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No Trump, No Crisis by Father Time
Father Time 4/3/2020 6:20:25 AM
M A G A ! ??? by Psyche's Muse
Psyche's Muse 3/30/2020 6:39:41 AM
Unbelievably, Trump sent the supplies we need to China in February by Father Time
Bryon Tosoff 3/29/2020 2:46:59 PM
Indie MUSIC, people! by The Dorroughbys
Bryon Tosoff 3/29/2020 2:08:19 PM
Now what? by Father Time
Psyche's Muse 3/29/2020 5:45:29 AM
Italy: New Explosive Information Shows 99% of Those Who Died from Coronavirus Had Other Illnesses.. by Sterling30
Sterling30 3/28/2020 10:41:24 AM
Dr. Fauci concedes coronavirus death rate like 'very bad flu' by Sterling30
Sterling30 3/27/2020 1:32:25 PM
Sense Less by Shoe City Sound
Shoe City Sound 3/25/2020 9:13:09 PM
Doctor: I treated 350 coronavirus patients with 100% success by Sterling30
Sterling30 3/24/2020 11:40:38 PM
Dr. Zubin Damania aka ZDoggMD, brings hope to the hopeless... by Sterling30
Sterling30 3/24/2020 4:59:00 AM
Rand Paul gets TrumpVirus after his dad calls it a hoax. by Father Time
Sterling30 3/23/2020 1:50:14 PM
My friend, Dr. Paul Offit, is recommending Chicken Soup for the Covid-19 virus... by Sterling30
Sterling30 3/23/2020 9:09:03 AM
Why this Nobel laureate predicts a quicker coronavirus recovery: 'We're going to be fine' by Sterling30
Sterling30 3/23/2020 1:18:19 AM
Israeli’s Defense Minister Says EVERYONE Needs Coronavirus Infection by Sterling30
Sterling30 3/22/2020 7:46:05 PM
Desperado Revue Paul groover feature by Paul groover
Psyche's Muse 3/19/2020 9:54:59 PM
Dems will win easily in November by Father Time
Psyche's Muse 3/19/2020 9:53:25 PM
Selling sickness: the pharmaceutical industry and disease mongering by Sterling30
Sterling30 3/17/2020 6:10:00 PM
Paul Joesph Watson on the Politization of the Coruna Virus by Sterling30
Sterling30 3/15/2020 2:17:48 PM
the Paranoids by negative tendencies
Sterling30 3/13/2020 12:47:37 AM
Got My Popcorn and Beer Ready... by Seismo
Stoneman 3/12/2020 2:40:45 AM
'Beyond stupidity': Democrats want to shut down Trump rallies by Sterling30
Stoneman 3/10/2020 3:04:30 AM
coronavirus by Father Time
Sterling30 2/28/2020 10:00:59 AM
Whistleblower ERIC CIARAMELLA is the boyfriend of Adam Schiff's daughter??? by Sterling30
Stoneman 2/10/2020 11:25:20 PM
Brian Wilson boycotts the Beach Boys over Trump Jr. event. by Father Time
Sterling30 2/10/2020 12:56:46 AM
New Mexico spends 717 million a year in costs on illegal immigrants by Bryon Tosoff
The Man With No Band 1/29/2020 12:57:53 AM
Trials where witnesses are not allowed. by Father Time
Stoneman 1/27/2020 1:16:41 AM
The Truth About the Australian Bushfires.. by Sterling30
Stoneman 1/14/2020 6:04:14 PM
the swamp is Trump by negative tendencies
Sterling30 1/7/2020 1:09:03 AM
Merry Impeachmas by Father Time
Stoneman 1/2/2020 5:55:49 PM
Trump's dummies so jealous they photoshopped Trump's head on Greta Thunberg's body by Father Time
Stoneman 12/19/2019 10:08:01 PM
You cats are fucked in the head. Trump is untouchable. by Spank Momma
Stoneman 12/12/2019 3:36:02 AM
he's guilty by Father Time
Stoneman 11/30/2019 2:07:16 AM
The real reasons for the impeachment lunacy... by Sterling30
Stoneman 11/30/2019 2:05:54 AM
Trump is sinking by Father Time
the donald 11/27/2019 12:04:59 PM
Beto gets punked in Newtown, Conn... by Sterling30
Stoneman 11/12/2019 2:44:07 AM
unAmericans by negative tendencies
negative tendencies 11/7/2019 3:18:59 AM
Imminent mass false flag event will target Antifa protesters to blame "patriots"??? by Sterling30
the donald 11/6/2019 5:06:32 PM
Bad Faith Barr by Father Time
the donald 10/27/2019 2:30:33 PM
sucks that we surrendered in Syria by Father Time
Sterling30 10/24/2019 11:23:11 AM
Tulsi Gabbard out of the race??? by Sterling30
Larree 10/21/2019 9:39:22 AM
Tulsi is absolutely right in this assessment on Pres Trump.. by Sterling30
Larree 10/4/2019 9:39:23 PM
Fires and deforestation in The Amazon by Eric Steffensen
Sterling30 9/7/2019 6:58:35 AM
Lights Out for the GOP by negative tendencies
Sterling30 9/7/2019 6:44:47 AM
another mass shooting caused by Trump by Scott
Stoneman 8/26/2019 12:58:49 AM
The Trump Spangled Banner by negative tendencies
Bluto 8/25/2019 6:06:20 AM
In Concert tonight..., KITBOGA! by Sterling30
Sterling30 8/22/2019 6:04:00 AM
Trump donor slams Rep. Castro after targeted tweet: 'He's a total demagogue' by Sterling30
Sterling30 8/15/2019 1:18:53 PM
I'm not big on conspiracy theories but... by Scott
Stoneman 8/5/2019 12:10:02 AM
Tulsi Gabbard rips into Harris for her record on marijuana prosecutions and death penalty by Sterling30
Sterling30 8/1/2019 7:25:57 AM
20 years for hot blonde falling for one of her students... by Sterling30
Stoneman 7/26/2019 8:28:50 PM

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