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Paul groover
Street Spirit cover
Alternative Modern Rock
Alan Ballard
Guitar Instrumental
Bryon Tosoff
It's Time Right Now
Easy Listening Instrumental
The Kayak Big 25
9-18-19 part 1
Alternative Pop Rock
Sudden Silence
Classic Rock
You Won't Regret A Thing
Beatbox Beethoven
March Nesmith, P.I.
Acid Funk
the karmic revolutionaries
something to say
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic
The Dorroughbys
Hearts Can Bleed Out So Fast
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
Derek McCorkell
A Spark To A Flame Acoustic
Ben Elliot
Go Round Merry
Alternative Electro Pop
The OverSoul
Acoustic Singer/Songwriter

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Indie sound of America and beyond
Desperado Revue 2019 GK Contenders
Alternative Desperado
Desperado Private Stash Vol. 2
Desperado B/RBS/J Vol. 2
Desperado Revue
Indigo Station
Forest of Azure
Desperado Edge
Americana Desperado
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Big 25

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Elmer and the Ceramic Trees
Holiday in the Rain
Mike Lance
Never Let You Go (Cover of Two Silo Complex)
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
Cassandra Kelly
Even If
Steve Haugh
Say Goodbye, Baby
Time Cat
Get On The Road
Bob Elliott
Before I Ever Knew Your Name
Acoustic Soul
Richard Scotti
Classic and Progressive Rock
Verena Serene
Alternative Metal
Ben Elliot
Hold Me Down
Alternative Pop Rock
USA-USA-USA - rough mix demo
Miles Cope
California Dream'in
Eric Steffensen
Brandon's Isolation (demo)

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Life Time Situation by Victor Sanchez by  Victor Sanchez
Paul groover 9/6/2019 9:37:34 PM
SKY BLUE by  Richard Scotti
Richard Scotti 8/31/2019 5:52:33 PM
The Passerby by  Mike Lance
Mike Lance 6/23/2019 1:43:46 PM
Tis piece of the planet is mine pt 2 by  Paul groover
Stoneman 5/13/2019 2:06:14 AM
"Freestylin" by Pebble. by  Pebble
The Rhythm Kings 5/3/2019 1:52:16 PM
Dirty Little Secrets by  The Rhythm Kings
Richard Scotti 4/29/2019 4:55:37 PM
stumble on my star (Ross Harding) by  Ross Harding
Ross Harding 3/25/2019 5:52:21 PM

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Desperado Revue Desperado Revue
Featured Next Friday - BLINDMAN ZERO
Heavy Rotation Heavy Rotation
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Sunshiney,joyful,charming pop n folk songs of all denominations 60s influence, magical sunshine pop,indie
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Richard Scotti's Love Festival Richard Scotti's Love Festival
Songs about romantic love,
Black Label Black Label
The Best Artists In the World The Best Artists In the World
right now, anyway pop, rock, soul, folk
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the cutting edge of modern rock hard rock
#1 Station Classic & Progressive rock 50 OF OUR FAVOURITE SONGS AT ANY ONE TIME! Artists who have paid their dues and those coming through! selected by Rob Barrer SILVERWOODSTUDIO MANY!
Front Page Blues Front Page Blues
People, whether they know it or not, like their blues singers miserable. They like their blues singers to die afterwards. ~ Janis Joplin Aint Nothin' But The Blues
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