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Words of Wisdom for 2021 by Seismo
Stoneman 1/20/2021 11:29:42 PM
How and why did you choose this path? by Richard Scotti
Steve April 1/20/2021 3:20:25 PM
Introducing.... by Seismo
Desperado Revue 1/20/2021 3:00:47 PM
Don't ferget to vote! by Scott Stambaugh
Seismo 1/20/2021 12:35:33 PM
NEW SONG by mcdaid
El Fredo 1/18/2021 9:07:40 AM
BRAND NEW SONG ALERT! by Shawn Adam Williams
nguyenvuhai 1/18/2021 3:30:06 AM
New release coming soon by The life
The life 1/17/2021 10:40:23 AM
A fun little groove by Tom O'Brien
Tom O'Brien 1/15/2021 12:27:05 PM
Best Award I've received to Date!! by Seismo
Seismo 1/14/2021 3:13:27 PM
ok here are the nominations and the BALLOT for 2020 Golden Kayaks! by Scott Stambaugh
Psyche's Muse 1/14/2021 1:53:42 AM
What is Your 2021 Wish? by Holworks
Paul groover 1/13/2021 10:38:25 PM
Golden Kayak Awards 2020, everybody please read this thread. by Scott Stambaugh
Shoe City Sound 1/10/2021 10:39:47 AM
winds of changes by Steve April
Steve April 1/9/2021 9:45:43 PM
New Morning by Richard Scotti
Shoe City Sound 1/6/2021 1:06:00 PM
January 2021 by Shoe City Sound
Shoe City Sound 1/6/2021 1:05:29 PM
Looking for singers/songwriters for collaboration by Inziee
The Rhythm Kings 1/5/2021 5:33:39 PM
a big thank you by Scott
Chandra Moon 1/5/2021 7:01:47 AM
In the end she used me, but the falling sure was nice by Tom O'Brien
The Rhythm Kings 1/2/2021 2:51:22 PM
2021 just said, "Hold my beer." by Larree
Larree 1/2/2021 12:09:08 PM
Happy New Year by Shawn Adam Williams
Larree 1/2/2021 12:08:30 PM
THE LEGACY OF 2020 by Neil w Young
Neil w Young 1/2/2021 12:59:36 AM
My Friendgirl Loe... by Seismo
Psyche's Muse 1/1/2021 6:07:23 PM
new song, Run Highway Run by Omaha Hold Em Band
Omaha Hold Em Band 12/31/2020 5:56:29 PM
Anybody want to check out a white soul singer? by Al Fells
Al Fells 12/31/2020 5:55:21 PM
GODDESS by Richard Scotti
Richard Scotti 12/30/2020 5:18:24 PM
My 20 years by Paul groover
Paul groover 12/29/2020 1:31:34 PM
No santa for anyone by Paul groover
Stoneman 12/27/2020 10:20:31 PM
Bookmark this for a rainy day. by Father Time
Father Time 12/26/2020 12:59:09 PM
Christmas by Desperado Revue
Richard Scotti 12/25/2020 12:17:00 PM
A song inspired by my 95 year old father by Tom O'Brien
Richard Scotti 12/22/2020 5:32:46 PM
Meditation by Shoe City Sound
Paul groover 12/22/2020 12:50:44 AM
Boredom by Desperado Revue
Tom O'Brien 12/21/2020 1:07:10 AM
Musical fun with a themed EP by Ben Elliot
Ben Elliot 12/18/2020 9:36:57 AM
extending deadline for nominations til this Saturday at midnight by Scott Stambaugh
Larree 12/15/2020 1:20:09 PM
another new song, this one of the blues rock persuasion by negative tendencies
Honus Wagner XXIII 12/12/2020 1:52:32 PM
Excited about this year's Golden Kayak by Inziee
Inziee 12/11/2020 6:43:12 AM
NEW SONG by Richard Scotti
Two Silo Complex 12/9/2020 1:14:26 PM
WTF? Neg Ten's New Single a Country Song? by negative tendencies
Stoneman 12/5/2020 12:26:38 AM
Help for the hurricane victims of the Caribbean by Paul groover
Paul groover 12/1/2020 9:29:16 PM
Follow Me On Twitter by William Ladislaw - Lyricist
William Ladislaw - Lyricist 11/29/2020 6:41:37 PM
new songs by Stevie Wonder!! by Father Time
Larree 11/28/2020 6:01:23 PM
William Ladislaw - Lyricist 11/28/2020 4:29:22 PM
New album by Inziee
Inziee 11/28/2020 8:23:05 AM
What's coming next for Neg Ten? by negative tendencies
beck 11/27/2020 11:38:21 AM
Happy Thanksgiving by Holworks
Steve April 11/26/2020 10:04:05 PM
I wrote a lot of new songs, and fragments of songs, this year. by Larree
Richard Scotti 11/26/2020 1:33:55 PM
Youtube by Paul groover
Desperado Revue 11/25/2020 3:48:28 PM
Why Not Me? by Shawn Adam Williams
Richard Scotti 11/23/2020 1:22:36 PM
Crown of Roses release official SINGLE-2020 by Crown of Roses.
Crown of Roses. 11/19/2020 10:28:40 AM
A Travelling Man by Chandra Moon
Psyche's Muse 11/18/2020 4:32:25 AM

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