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The Siren's song by Two Silo Complex
Psyche's Muse 9/22/2017 9:45:47 PM
Current happenings w Bryinski. lots going on in my world-of course!! its never boring! by Bryon Tosoff
Duane Flock 9/22/2017 9:24:32 PM
On Solos and Other Complexities by Bob Elliott
Duane Flock 9/22/2017 9:15:32 PM
New Release from Me - Min Gåva by MinikeGirl
Bryon Tosoff 9/22/2017 4:57:31 PM
If you had to pick 3 bands or acts to be the only music you could listen to, who would they be? by Father Time
Bob Elliott 9/22/2017 2:11:58 PM
You got a brand new car but you're still livin' with your mother by Father Time
Father Time 9/20/2017 9:17:24 PM
God help Texas, Florida, now Puerto Rico! by Lars Mars
Lars Mars 9/20/2017 7:24:28 PM
2 by Shoe City Sound
Shoe City Sound 9/20/2017 11:16:08 AM
We got interviewed. by negative tendencies
The Rhythm Kings 9/20/2017 7:40:52 AM
Sacred and profane by Francesca Tamellini
Richard Scotti 9/19/2017 11:17:50 AM
Great new haircut by Chris Hance
Father Time 9/19/2017 7:47:27 AM
Glad to be back by Stephen John
Richard Scotti 9/18/2017 9:24:30 AM
Hold on (thank you to Musing station) and -M- by Two Silo Complex
Psyche's Muse 9/17/2017 7:51:29 AM
Fuck those "hip young guys" who control today's music industry. They can blow me. by Larree
Paul groover 9/17/2017 6:12:20 AM
My Love Calls-a single coming out October 1st by Bryon Tosoff
Bryon Tosoff 9/16/2017 2:50:21 PM
Stargazer-new release by Bryon Tosoff by Bryon Tosoff
Bryon Tosoff 9/16/2017 12:19:10 PM
Our Last Album: "Tom O'Brien and the Pawns-The Long Awaited Return" is Now Streaming Everywhere by Bob Elliott
Chandra Moon 9/16/2017 9:10:07 AM
The big day will be here before you know it. by Kara Zor-El
Kara Zor-El 9/15/2017 9:23:42 PM
Nhacchoviet nice to meet you all by nhacchoviet
Father Time 9/15/2017 8:45:54 PM
Credit where it is due by Francesca Tamellini
Francesca Tamellini 9/15/2017 4:49:09 PM
Tell us about the new song(s) you're working on. by Father Time
Father Time 9/14/2017 4:17:15 PM
RIP Grant Hart by Hop On Pop
Hop On Pop 9/14/2017 10:46:42 AM
"Maybe the guitar is over." - Eric Clapton by Father Time
JeffH 9/13/2017 10:17:36 PM
Ever been lovesick? by Father Time
Lars Mars 9/13/2017 8:59:11 PM
Bad OMEN?? by Lars Mars
Lars Mars 9/13/2017 9:32:51 AM
Saturday by The Rhythm Kings
Hop On Pop 9/11/2017 1:56:50 PM
When Dragons Fall by Two Silo Complex
Two Silo Complex 9/9/2017 4:58:37 PM
into the void i went by tumbeelin tumbleweed
tumbeelin tumbleweed 9/9/2017 6:37:08 AM
Former Student by Shoe City Sound
Shoe City Sound 9/8/2017 7:57:31 PM
Latin anyone by Paul groover
Paul groover 9/7/2017 6:59:40 PM
I posted a song called Jesus is Born I have a video of it which I put near it but don't know how to post the video production could anyone in Administ by countrycousinsmusic
Stoneman 9/6/2017 12:27:39 AM
RIP Walter Becker :( by Larree
Duane Flock 9/4/2017 12:20:19 AM
the fury of massive forest fires in BC and the destruction of Hurricane Harvey by Bryon Tosoff
Bryon Tosoff 9/3/2017 6:19:58 PM
Great new music, Far From the Human Race by Ricky Day, Love and A Smile by the Karmics, Jesus Is Born by countrycousinsmusic by Steve April
Father Time 9/3/2017 5:00:29 PM
New Urban Pop Artist Mr. Smooth from San Jose, CA. by Mr. Smooth
Father Time 9/2/2017 1:55:27 AM
I got verified on Spotify! by Bryon Tosoff
Mr. Smooth 9/1/2017 7:29:13 PM
WORLD5 to release new single I Won´t Let You Down by World5
Bryon Tosoff 9/1/2017 6:34:13 PM
Tomorrow is my 20th wedding anniversary! by Hop On Pop
Bryon Tosoff 8/31/2017 11:26:09 PM
What's the craziest thing you've ever done in the name of art? by Father Time
Richard Scotti 8/31/2017 8:04:51 PM
reach top ten on the "X" terresterial radio in Kamloops jazz albums charts by Bryon Tosoff
Bryon Tosoff 8/31/2017 11:25:35 AM
Pandora approved my first album ! holding to the dream album!! exciting by Bryon Tosoff
Bryon Tosoff 8/31/2017 12:24:56 AM
When are the next GOLDEN KAYAK AWARDS coming? by Inziee
Father Time 8/30/2017 5:13:24 AM
The Isley Brothers, universal respect by listener
Stoneman 8/29/2017 10:16:54 PM
Trending at youtube - it's getting ridiculous by The Wrecker
Paul groover 8/28/2017 11:14:02 PM
Rooting for the Underdog by Steve April
Stoneman 8/28/2017 9:19:09 PM
All purpose NFL and college Football thread by Father Time
Father Time 8/27/2017 3:29:45 PM
Check out the station a fan created for me. by Cheryl Blossom
Cheryl Blossom 8/27/2017 3:25:01 PM
Last night was so much fun by Kara Zor-El
Father Time 8/26/2017 3:50:03 PM
"I WISH I WAS DEAD" my new song. by Inziee
Stoneman 8/25/2017 3:24:47 PM
Just finished writing my first song in almost 2 years! by Hop On Pop
Hop On Pop 8/24/2017 7:34:38 AM

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