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Hood Bosses
64 Chevy
Hip Hop/Rap
Across The Pond
She's So Changeable
Anthem Ft Dsa Dre
Hip Hop/Rap
Across Centauri
Lost Perfection
Alternative Rock
Summertime On a Friday Night (feat. Dying Seed)
Synth Pop
Psyche's Muse
Are We Ever REALLY Here?
Larry Hurd
Take My Heart
Contemporary A/C
Michelle Omba
To the Limit (X)
Dance Pop
Trip Poppies
Chains of Fire, Chains of Love
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
Chloe Goins
Hypocritical Bill
Hip Hop/Rap
Dottathay and FKG
On It
Hip Hop/Rap
Dylan Cruz
Take You

Rock Quote Of the Day
I had at one point this rather depressing image of some alien culture seeing the death of this planet - coming down in their spaceships and sniffing around; finding all our skeletons sitting around our TV sets and trying to work out why our end came before its time and they come to the conclusion that we amused ourselves to death. - Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)

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Red Shoes Sandra Capadouca https://www.reverbnation.com/kimkondrashoff by  Kim Kondrashoff
HARD LUCK 7/22/2017 7:07:11 AM
I Want You To Want Too by  The Rhythm Kings
The Rhythm Kings 7/11/2017 12:01:38 PM
3 really different tracks by  Marc Ceccotti
Marc Ceccotti 7/8/2017 5:35:04 PM
Check out my Music! It will make you want to dance by  Giovanni Latin Artist
HARD LUCK 7/8/2017 7:46:57 AM
Anything by David Nyro by  David Nyro
HARD LUCK 7/8/2017 7:40:38 AM
The War Within- HARD LUCK - Greg Sinclair and Warren Robert by  HARD LUCK
HARD LUCK 7/8/2017 7:24:59 AM
"What it Need" The Prince of Fairfield by  The Prince of Fairfield
The Prince of Fairfield 7/4/2017 5:03:54 PM

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Night on the Town
Alt Pop
Steve April
Jodie Foster Sleepwalker
Acoustic punk
All That I Am
pop r&b
Joe Pops Bredow
Have To Warn You Now
Blue Eyed Soul
Steve with Steve
Are You The Girl
Pop Rock
Bryon Tosoff
Lazy Days
Alternative Jazz Fusion
Fast Talkers
Same Old Visions
Indie Rock
Primal Therapy
Alternative indie rock
Ray William Roldan (Official)
Technician (Official)
Girl's On Fire
Big Fat Electric
It's just the way it is

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Nothing lasts forever. Forever's a lie. All we have is what's between hello and goodbye.

 Spotlighted Stations
Hood Bosses Hood Bosses
Hood Bosses Rap
Across The Pond Across The Pond
Anders B. Jensen, from Denmark - now in Germany, composes / records melodies which he sends across the pond to Martín H. Samuel, from Kenya - now in the U.S.A., who writes their lyrics and sends them back across the pond to Anders who then records a demo. Pop
Classical Moments Classical Moments
classical classical songs is music for the mind

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Hood Bosses
Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby
Across The Pond
Across The Pond - She's So Changeable
Classical Moments
Bryon Tosoff - gift of life
Studio 12 recording, others at blue frog in white rock
Classical Moments
Bryon Tosoff - share the love
modern classical, dont hear much of this style in the classical realm, few people write these kind anymore for piano solos , this rendition was done live at my little studio in white rock .
New Age Inspirational
Bryon Tosoff - the meaning of the universe
Travel to the ends of the universe or the beginning. meet you there soon my friends
Moody, Cool, Psychotic, and Mesmerizing
Fredrick and The Golden Dawn - The Guess
A Beautiful Work Of Art! ...and song is moody, cool, psychotic and mesmerizing. -M-
Eve's New Life, Eve's New Station
CTWitt.2 - Misread Intentions
a quirky, unique artist.
Eve's New Car
Bumble Tub Club - White Dress
a song I heard on facebook the other day that I just love!
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Hood Bosses
Across The Pond
Classical Moments
Holding to the Dream
Follow Radio
New Age Inspirational
Moody, Cool, Psychotic, and Mesmerizing
Eve's New Life, Eve's New Station
Eve's New Car
Eve Turns on the Radio
The Drive
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