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otteri selva
I am not sleeping
the karmics
first against the wardobe
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic
Ricky Day
I don't want no girl near my band!
Ric Laue
Mahavishnu Huntington Majors
Blow Yer Knows
Guitar Instrumental
pop r&b
The Objective
acoustic indie pop
With You
Hip Hop
Dweller on the Hill
Desolate Afternoon
Alternative Rock
Sven Curth
I don't like you
Melodic Rock
The Jay Dyall Project
Blood Rushing
Goth Rock

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I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human. - David Bowie

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Redux by  JeffH
Bryon Tosoff 5/27/2017 11:35:06 AM
Are we still the Human Race by  Ricky Day
Ricky Day 5/27/2017 8:38:21 AM
Anything by David Nyro by  David Nyro
David Nyro 5/24/2017 2:38:45 PM
Check out my Music! It will make you want to dance by  Giovanni Latin Artist
JeffH 5/17/2017 9:27:37 AM
Love Somebody by  JeffH
JeffH 5/16/2017 9:44:34 PM
3 really different tracks by  Marc Ceccotti
Marc Ceccotti 5/12/2017 2:28:39 PM
christmas is a treasure by  katie lynn johnson
katie lynn johnson 5/11/2017 12:45:07 PM

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The Anchor
Alternative Indie Folk
Ben Elliot
Screaming Out (Live Multi-Track)
Richard Scotti
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
Bad Boys (On The Run)
You Can't Download Me
Cat Dowling
Come On
Alternative Pop Rock
Bryon Tosoff
My Wish w James Elliott
Alternative Modern Rock
American Lesley Jane
Mean Moon...You Suck
Alternative Modern Rock
Martin H. Samuel
Roller Coaster
Pop Rock
Girl On Top
Cherry Blossoms
Alternative Pop Rock
Ms. Massey
First Time
David Nyro
Flying Over the Ocean

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The world is not round, said the artist.

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just enjoy a my rap style with a rap sounds rap, hiphop
Groovy and 60's Style Groovy and 60's Style
Groovy music from the 50's to the present; also focusing on new indie music composed in the style of the 60's. Featured female artists are the MonaLisa Twins! Featured male artist is David Nyro! Proudly presented by Michael Triba from Omaha, Nebraska.
Mystery Radio Mystery Radio
Strains of the mysterious magic we hear at I M P its not what you want,

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otteri rap Radio
otteri selva - I am not sleeping
about my sleep
Groovy and 60's Style
Bryon Tosoff - lo ryders-w duane flock ted tosoff
I was just going to add two Bryon Tosoff jazz songs tonight. But what the heck? Let's go for a trifecta! After all it is only 3:33 am now. No time like the present, eh? A little Santana vibe going on here as well? This will be my earworm as I finally go to bed. Next time let us give a listen to Mr. Tosoff's classical works! Thanks Bryon! Thanks Richard! Thanks Scott! Thanks Evie! Thanks Mr, eYe!
Groovy and 60's Style
Bryon Tosoff - Kick Back Just Relax
So, when Richard Scooti wrote a Pipeline blog about my new station, Mr. Tosoff was kind enough to drop by and give me some huge compliments and encouragement as well. I asked him if he was also an IMP artist. Mr. Stambaugh and Mr. Scotti let me know what a LEGEND that Mr. Tosoff is! As soon as I found out he is an awesome pianist, I knew his songs were my next adds! I was just scrolling through "eYe" the #1 IMP station, to see what he was playing and sure enough, several songs of Bryon Tosoff are there. Now a few are on my station as well! This will surely satisfy my jazz yearnings until I personally experience Norah Jones for myself at the Omaha Orpheum Theater on June 5, which is just one week from this Monday! "DAY BREAKS" WORLD TOUR!!!
Groovy and 60's Style
Bryon Tosoff - moonlight stroll
Wow! My JAZZ HIGH continues and is gaining momentum! After taking my honey (who just happens to be my wife of 35 years) on a date to La La Land, I rushed to buy the soundtrack, the Blu-Ray, and two copies of all the piano sheet music (one for me and one for an awesome female pianist friend). Prior to that I bought Norah Jones' new "Day Breaks." I might petition Scott to add "Jazz" as my 4th station category soon. More to come on the next blurb!
Mystery Radio
James Elliott - Back To The Stars
Mstery says this about James, he is one of the most original songcrafters around here, laying it down with genuine insightful lyrical content. HE is a multi-faceted and multi-talented musician , able to craft songs with such panache and style, weaving his magical lyrics of life experiences into a tapestry of brilliant colors. This has a rainbow of tones, textures and tastefully appointed instrumentation and blended in the song is some fantastic singing filled with such truth and sincerity. His experiences bring us a trip of sorts, sharing his journey, we are so lucky to have that opportunity with musicians of such depth and deep waters
All Flavor
Marc Ceccotti - Mikhail never touches the ground
Marc Ceccotti - Mikhail never touches the ground
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Groovy and 60's Style
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indie likenesses
Voodoo Central
Nice Sensations
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