. An accomplishment that happened again in 2004. Later that year, the band opened the Iron Maiden concert at Pacaembu Stadium in Sao Paulo, for approximately 45,000 people.

As a result of such huge success, the band recorded a live show at Credicard Hall in São Paulo with several special guests like Tobias Sammet, Sascha Paeth, Marcus Viana and George Mouzayek, Andi Deris and Michael Weikath. The release of a CD and DVD of "RituAlive" was received with great reviews and sales. According to Universal Music Brazil, "RituAlive" is the best DVD of the genre because of the quality and of the content.

In 2005, when the second album was almost finished and ready to be released, the band announced a change in the name, with the addition of a letter A, and now being called Shaaman.

During the following months, the second studio album called "Reason" hits the stores, bringing a much more 'direct' and 'in your face' sound. The album was recorded in Brazil with the same producer of the first album, Sascha Paeth, who said that "Reason is the redemption of all the feeling and spirit of the 80's heavy metal", and that "while Ritual favored the undeniable virtuoso musicians, Reason opened up space for their hearts and souls". Songs on the "Reason" album were much more organic, which helped to highlight the contrast between heavy guitars, classic keyboards and world music elements.

After the Reason Tour, that lasted over a year, some misunderstandings led to the departure of three former bandmembers, opening up space for Thiago Bianchi, Léo Mancini and Fernando Quesada to join the band. With the new line-up, the band entered the studio and, in September of 2007, released Shaman's third studio album called "Immortal". With the new Immortal Tour, Shaman played all over Brazil and in many countries of the Latin America.

In 2008, the band recorded a live DVD, called "AnimeAlive", on a show with an audience of nearly 20 thousand people. It was released in 2009, celebrating the successful tour of the "Immortal" album and the new phase of the band.

Also in 2009, Shaman was the headliner band on the Czech Republic's Masters of Rock Festival, and played with GOCMAN Orchestra. This amazing moment and show set a milestone in the history of Brazilian Heavy Metal: Shaman was the first band to perform and record a live DVD with an orchestra.

For 2010, Shaman is preparing many surprises: a new CD in progress, new shows being scheduled, and much more...


International Management & Booking:

Official International Fan Club:

International Records Labels:

NO MIND (Premier from ORIGINS CD 2010)

Licensed Cover

Progressive Metal
h h

EGO - from New Release ORIGINS Coming in June 2010

Licensed Cover

h h

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Bryon Tosoff

8/17/2010 11:45:06 AM
you all rock Shaman
no disrespect intended on the blog

just a point of view
I jsut wish we could have more of your music around

keep rock in it out


Bryon Tosoff

4/30/2010 10:44:26 AM
great new happening tune EGO is , reflective intro, and dynamic killer chops, all thru.. added up to music is truth



12/22/2008 9:07:29 PM


12/22/2008 2:40:28 PM
Shaman wishes to all Merry Christmas and a great 2009 full of happiness and success.

Shaman wants also to thank all Stations that added our music and we hope you enjoy our music.

Shaman will be touring around the world next year and we hope to see you in some our shows.

Thanks again and you enjoy with us, our 3 videos here below.
TEASER - IMMORTAL LIVE DVD released 18 July 2008

With Love
SHAMAN Prog. Power Metal

Bryon Tosoff

12/19/2008 8:24:27 PM
Amazing. This band is , well special. I just dont know what else to say. Mind Blowing

Beth Fridinger

12/19/2008 1:43:22 AM
Great music!

The Nocturnal Sunz

11/26/2008 12:28:38 PM
Thank You for your time and opinion of our music.
Glad you liked it. We like your music too. Have a
great Holiday and Rock On, T & Shaman!!

The Nocturnal Sunz

11/26/2008 1:33:16 AM
hey U guys...if ya got time, check out
our 2 songs. Long Live Rock!

Michael Peace

8/23/2008 11:50:39 AM
I just had to stop back again and listen to your fantastic tunes. Can't get enough Thanks for listening to my stuff and then nice comments. I appreciate that very much.

Michael Peace

7/30/2008 2:38:23 PM
Your Music is fab-YOU-Lus. Check out the real charts at: You are there.

Larz Boah

4/17/2008 8:32:17 AM
Thanks for stopping by you guys. Europe and Japan knows SHAMAN ROCKS....
USA is 'sleeping' too much....come and Wake Us Up! :)

Two Silo Complex

4/16/2008 6:25:01 PM
What more can I say than just plain astounding. These performance are just excellent.

Since you opened for Iron Maiden maybe you could consider working with Dream Theater. Their style is very similiar to your and they are now starting to form tours of thier own.

I hope to hear more, Best of luck with the new album. I know I want a copy.
Two Silo Complex



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"ORIGINS" latest Studio release will be out in Europe less than 1 month from today.

ORIGINS European tour will take place from 24th February to 26the March 2011 in collaboration with Scarlet Records

Stay in tune...Maybe will be performing in your town!

Coming up other TOUR news!!


SHAMAN IN ROCK IN RIO 2011?? We want you!!

Hello friends,
Scroll down to read this important communicate in 3 different languages!

Which band or National Artist would you to see in Rock In Rio 2011?
Vote for SHAMAN through:

Qual atração nacional você quer no Rock in Rio 2011 ?
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Thanks very much for loving us!

We love you all!

Our Vocalist THIAGO BIANCHI will be in GOIANA (Brazil) at the NIPPON SAMA FEST this weekend 14/15th August for a Vocal Workshop:


SHAMAN's Vocalist THIAGO BIANCHI - Vocal Workshop

Start Saturday at 12:00pm - End August 15 at 6:00pm

Tickets Info:
R$ 20 Passaporte Anticipado
R$ 12 Saturday/ Sabado
R$ 12 Sunday / Domingo

Buy Tickets Pre sales:
SoloSagrado Cards Phone: (62) 3945.2635
Hocus ( Phone: (62) 3204.1443
Kaverna Phone: (62) 3212/2044 // 3223-1840
AnimeTown Phone: (62) 8102.7882

See you there!

Hey friends,

We hope your Summer is getting well.

Here our latest News!

ORIGINS CD is out in Japan from 23rd June 2010 through Marquee Records.
In Europe will be available from 15th September 2010 through Scarlet Records and it will be released in South America at the same date through Atracao Records.

We got people asking the release date for North America.
Well, we are still dealing, but we think in this or in the next week, we will announce it!

Stay in Tune, and you stop to visit our IAC page...we hope EGO song (from Origins) will keep you good company...

Thanks to all IAC Stations for loving us, we love you all too!

" The Band "

2/20/2010 7:11:47 PM

SHAMAN going to sign with the new label and NEWS!

@ Shaman, Brazilian Prog.Power Metal is going to sign with the new label for worldwide.@

One of the biggest Brazilian metal band is ready for signing with an USA RECORDS for Worldwide for the next release that it will be ready the end of March 2010.
The new album is going to be one of the best CD in the entire band career (2000-2010).

In 2002 SHAMAN with RITUAL CD received the AWARD as best CD 2002 and not only in the metal scene, the nomination was for BEST WORLDWIDE CD in the global music.

SHAMAN is hoping for the next AWARD and I think the band will go to get it.

In additional to the NEW CD...there will be SHAMAN & Orchestra with Musa Gocmen conductor LIVE DVD recorded in MASTERS OF ROCK FESTIVAL 2009 in Czech Republic, Vizovice.
Shaman headlined it in date 9th July front 50 000 people.

Here below you can watch the TEASER and I hope you will enjoy it!

Thanks and you stay in tune.....soon I will let you know the USA Label name...

With my best regards.
Tiziana Hurd, President
SolMusic Management Inc. Canada
SHAMAN's Manager

4th June 09

Hello to all our fans,
we are organize our trip in Europe. The most important show will be in Czech Republic at the MASTERS OF ROCK FESTIVAL in Vizovice in date 9th July 2009. SHAMAN will be to perform headliner front 30000 people (sold out festival) with Gocmen Symphony Orchestra of Turkey of 40 pieces of musicians.
We will headline the first date of the 3 days and we are going to move LIVE DVD/CD of this important event.

Our European trip it will end in Slovakia in date 11th July 09. Shaman will be to perform 2 shows in Kosice and Zvolan.

I'm sure you will leave your support comment in our IAC page.

We want thank all our fans for loving and supporting us.
We love you all!

Ricardo, Thiago, Fe, Leo and Fabrizio

Tiziana Hurd, CEO
Shaman's manager
SolMusic Management Inc. Canada

SHAMAN's drummer RICARDO CONFESSORI talks to the fans!
Dear Friends and Fans

Along all my journey as a musician I had the oportunity to play in several bands. I recorded my first album with a band from south of the country, called Garcia & Garcia, in the late 80’s (we started in 1989 to be exact) and since then I’ve been in 3 famous brazilian bands: Korzus, Angra and Shaman. Last year I was invited to return to one of those bands, Angra, the band that made me internacional famous as a professional musician and that gave me the experience that I still use in my every day work. It’s not necessary to say that Angra had a huge importance in my life - being something constant in my life - when talking about the songs I still play in Shaman, or the Angra CD’s that are asked to be autographed, in almost everything.

Shaman came back in 2007, after a total remodelation in its line-up, and with mine and my band mates' every efforts we made until here, with an outstanding CD, a DVD to be released soon and a tour with an Orchestra in Europe in the summer of the current year. This achievement won’t be thrown away, that’s why I say that Shaman will stay with me and I will strive in double, as far as possible, to keep the magic going.

See you on the road!

Ricardo Confessori


FAN CLUB: How did you become interested in Shaman?
TIZIANA HURD: First, thanks very much for this interview regarding SHAMAN.
I always loved Shaman, and I have all their discography. Ricardo Confessori contacted me 1 year ago, asking to manage his band and I accepted without problems.

FC: Nowadays, Shaman has more name than ever worldwide? Why is that?
TH: Because I did a great job! SHAMAN never had before a manager and today to have label supports its not easy, then I promote the band in worldwide in every Radio in network link possible, and all this took me 1 year job, but now SHAMAN is getting big every day, and finally we are ready to rock the world.

FC: Shaman will play now in Masters of Rock Festival and other two dates confirmed in Europe. Can you advance us some more dates or it’s secret for now?
TH: I know the fans want to know everything about their loved band and it's very nice, but please to be patience soon all dates will be posted. I have + festivals confirmed and my Agents are working to confirm all shows around Europe in short time possible.

FC: You work with Almah, Angra, Shaman, Sepultura and worked with Andre Matos sometime ago. You have more interests in Brazilian bands?
TH: Brazil has a lot of great Artists… maybe it's because the people there have the music in the blood. Anyway yes, I signed with DR. SIN another Brazilian rock/heavy legendary band.
Sepultura has been my first Brazilian band, and with them I did 2 European tours in 2007 all shows were sold-out…I love those guys, very professional and nice people.
In November 2008 I booked Sepultura in a Philippines Festival headliner. We are always in good relation.
NOW, I'm really busy with SHAMAN. There is a big difference between SHAMAN and the other bands. I manage SHAMAN and then I HAVE to take care MY BAND. To be manager it's not the same that to be an Agent, a lot of responsibility going on.

FC: You are booking dates for Shaman in worldwide. Is there much interest in Shaman in the part of the promoters?
TH: Yes! After all my promotion around the world, I got most interest from Eastern Europe, UK, ASIA, some USA States, and Middle Eastern. Every kind of promoter (Classical, rock, metal, jazz, pop, etc) wrote me great words about SHAMAN music. This is a great satisfaction and I'm proud to manage SHAMAN.

FC: Is there any possibility to see Shaman and Angra or another big band playing together someday worldwide or do you think that solo tours are better?
TH: Maybe who knows? Maybe Angra a day will support SHAMAN who knows? In this business you never know what can happen.

FC: You’ve worked with many artists and bands. Is there anyone that you have more affection nowadays?
TH: I appreciated all bands that I worked with and every band has a special place in my heart.
If you are asking if there is a band that I would like working with, well, sure I have my dreams, the same of all other managers, but it would be very unprofessional to mention names out of my roster.
Anyway I will be really busy in the next years thinking for new bands working for.

FC: Shaman will release a Live DVD now. Can you advance us something about it like Label, Name or something?
TH: I have some majors very interested in IMMORTAL LIVE DVD. Unfortunately I can't give the names in advance until the contracts will be signed.

FC: Sometime ago, we got the new that Shaman will play with an Orchestra in Europe. Was it your idea? If yes, how did you have this Idea after all?
TH: Yes this is my project! IMMORTAL CD is recorded with Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra, and if you listen the songs are really fantastic with, therefore I was thinking to make something great in live…
SHAMAN is Prog. Power Metal then a mix between Classical, Rock, Metal and world music.
I manage Gocmen Symphony Orchestra of Turkey (one of the best Turkish's Orchestra) and I asked Musa (Orchestra's conductor) his opinion regarding to add an Orchestra to SHAMAN tour, he was totally agree and he became a big SHAMAN FAN too.

FC: Thank you very much for the interview; hope you keep the good work with Shaman. Have something to say to Shaman fans worldwide?
TH: Sure I do and I promises it! I love my band very much!

I start telling that I'm working to project a SHAMAN book that I would like to add in the next CD, that the band is already working in. I would like to get from all fans 2 questions to pass to the band for their answers; please you don't forget to add your name, country and age. All fans interviews will be added in SHAMAN book.
Please you forward your 2 questions to this e-mail:

I want thank all our fans around the Globe supporting and loving SHAMAN.
You are our life and it's your job to keep alive the band, ours will be to give you the best music and the best shows and to see you happy.
SHAMAN FAMILY is a big one and I'm very proud to be part with you all. In 1 year job I got a lot of new fans and I'm sure in the future we will bring more of them.

I want to end my interview spending some words to my SHAMAN!
To Ricardo, Thiago, Fe and Leo. Thanks trusting in my job. To manage you guys it's a great honor because you are the IMMORTAL BRAZILIAN METAL BAND in NOWADAYS!
Your Tiziana

Tiziana Hurd, CEO
SHAMAN's manager
SolMusic Management Inc. Canada

Interview By Fernando Queiroz from Shaman Official FC.


By Giorgio Moraes | Published in 25/01/09
When I got this CD, I thought with my bottoms: "One more metal band with their ego fight that is clear in each song". I took the CD home, sat in the sofa, took a deep breath. I was ready to be launched in a universe of high screams and unfinished guitar solos. When I putted "Immortal" to play, however, I’ve been introduced to something very different from what I thought.
Ricardo Confessori, drummer and founder of the band in 2000, commands killer team. Highlights for Thiago Bianchi that go to the extreme – in "Tribal by Blood" – to the sweet – in the track "One Life”. And also, the guy even signs the production, the mix and the lyrics composition, in a rare attitude for a Metal vocalist (in the most time isolated and alone in their "bubbles of superiority").
Another positive fact, in my sight, is the fact of keeping only one guitarist, Leo Mancini. It helps to keep a single sound, very peculiar, that still characterizes the band. And Mancini don’t let the Ball fall, with bases that keeps in mind, like "Inside Chains", but never abusing the solos. It is called feeling, ladies and gentlemen: the art to know where each part fits. And that, unfortunately, is for a few.
Still in the production item, It’s needed to say that "Immortal" is Made in Brazil until the bones: recorded, mixed and mastered in São Paulo; the pretty graphic part was made by Rodrigo Cruz, from SCstudio; also the “Orquestra Sinfônica do Estado de São Paulo” (OSESP), that gives the air of the grace in the introduction, "Rennovatti", that also creates a very interesting climes along the CD. The quality of the union of factors will for sure shut the mouth of many enemies of the Brazilian production. The unique part that came from outside was a speech of a real Shaman from a tribe in Equador. The dialect appears in the good title-track.
To close with Golden-Key, Shaman throws you in a forest in the nice "The Yellow Brick Road". And who reaches here, like I reached, starts to see in the dark.
Before someone asks me the rank, I say: its 10 grade.


14th January 2009
TOTAL ROCK RADIO LIVE INTERVIEW TO SHAMAN's SINGER THIAGO BIANCHI =>Saturday February 7th at between 3pm - 4pm Brazil Time.
If you wish to listen it in LIVE at
(to check up in the main page PLAYER and you will be connected with the Radio)
The LIVE INTERVIEW will be about the SHAMAN UK tour 2009 that it will take place from 22nd July to 31st July 2009 (during Shaman Summer European tour) with shows also in IRELAND. Shaman will be to perform for the first time in UK and IRELAND.
Powerquest, one of the best British Prog. Power Metal will be supporting SHAMAN UK TOUR.
Shaman Video Clip IN THE DARK and the complete VIDEO of INSIDE CHAINS from TEASER IMMORTAL LIVE DVD are both in ROCKWORLD TV and MTV in United Kingdom.

UK TOUR dates will be posted as soon as they will be confirmed.

Thanks all our fans supporting and loving us.

Tiziana Hurd, CEO
Shaman's manager
SolMusic Management Inc. Canada

SHAMAN's vocalist THIAGO BIANCHI - Interview - 5th Jan.2009
orMetal Clube - Obviously your parents had a great participation waking your taste for the music, and because of their formation you probably grew listening a lot of MPB. Was this the first musical stile that you fell in Love? Tell us more about your initiation on the music, as a listener, not as a musician.

Thiago Bianchi – My mother is a Singer of MPB (Thiago is the son of Maria Odete Bianchi, famous MPB singer) and my father is a Samba Drummer. In home I growth listening to Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Elimar Santos, these people was always playing there. Because of that, the first musical stile that I fell in love was the well-played and virtuous music. When I was young, my mother always left me sleeping in the kitchen of the avenues that she played. From there, I’ve been always listening to those sounds that came from outside and thinks: “Wow! These guys are good”.

Like artist, the first one that called my attention was Michael Jackson, my supreme idol until now. One of the first albums that I got was from Jacksons Five. I followed well the release of Thriller. Even with very young, I remember that time. Finally I’ve been passionate by Rock n’ Roll when I get ‘Creatures of the Night’, from Kiss. Was when I sense that my life would change forever and I thought: “Rock n’ Roll is THE stile”.

And about MPB, some people ask me if, today I’m saturated from the stile because of my mother, my father. I’m not, but MPB is not a stile that attracts me on a visceral form. My stile really is Rock, even because He united the two things that most Impressed me when I was young: the virtuoso on the music and the visual stile, because of Kiss. These two things, united with Michael Jackson’s vocal, have made me the Head banger that I am today, that sings with technique, is always changing the visual stile and all.

Metal Clube – You have a history as an illustrator, working also in Mauricio De Sousa’s studios, but your professional destine was really the music. Even That, this artistic background is still on you as a hobby?

Thiago Bianchi – I studied Five years in the “Escola Panamericana de Artes” (reference in the art and design study in Latin America) because of my mother. Like many people, my parents always wants that we make something that gives more money from what they do, or what they think is not cool. Because of that, she was very worried about my musical career, because in fact, it’s nothing easy. Brazil is a strange country. We don’t have wars, but we are much destroyed. But going back to the question, actually, I always Drew when I was a child, along with my grandfather who was carpenter. After that, I started to work with an engineer that draw fireplaces that, after a time, schism that I was a “genius of the fireplaces” (lol). And then, this Guy became impressed and told my mother: “Take this Guy to follow this area because he is good on it”. In the test that i made to enter in this school, that is much competed, I got a full bag with the test that I done. I really took it seriously, even with the music on the side, walking together.
My mother, that always knew these artistic guys, includes Mauricio de Souza, asked him for me to show him my test. He received, liked a lot of my stuff and gave me a giant almanac from “Turma Da Mônica” and asked me to draw everything what was there. I passed six months drawing that all and got back to him. He looked one Page and said: ‘Ok, you’re on’ (lol). At the same Day that I entered in studio, I received a Phone call from Chico (Dehira, guitarist), from Karma, asking me about the future of the band. That’s when I decided to go on with the music, because it is a thing that touches me more. My mother almost got a heart attack (lol)! After that, I’d never took a pen to draw again. Professionally, the only thing that I’ve done was Karma’s symbol. Sometimes I find myself drawing something, but I’m very self-critic, I always says “It’s horrible” and stop at the middle.

Metal Clube – Even you getting the Best curriculum as producer, the other members of the band still have some experience in production too. We can say that you were the main producer of ‘Immortal’, following only suggestions from your band mates, or it was a total collective job?

Thiago Bianchi – The history of my curriculum began long ago. My mother set a Studio for me to set with Karma, provide that I administrate it. Luís Mariutti (Angra’s bassist in that time) gave me some hits about how to set a studio, about what equipments to buy. I followed his orientations and Angra became my first client, because they started to test there! With 15 years old I already had a studio. I became friend with Ricardo (Confessori, Angra’s drummer in that time), Luís Mariutti... I had more affinity with Andre (Matos, Angra’s vocalist that time) and with Luís. After a time with Rafael (Bittencourt, Angra’s guitarist), that some time after, produced the first Karma’s demo. So my curriculum is expense because of that, because I started too soon, even unwillingly. In that way, I met “Fumaça” (Fernando Quesada, Shaman’s Bassist). Soon I saw that He really had the way. He is very smart, learns fast and wants to do the things. And Léo (Mancini, Shaman’s guitarrist) was the first Guy that I’ve played seriously, In “Fest Valda” (Musical event of the “pastilhas Valda” company, that reveled Tianastácia in the edition of “Minas Gerais” in 1995 – they won in the category “Unprecedented” with the song “Cabrobró”). About the production of “Immortal” was well divided. We didn’t need the help of anyone to make an album and we are very proud of it. Even in the graphic part, Ricardo Confessori can sit in the computer and make something about it. In the musical part, like Ricardo is the founder member of the band, we took the ideas to him. So, this part of pre-production, we’ve done very well together, but with Ricardo guiding the pre production. In the production of performances of recording, letter heading and mix, they were in my hand. Who’ve masterized was Junior Rossetti (worked even in Reason).

Metal Clube – You’ve produced albums of many important bands from Brazilian metal, Like Tuatha De Dannan, Eterna and even Angra, and solo projects from Kiko Loureiro, Rafael Bittencourt and Edu Ardanuy. How did these contacts happen?

Thiago Bianchi – They happened because of the studio. In test studio you end meeting many people, it’s a giant turnover. All day, all night, all evening there’s people there. In one of these, I met Bruno, from Tuatha de Dannan, Who is one of the craziest guys I ever met, though now He is more “relax”, he is father now, after all. I miss him so much because I’ve produced the first and the second albums from the band. They had a demo before, but “Tingaralatingadun” and “The Delirium Has Just Begun” are albums with my production. I’m very proud because I could collaborate with what Tuatha is today. Actually, today i have this stigma: people search me when they want to make a unique sound, because of the bands I produced in the beginning of my career, like Karma, Tuatha de Dannan and Eterna. These bands are very different between them, and each one of them have their peculiarity. And that’s how it came to me the thing of Kiko (Loureiro, Angra’s guitarist), for who I always spoke about made an instrumental album not of metal. I think that Kiko is a genius, but it is in this thing of Brazilian guitar fusion that shines his star. And with that, I ended producing his album, guitars and “mix” of “Universo Inverso”. And it’s one of the albums that I am more proud, because it has been praised all over the world.
Its review in the American Guitar Player was devastator, Kiko and I became very happy for the album and there’s no price for this kind of thing. Another álbum that I’m very proud, is the Eduardo Ardanuy’s one, the solo album, that’s just been released in Expomusic. One Day I was drunk, in home, listening to Dr. Sin, that is a band that influenced me a lot, and than, I called Edu and said: ‘Man, you MUST have a solo album’. I guess He was drunk too (lol), but responded me: ‘Yeah…I will, I will’. It took a lot of time, but it came out. And really, the album is a real pearl. Edu is a guy that must appear a lot in the world, because him, like Kiko, are great guitarists around here. And now, I’m doing the same “mental work” with Léo (lol), who is another guy that I think it’s ridiculous don’t have a solo as a guitarist. One more that I had very pleasure to be the co-producer, was “Aurora (Consurgens”), from Angra, because I could spend a lot of time with guys that I like a lot to work: Felipe, Rafael, Edu and Kiko. Angra is a band that I always wanted to give some hints. It’s really not the best work of their career, but in terms of sound, it is the best. And I don’t say it with pride, because I didn’t mixed the album, but I think that, there was a real evolution of Angra as a band in that album, question of fix Edu’s voice in the right tones for him. I’m also very proud of it, of make Angra a heavier band, something that I always wanted from Angra.

And finally, another mark in my career, not counting “Immortal”, was “Ritual’s” demo. Only a few people know it, but I’ve produced it along with Ricardo around 1999, 2000... We’ve made the songs that I sing today, like “Freedom”, “For Tomorrow”, “Time Will Come”... I remember that “Freedom” was called “Be Free”, that today is the “Freedom” from “Immortal”. We’ve changed the whole song. That’s very cool, be participating of a project of the people that you are fan, and the álbum became marc. It’s great for me, to be participating of a project thar Ricardo created, we are very friends. And now I’m here, as the vocalist of that same band. I think it’s all a cycle. And a very crazy one (lol)!

Metal Clube – Still about production, the arrangements of Shaman always been very "full" and continued that way in the last album, but alive, you guys seems to use a more direct line. You want, or ever wanted to use more eletronic means to recreate with more fidelity the sound of studio or wants that the songs being played only by people?

Thiago Bianchi – Man, if I remember well, the first serious discussion that we had as a band was about it. There was who defended the use of MDs (Multimedia Discs) and things like that, and there were those who don’t. I was one of the people who, because of Karma, that were a sound super “full” and all liked the idea of the sound alive be the same of the CD. As you said, the album is super “full”. But alive, we reach the conclusion that the energy of the band don’t came from these things. Who pass the energy is the musicians. So, taking an MD or something like that, you just concern the musicians to a metronome and concern the public to a sound that seems the CD playing in the stage. Although I am a big fan of bands like Queensrÿche, that is perfect alive, it’s not what I want for my band. I think that the coolest thing that Shaman have alive is that “punch in the ear”. And that just happens beacause our sound is us and the punblic: There’s no “magic”, there’s not MD playing, and today it’s something that I’m very proud, even being one of those people who defended the MD. Ricardo really was the guy who said “No”. And now, I think He was right.

Metal Clube – After many shows and a good divulgation of “Immortal” album, what is the first result that you take of the fans?

Thiago Bianchi – Look, we are still in the middle of the divulgation tour, now there is the Latin-American part. We’ve been seen in each show that the people have been involved more and more... I don’t know how to explain, but seems like the thing started as an spiral, that have been growing, growing, until became a constellation (lol). I already heard to comments of people that listened to the album that emotions me, and sometimes I heard comments that made me think ‘My god, he didn’t listened to the album, it’s not possible’ (lol). But this is normal; everybody passes through it, besides, in my opinion, every unanimity is stupid. I think that the result is really positive. Our shows are always partially full, except in the places where the people didn’t even know that Shaman is back. In my opinion, the divulgation of the album was very bad. We bet in a new Label (Thurbo Music), that today is doing a great job, but with the products that they have there, that are not segmented like our job, we didn’t reach the public how it had to be. Anyway, all I can say is that we are very happy for the way the band is going. You see in our tour book: now with these Latin shows, we are going to 50 shows, which is a great mark for an album today. We have plans to play with an orchestra of turkey, in Europe, in June next year, and we already have requests for shows in China and Japan, and of course, we have the release of our new DVD. The band is in a celebration moment, and the people are following well it. I think that Yes, the result is positive.

Metal Clube –Shaman hás passed through a great reformulation, with the exit of André Matos, and of the Mariutti brothers. The fans have created a great expectative about who would be the new members or even if the band would continue. All this expectative of the fans and all this repercussion about the future of the band weighed for some of you in the time to take the post left by the ex-members? Tell us about how was the invitation.

Thiago Bianchi – For us, like band, job is job. I don’t have problem with boss, with hole, this things... If I’m doing my job badly, you come and tell me, and I’ll see how I can be better. I don’t see things that the people says, I don’t search for “it” in Orkut and I don’t have problems with critics. I think that critic is something that everybody is free to make. My friendship with the guys has facilitated everything. Andre has sung in my first album, Rafael have produced my first band, Luis is a guy that i have a great friendship for a long time, Kiko... In the middle of this shooting between angra and shaman, I always could be “immune”, and also help a friend of mine for the charge, Felipe Andreoli. I don’t have rivalry with nobody, and I want to be like this forever. Nobody in the band have problem with nobody. We are a very united band – not everybody knows, but we don’t have a manager in Brazil: everyone in the band stay in front of the computer searching for workshops, shows, agents, producers. For me, I’ve entered in a job, and like everything that I’ve done in my life I give 110%. I always lived bleeding for my ideals, for the things that I believe everyday. I don’t give a damn for these things like ‘somebody told me that somebody has told’, because they are people that I still find in the conventions, workshops, shows, and are people that are still smiling for me and embraces me. So, I guess nothing has changed.

Metal Clube – In your opinion, Shaman today is seen like a new band of metal because of the great reformulation or there is still that image of "the former band of Andre Matos"?

Thiago Bianchi – That is a question that I don’t remember of we stopped for discuss, so I can’t tell it for them. Spooking for me, I say that we just go there and play. I can’t say very well about it because I don’t have a public eye for it, only they can say it. Comparisons will always exist and maybe with the time we can overcome it.
The Best bands in the history always had changes in their line-ups and the most part could go on normally. Iron Maiden is an example of it. I get a “Ritual” (Shaman – Ritual, 2002) with the same pleasure than when I get, for example, a “Killers” (Iron Maiden – Killers, 1981), at the same time that I listen to a “Powerslave” (Iron Maiden – Powerslave, 1984), and even an “Immortal” (Shaman – Immortal, 2007). All these albums that I’ve mentioned are good, understand? (Redaction note: Thiago quotes first the albums that have been recorded by the first formation of the bands, and than quotes other albums of the same bands with another formation). We don’t care. We do our shows and the people apparently likes... After a show we want to go to a ballad, go out, and meet the people of the city... I think it’s very cool the fact of we look like a band o boys. The Making-of of the DVD that is coming out, man, it’s a kind of Jackass: are all crazy things all the time, nobody with closed face, no fights. My band climate with them is a dream, each one with their stile, kind of figure. I’m not a millionaire guy, but I know that Money comes and goes, the friendship stays.

Metal Clube – In the Belo Horizonte’s show, the band has been honored by the project Rockwalk Brasil, the sidewalk of fame of Brazilian rock. Have good memories of that night? How it was for the band been chosen to receive that permeation?

Thiago Bianchi – That night was crazy, all of that will be in my mind forever. It can look silly, but it’s the top of the recognition that you can have. It’s like you gain the Oscar. And Belo Horizonte was the Best place for it: war where we played for the first time as a band, we’ve been graced here like we’ve been only in a few shows. Nobody wanted to know who we were: they wanted to know if we would play right and represent the name well. Besides, I have great friends here.

Metal Clube – This same Project honored names like Lobão, Paulo Ricardo, Ultraje a Rigor, O Rappa, Jota Quest, Roupa Nova, Sepultura, Pepeu Gomes, Mutantes, Guilherme Arantes, Kiko Zambianchi, Charlie Brown Jr, Eduardo Araújo. Disagree of any of these names?

Thiago Bianchi – No, never. I guess that for this generation some of these names don’t make sense, but my mother have been very emotive, because my name was in the side of Cauby Peixoto, who is her idol. So sometimes, for us some of these names don’t make sense, but what is THE Rock? Rock is attitude. And all these names are Rock, man... wanting or not. Rock is a sound of “paudurescência”. And who is more “paudurescência” than Lobão, man? He rose in Clodovil’s table and kicked everything there, was amazing! Even if He wasn’t a musician, he would be Rock n’ Roll! This honored could make me have the Lucky to say to my mother: ‘Look, mom, even if everything is over now, I’ve make something to make you proud’. For me, the most important thing in my life is my mother, and sees her crying by proud touched me very deep. And was through this Project that all this happened. Only the initiative of all this already deserves reverences, and I guess that we have to support it.

Metal Clube – We can say that Sepultura and Shaman represents the national Heavy Metal in this project? Any other band deserves this honored?

Thiago Bianchi – In the Heavy Metal, its unbelievable don’t have Angra or even Andre Matos, who is a guy that opened many ways. I think that Krisiun should be there too. If even Ronnie Von can go, Krisiun can go too, and I said that to one organizer and he promised to analyze the idea.

Metal Clube – The band was present in Expomusic too. How were the things around there? The band’s show got the presence of the Brazilian vocalist Gustavo Monsanto (former Adagio and now in the band of the former stratovarius, Timo Tolkki, Revolution Renaissance), isn’t it?

Thiago Bianchi – Great. I’ve make three workshops; we’ve done a autograph section and a show. Fernando makes workshops everyday, even with the participation of Luís (Mariutti), just like Léo and Fabrício. And was emotive, everything that we’ve done there, was full. I think that the band is in its best form. We don’t stop to male shows, since we play or make workshops almost all weekend. We’ve done the closure of the event and who was there knows that it was memorable. One of the best things that we’ve done in our career, people crying, people out of the place, firemen taking people out of the place, was with no previous. In relation of Gustavo, He is a friend of mine of long time ago. He is a guy that I saw starting. I’ve produced Gustavo in the first time that he entered in a studio; we’ve done an album that was a tribute to Dream Theater. It was one of the works that he sent to Adagio (Prog. metal band very important in all Europe), the guys liked and he entered. Some times you give support to someone and change the person’s life. He is a guy that I have a great affection, was a guy that I was present when He “spread his wings”. And how he was in Brazil in the convention’s time, I said him: ‘Come and sing something with me, even if it is “Atirei o Pau No Gato”’ (lol)!

Metal Clube – In nowadays it’s normal to see releases of great bands going out in the internet, being quickly distributed for people all around the world, through the MP3. Something to say about the MP3? You think it’s a prejudicial factor for the bands?

Thiago Bianchi –Like everything in life, it haves its pros and its cons. This new generation is a little strange, they sit in the computer and “fuck of" everything else, they have a second life in the computer. Beginning by this principle, everything is easy. Like example, I quote the album "The Divine Wings of Tragedy", of Symphony X, that I wanted too much to listen but there wasn’t in Brazil. I got a Bus, a subway and a train and got in the “Rock Gallery” (São Paulo) and asked for the new CD of the band, then answered me: Oh, you have to order it, I don’t know when it comes'. I had to leave a signal, take a paper and wait for it. I’ve call there a lot of times to hear that it has not arrived yet, until it arrives and the said: Look, it arrived, but it is the Japanese version that is three fold expensive'. And there you go sell your sound, trade shirts with a friend and here it goes. That was the way to get a Heavy Metal CD. When I got that album of Symphony X, I went home, and my world stopped: I locked the door, take the phone out of the base, took the pullout, a chocolate bar, a soda, press the play and... (Sigh). Man, that was my life, listens to a real album. The kids today don’t remember very well of the albums that they have access. Why? The process to reach its sound is very under the process of making a sound and that’s what makes the musicians angry. Make na album is a real “kick in the ass”. And some people don’t want to listen to your album well because they press a shit of a "Download This File" and it’s over! They over to listen the album superficially, saying that they don’t like and passing to another one. It’s a thing that I don’t accept. I even download some albums, but I listen with patience, and if I like, I buy. This happened with the new album of Metallica. I’ve downloaded “Death Magnetic” (New Metallica’s album) to listen because I was very sad with the band, that is my favorite in the world along with Pantera. And then I listened to the new and I cried, healed the sadness. I felt like I was 15 listening to the “Ride The Lightning”. That is music. I’ve ordered my import album, because Universal has made a shit of CD for Brazil. And they don’t want to have piracy. The American is pretty, comes in a digipack, now the Brazilian haves a bad production and its R$33. Anyway, I support the MP3, I support the Youtube, but the artists have to receive for what He is investing, and the people have to honor their work after. This wave of MP3 is changing. The people understand with the time. Internet is just a tool, not you brain

Metal Clube – In an interview to the website, you’ve been questioned for a “call” to the Brazilian Metal in a testimonial in an show, where you speaks about the union in the scene and between public and band. Can you explain a little better for us?

Thiago Bianchi – The scene needs help from the people, the Heasbangers. These stories from these internet conversations, from the “Said He Said Me”, watch the bands only from Youtube, download albums; anyway, all this contributes for the distortion of the Heavy Metal. We must stay together. We’re in a moment that we have the biggest number of bands in the story of the Brazilian Heavy Metal. I don’t remember of so many bands “exploding” here, Like Almah, Hangar, Eterna, Hibria. Taking out the “Dinosaurs”, we have a lot of little bands appearing. I know that the public is dispersing; there is still the Pim, That don’t do anything for the Heavy Metal. There is the Specialized Pim, void and the “gringos”. We don’t have a Globo, a Bandeirantes, a Rede TV, nobody supports Metal. MTV Brasil should have a special program of Heavy Metal, because is a Following that most fills shows in Brazil with some others. All they could do was Massacration, kidding. When the MTV told the kids that Heavy Metal was a joke, Metal fells a lot. What they did was brilliant and funny. The problem was when they started to take it seriously and the public too.

Metal Clube – Quote a positive and a negative point in the Metal in Brazil.

Thiago Bianchi - a week point, the Pim. A strong point, the music

Metal Clube – Let’s speak a little about Karma, one of your first projects. The album “Leave Now” is a great marc in your career, isn’t it? What you have to say about this work?

Thiago Bianchi - A marc in my life. It’s an album that I’ve done in the middle of chemotherapy – for who don’t know, I had cancer. I was in the third chemotherapy and was an album that made me survive. I’ve been diagnosed with six months of life left, because the “thing” was already big and the doctor told me that it was a very aggressive cancer and depending on the stage, it haves no cure. One thing that always come in my mind when I speak about this album it’s that I remember that, if I died, my legacy in earth would be “Inside the Eyes” (Karma’s first album). Not that the album is a piece of shit, I was 16 that time, so I felt that I had more to offer. Was when I thought: “I have to run, with six months I’ll make this album”. I think it’s funny because it makes me survive. The chemotherapy is a very degradation process in your body, it prevents the cells to reproduce, and because of that you lost hair. You cut the finger and the wound stay there. If makes it with your body, imagine what it makes with your head? That time, still, my whole Studio has been stole, and a girl that I’ve been dating for 9 years broke up with me. There were three things in a single moment. I needed to make this album and throw everything in the music. This album has a very special taste. There is nothing heavy, nothing depressive, everything is up. The album talks about believe in the people, I’ve done a song for my mother that marked me a lot. It’s a very deep work. If the people give it the attention it deserves, they will see that it’s a very interesting album. Lyrics, images, the clothes I wear, the stile of the photography, everything means something.

Metal Clube – The fans are very curious about the plans for Karma. We knew that there is a Project with Edu Ardanuy, really?

Thiago Bianchi – Karma is a band that introduced a lot of people for Metal. If you think well, the group has Fabrizio (Di Sarno, keyboard). Every album that have keyboard today, Almah, Rafael Bittencourt, Edu Ardanuy (solo), “Aurora Consurgens”, “Immortal”, I mean, the cream of everything that has happened in Brazilian Heavy Metal, the man is Keyboardist! Incrível! In the drums, we have Marcell (Cardoso), one of the most complete drummers that I ever seen. Me, I ended up going to one of the biggest bands of Metal and Felipe Andreoli that ended up going to Angra. Chico (Dehira, guitarist) recorded with Paul Di’Anno. This band exploded sending one for a Project that ended right. When we join to play its very funny, we’re a family. It’s a band that can’t end, we like too much each other. I speak with Marcell every week, Fabrizio I speak everyday, and Felipe, sometimes. About the project with Ardanuy, it really exists. Not about he enters for the band, because we don’t even know if we go as a "band" really. But the next album is ready.

Metal Clube – Workshops with other instruments, like guitars, drums, happens every time and maybe because of that are discussed very advanced and specifies techniques. But workshops of vocal are very rare in Brazil. You have from the beginning the Idea about what you will say or just let the people’s questions guides you?

Thiago Bianchi – I don’t think in a roadmap. My life is a single improvise. I tried to make a roadmap in a Workshop in a workshop in Manaus, took a lesson book, there was a giant screen. But man, a shit. Was very cool in this sense, but the people wants you to sing, that is the true. You explain what the people want to know, explain what they don’t know and should know and sing. Sing explaining the techniques that you are using. Workshop is improvised. The coolest things in my life were in a “gentleman” way and the best way to be a gentleman is try to let the people around you feeling free, relax.

Metal Clube – Tell us a little about the plans for the future.

Thiago Bianchi – We have the Latin tour coming soon, plans for an European tour in June and July next year, like I said, something with an orchestra of Turkey, we have the Masters Of Rock Festival in Czech Republic booked. We have also a possible oriental tour. There is our new DVD ready, I even received the covers, and it’s very cool. The shows don’t stop, we have a lot of things booked for Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Northeast, in January, a show in Salvador... The people can wait that it will be very different. The workshops are exploding, Ricardo is finishing to marc a tour of workshops and I have some to enter in the book. I am also producing a band named Vanquish, another very cool band named Bardo, from Campo Belo, in Minas Gerais. Léo is making a solo album finally and some workshops. Life doesn’t stop!

• An album: Thriller (Michael Jackson)
• A band: Pantera
• An influence: My mother
• An Idol: Ricardo Confessori
• Revelation of Metal in 2008: Tempestt
• Define your career in one word: Hope

16th November 2008
Tiziana Hurd, CEO speaking, SolMusic Management Inc. Canada.
I thought to contact you because I would like to invite your band to sign up Thiago Bianchi business page that I made for all bands that are or will be looking for a producer.

Thiago Bianchi, Shaman's singer, produced a lot of great bands.

- audio videos
- complete CD's
- single track

from his business page you could see all videos audio that he produced and in plus listening the last SHAMAN CD "IMMORTAL", mixed by Thiago Bianchi and produced in collaboration with Ricardo Confessori, Shaman's drummer (Ex original Angra's band).

It would be very great if I will see your band to sign up the link and I will get an automatic e-mail to authorize you as member...and after you will be free to make your page inside of Thiago page....a last thing...I manage Shaman, the biggest Brazilian Prog.Power Metal band in the world, then I'm always looking for a great band to support Shaman during our tours...

www. the link to sign up!

Thanks, and your band will be very welcome...
Kisses my friend from Canada.

SolMusic Management Inc. Canada
Tiziana Hurd, CEO
Shaman's manager

9th November 2008
We are mixing it...and it will be out in worldwide for January 2009.

7th November 2008
January/February Latin American
March USA & Canada
April Asia
June/July Europe with Gocmen Symphony Orchestra of Turkey

26th August 2008


After the change in their line up in late 2006 and the release of Immortal
in 2007, SHAMAN recorded their new DVD in July 20th at Anime Friends 2008,
a very famous Manga Fair in Brazil.

With their whole team, the band could show what they know best for about 18
thousand people and a set list with new and old songs.

The DVD must be out in late 2008 and it will bring very nice surprises for
the fans: stories about the change, how it was to record Immortal,
backstage scenes and the day by day of the biggest Heavy Metal band in
Brazil nowadays.

You can check the teaser at:

Hello Shaman fans,

Tiziana Hurd speaking, SolMusic Management Inc. Canada, and Shaman's manager.

Shaman is working to prepare the score to give to Gocmen Symphony Orchestra of Turkey for the Summer European Festivals 2009. In fact we will be touring all summer and it will be a special exclusive tour.

Anyway, as Shaman's manager, I'm looking for a SHAMAN European fan that would like working with me and to open an SHAMAN EUROPEAN FAN CLUB.

Shaman has the official one in Brazil, but I really I would need your support to create an European one too.

If you are seriously interested to be our future SHAMAN OFFICIAL EUROPEAN FAN CLUB PRESIDENT and to work for your loved band ....please contact me back....

Shaman & I, we will be very honored to hear back from you!

Thanks loving Shaman, with my best regards
The Gatekeeper

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