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Verity Keen
A song for Thanksgiving USA
Easy Listening
Ray Porter
The Tor
Burned Ashes
St. Peter's Dog
Alternative Beat
Payne Pepper Jam
Electronic Pop
New Nobility
Acoustic Ballad
Overlad Stage 2 by MS
Ric Laue
Chris Hance
Road Trip Cabrach Part Two
Instrumental Rock
The Robinson Family
What a Wonderful God (feat. JAMAR)
Alan Marchand
Punxsutawney Phil
Blues Jazz

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John Pippus
Crush The Fear
Tony Vani and Debbie Hoskin
I know these things I know
Verity Keen
I really, really want a Golden Kayak ?
Alternative Folk Rock
Hop On Pop
If You Knew
Old Sand Mill
Old Sand Mill Country
Little Jay
Piano Pop
Francesca Tamellini
When I was young
Acoustic Singer/Songwriter
Indie Rock
Bob Balsley
It Takes a Big Dog
Blues Jazz
Neil w Young
Hey Boba Lou
soul Q
Indie Rock
Joe Pops Bredow
Don't Say It If It's Not True

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"The shy girl in a wierd box" by Marc Ceccotti by  Marc Ceccotti
Intro Signal 11/20/2017 3:02:21 PM
"If You Knew" by Hop On Pop by  Hop On Pop
Intro Signal 11/20/2017 2:46:38 PM
Not Just Yet by  Intro Signal
Intro Signal 11/20/2017 2:34:06 PM
"This Ain't No Race" by  Hop On Pop
Hop On Pop 11/19/2017 1:01:59 PM
TonyGirl: Where Am I? by  TonyGirl
TonyGirl 11/17/2017 10:38:46 AM
ThankGod by Young Bliss by  Young Bliss
Young Bliss 11/3/2017 1:26:07 PM
K.O. by War & Sin by  HARD LUCK
HARD LUCK 11/1/2017 9:36:29 AM

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Desperado Revue Desperado Revue
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The Good Stuff: VI
Verity Keen - The Hop on Pop Song
Need you ask why?! But on top of the reference to my own band, this is also a fun little bit of lightweight 60s-type pop music that reminds me a bit of Margo Guryan (whom I love). And I like this song, too!
Desperado Revue
Verity Keen - The Hop on Pop Song
The Frauds - Roundtown Rose
Ray's Reviews
Marc Ceccotti - The shy girl in a wierd box
This is a fantastic piece of work. It is very atmospheric and full of suspense, danger and surprises. It's very absorbing and it would not be out of place in some arty 60's thriller movie. It's a work of art and I love it.
New Songs
Verity Keen - The Hop on Pop Song
Desperado Revue
Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out Of This Country
Bob The Dog
Eclipse - Freedom Is A Cruel Mistress
My mistress is not cruel and I get plenty of freedom around here as I'm an independent kind of hound find me at indiemusicdog.com
Nothing more than feelings
The GeeBees - Teardrops in the lake
It's strange how really sad songs can sometimes make you feel happy. I remember sitting by water feeling sad and looking towards the deep but this beautiful song makes me look up to the sky where the clouds cry and once they do the darkness passes. We have so much to learn from nature.
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The Good Stuff: VI
Desperado Revue
Ray's Reviews
New Songs
Bob The Dog
Nothing more than feelings
Joy To the World
Outside the Window
Smile About It
Christmas Songs
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