Believe in yourself

Check out my latest ambient song, THE GREEN LADY
Another one here RAINS OF HAIDA GWAIISome Classical ones are the underworld, gates of hell,and Waterfalls of Huangguoshu

sweet baby blues w d flock and paul wainwright
NEW AS OF SEPTEMBER 2017 instrumental jazz blues groove with duane flock and paul wainwright

h h

Hell Storm Death March
NEW AS OF SEPTEMBER 30 2017 "HELL STORM DEATH MARCH" the Bataan Death March, a harrowing 65-mile trek in which 78,000 prisoners of war were forced to walk from Bataan province near Manila to a Japanese POW camp. As many as 11,000 died along the way. Many were denied food, water and medical care, and those who stumbled or fell during the scorching journey through Philippine jungles were stabbed, shot or beheaded.

Industrial/Beat Rock
h h

my love calls w duane flock paul wainwright
NEW AS OF OCTOBER 1 2017 Gorgeous piano driven song with outstanding melody. The song has haunting glorious rich tones and colors.Stellar sax work by Paul Wainwright and seriously cool Hammond organ and tasty guitar parts by Duane Flock Production by Ted Tosoff and percussion Ted Tosoff

Easy Listening/Soft Rock
h h

New as of October 2 2017 this is a Peaceful relaxing song with reflective water like qualities

h h

Reach for the Stars
NEW OCT 3, Be inspired, let nothing get in your way, rise up to the challenges and tasks at hand. Be reaching for the stars and beyond,embrace the opportunities the time is NOW ,,,be moved

Acoustic Instrumental
h h

entering the forest of the upper yangtze
The forests of upper Yangtze in China, what strange creatures lurk behind the trees and above, ghostly eerie sounds occur

Ambient Soundscape
h h

lost in the forest of the upper yangtze
2nd in series on China forests of upper Yangtze. lost in the forest, creatures and ghouls spirits hover about.

Acoustic Ambient Experimental
h h

leaving the forest of the upper yangtze
3rd in a series on China, featuring sights sounds and travels through the forest of the upper yangtze. haunting sounds, eerie and strangeness follows you

Ambient Soundscape
h h

desert flower
lonely flowering cactus lingering in the harsh desert land, done with roland fantom spanish acoustic setting.

Latin Jazz
h h

Mists of Haida Gwaii
Mists of Haida Gwaii, from the series, Sounds of nature, from the forests of upper Yangtze to Haida Gwaii. this is the wonder of the Islands off the coast of British Columbia

h h

Entering the Underworld (part 1)
First in a series of 3 songs, going deep into the underworld where I am tormented by ferocious fallen angels who devour me and haunt my spirit,escape is not an option. wandering through the caves and fiery elements ,but wait,there is a light afar off part 2 and 3 soon

h h

lost in the underworld
wandering and lost in the underworld. definitely not recommended

Classical Abstract
h h

Escape from the Underworld
After meandering around and getting lost here, I crawled out from hell.

Experimental Classical
h h

rains of Haida Gwaii
One of the songs for my 2018 release for my Nature Series cd featuring the Haida Gwaii group of islands formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands and the Charlottes, is an archipelago on the North Coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Ambient Soundscape
h h

Gates of Hell wrote out a few years back. discovered music,played it. scared me too.

Modern Classical
h h

Lazy Days
Lazy Days. accidentally deleted this instead of fixing file sorry about that, was loaded up originally in July 2017

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

Jazz Fusion
h h

The Green Lady w Dolores Paradise-Duane Flock
the Green Lady Bryon piano and synth parts, With Dolores Paradise doing vocal parts Duane Flock doing Mandolin This an abstract ambient classical piece with Oriental tones and flavor .

Acoustic Ambient Experimental
h h

Waterfalls of Huangguoshu
Classical Chinese Piano Instrumental

h h

Vanilla, for peace of mind and to soothe the soul. Echoes will

piano instrumental
h h

It's time(kick back just relax cd release version)
This version is radio and itunes release. Dolores Paradise on synth and,vocals, Duane Flock guitar, Ted Tosoff percussion mixing and treatments Bryon Tosoff Piano synths marcio rodrigues mastering

Mood Music
h h

I am leaving
when the pain is too much to handle. some step out to the other side

h h

moonlight stroll
moonlight walk in the cool of the evening while the surf laps your feet on that sandy beach

h h

SLIDE w Denis Simpkin
groove chilled out jazz with denis simpkin on guitar bass some synth sax

h h

Starlight Serenade w Paul Wainwright (sax)
Starlight Serenade Copyright Bryon Tosoff from his upcoming Kick Back Just Relax album,Ted Tosoff percussion Sax by Paul Wainwright, one of Canada's top jazz guru's-ted tosoff production mix keys percussion bryon sax paul wainwright pre-release

Cool Jazz
h h

midnight rendezvous w paul wainwright (sax)
Chill jazz cool smooth groove. mastered version. on radio in canada

h h

lo ryders-w duane flock ted tosoff
lo ryders duane flock-guitar. bro ted t. percussions me piano -horn synth section. its a groove brothers and sisters, l8tr

Jazz Fusion
h h

meditation, had time to sit down today after 3 -4 months of promo, gag, starting to get to me, well, this ,its a one off, new mic, still getting used to placement. man those dampers and hammers pedal are noisy critters, that's sometimes a problem gotta work that

h h

much loved classic jazz tune by Erroll Garner, here I used a George Shearing locked hand technique in a few places of course no one did it like Erroll. note: different key then original , Zoom H2 on lofi.

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

h h

Holding to the Dream
hold on to your dreams and aspirations, always believe. make your your dreams a reality.

h h

My Wish w James Elliott
Dedication to amanda todd, a song of hope for better days and bright skies to come, a world without bullying, hate and teasing

Alternative Modern Rock
h h

light my fire (licensed cover)
Blue Frog version, live. do I have to say anything, lets get it on baby. light me up! live version,bryon tosoff,vocals+piano licensed cover license number 15752052

h h

Kick Back Just Relax
Premaster track of Kick Back just relax with Ted Tosoff on percussion, Paul Wainwright doing horn sections, sax lead and bass and me on piano and synth work. going to jazz radio soon

Jazz Fusion
h h

love your angel w james elliott
merry christmas to all LOL. love your angel this is a radio edit with James Elliott

Alternative Modern Rock
h h

experimental improvisational, avant garde 08/24/13 recorded via a zoom H2

h h

ice storm
ice storm is an advent garde experimental improvisational piece

Acoustic Ambient Experimental
h h

over the rainbow
bryon at the blue frog performing art centre and recording studio performing over the rainbow recorded lofi on H2 Zoom

h h

the haunting
Ghostly intro. ambient and experimental a bit of Debussy combined with john cage playing inside the piano at times plucking the strings.

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

Acoustic Ambient Experimental
h h

the god particle
The god particle , music by bryon tosoff, improvisation using yamaha acoustic piano , delay and other addional effects to broaden scope of soundscape, mankind seeking and questioning, answers. are there any

Acoustic Ambient Experimental
h h

Chilling on Tranquility

Acoustic Ambient Experimental
h h

there will be moments of sparkling light shimmering in the darkness we sometimes have,look up,not down,turn the corner.

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

h h

Living Waters
from the holding to the dream cd-may the waters of Gods spirit flow through you

h h

gift of life
recorded at studio 12 ,lost master but found cassette and digitized it. some loss of quality otherwise decent take. one time performance for laying down track

h h

The Gift
We are to share the gifts we have. and we are ultimately a gift Track 5 from my 2011 release "holding to the dream"

h h

who knows what lurks within you?
who knows what lurks in your mind,evil.good.idiocy.or just total dumbasses

Jazz Fusion
h h

share the love
reflective and soulful , Debussy or Mendelssohn style of performing. modern classical.

h h

In Flight
pure hip groove ala Chick Corea. solid technique and style

Live Jazz
h h

to love and hope
for the hope that love will be the way to peace to all mankind

h h

Kinda Debussy or Edvard Grieg piano modern classical, impressionistic

Piano improvisation
h h

Shine like a star w strings
shine your light with love and understanding

Easy Listening/Soft Rock
h h

tIMe w duane flock
caught between time and space, sojourners for a time , then gone we are dust, like the misty breath of a buffalo in the winter

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

Alternative Retro and Psychedelic
h h

my soul-w duane flock-jenny haymond
my soul is my being.there is a voice that remains captive its trapped so deep inside me.sunken well is me ( duane flock guitar, jenny haymond lyrics)

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

h h

moods,done on a spanish guitar setting , done with my fantom roland module with keyboard midi up which is a Roland 88 piano, improvisational

h h

u r my soulmate u r my friend
piano solo.recorded at blue frog studios in white rock fall 2010 one of the ten tracks from holding to the dream cd had a successful run on radio in Canada

h h

I'm so happy
live take at blue frog studios for holding to the dream cd

h h

no escape w-duane flock
no escape collab with duane flock. great guitar work , one of the best I have ever worked with, It take you away on a total amazing musical journey

Alternative Retro and Psychedelic
h h

Changes is in the key of D flat, one of the most beautiful colorful keys to write music in, it captures that reflective quality, each key has its own characteristics

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

Classical Piano
h h

shine like a star
track from holding to the dream

Easy Listening/Soft Rock
h h

from my "holding to the dream cd from 2011, recorded at blue frog studios in white rock

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

Easy Listening Instrumental
h h

with you
track 6 from holding to the dream cd released 2011 performed by bryon tosoff. recorded at blue frog studios in white rock

h h

I can see clearly now
licensed for performance and digital downloads, performed by Bryon Tosoff Song Writer: Johnny Nash Publisher, Nashco Music license number 15758107
Licensed Cover

h h

morning mist
Morning Mist is the first song in my improvisational 4 song medley I did awhile back

ambient modern classical
h h

The Silk Road
the travels of marco polo to China, the Silk road from then to now

Classical Abstract
h h

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11/12/2017 5:02:04 PM
WOW Bryon Just listened to echoes ))) Fantastic sir ! took me back to an old fav film of mine (on Golden Pond) Bravo))

Bob Balsley

10/25/2017 5:28:05 PM
I'm entering the underworldall it needs is a movie-soundtrack is awesomeGrand piano or great synth????

Bob Balsley

10/14/2017 1:08:32 PM
Hey Brian. Thanks for the adds and kind words. I,ve been enjoying your huge variety of tunes. I got a little lost in reverbnationland. Forgot about kindred spirits at IMP (used to be IAC) back in the day and the supportive community vibe. Ive got a ton of new tunes to share. Finally getting a handle on lyrics Knock on wood. Thanks again!

Verity Keen

10/13/2017 2:50:18 PM
Bryon, I'd like to thank you for being so supportive and generous with your in depth reviewing, we are lucky to have you xx


8/30/2017 3:46:22 PM
Great Page Great Music I will be bookmarking your page so i can figure out how to make my page look AWESOME like yours does : ) GREAT WORK!

Richard Scotti

3/13/2017 5:47:46 PM
Hey Bryon ~ I just wanted to thank you for all your support and for adding so many of my songs to your stations. Im sure that it has helped me attain the 27 #1 songs I've had over the years and my ranking on the classic rock charts. I've got 5 songs in the top 25 including the #1 and #2 spots. A song you recently put on your "eye" station: Water From A Stone is #5 and you may recall you thought the song belonged on the featured songs list on the front page. Well, it's on the Featured Song list now!! Another song you added to one of your stations with high praise: Work In Progress. It's #1 on the Classic Rock chart. Anyway, I hate to toot my own horn but I only mention these developments to acknowledge what tremendous influence you have on listeners. Thanks again!


2/4/2017 8:48:41 AM
Congratulations Byron on your Golden Kayak Awards!

Neil w Young

1/21/2017 8:27:34 PM
It being the weekend provided me with the time and opportunity to make my rounds to congratulate winners of a 2016 Golden Kayak.

I didn't want to overlook coming back to your page one more time, Bryon, and extending again my congratulations on your collection of 2016 Golden Kayaks, and for your involvement and contributions to the site.

Best wishes.


Shoe City Sound

1/20/2017 5:35:26 AM
Hey Bryon Tossof! Thanks for stopping by our page and big CONGRATS to you on your multiple Kayak Awards this year. Well deserved - goes without saying.


Psyche's Muse

1/19/2017 5:36:31 PM
Congratulations to you, Bryon, on all of those Golden Kayak Awards you have earned. And thanks for dropping by my Artist Page! Much Appreciated! -M-

Neil w Young

1/16/2017 4:55:58 PM
Congratulations Bryon on your collection of Golden Kayaks last night - deserving every one.

You are going to have put steel supports under that shelf where you have them all displayed.

Play hard and rock on!!


Paul groover

5/31/2016 4:10:59 PM
Congrats on your kayak thank you so much for your great comment on my page. Very much apprecieated. Got one of my songs remixed at Abbey Road was never ever happy with Pearls and Tales so got it remixed.


5/15/2016 6:42:13 AM
Congratulations Bryon, on your Golden Kayak Win! Echoes is a beautiful song. Thank you for the comment you left on my page also. (I just saw it, sorry I'm so late)

Scott Stambaugh

3/7/2016 9:14:34 PM
Bryon I just saw your Happy New Year comment. Back atcha. :)

Bryon Tosoff

2/27/2016 9:30:04 AM
Dolores, I appreciate your vote of confidence on midnight rendezvous It is so laid back, I didnt think it sound so good , I guess it hits different people various ways , so glad you like it, much respect......cheers bryon



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Msg  Go!

Keep me in mind for Golden Kayaks for 2017
I will have added 17 new songs or so that are ready for nomination, if you think some of them fit or if they are good enough give me a nomination

2 Sweet Baby Blues
3 Hell Storm Death March
4 Rains of Haida Gwaii
5 Whispers
6 Reach for the Stars
7 entering the forest of the upper yangtze
8 lost in the forest of the upper yangtze
9 leaving the forest of the upper yangtze
10 desert flower
11 mists of Haida gwaii
12 entering the underworld part 1
13 lost in the underworld part 2
14 escape from the underworld
15 The Green Lady
16 Lazy Days
17 Waterfalls of Huangguoshu

STARGAZER album coming out on September 15-at cdbaby groove radio, spotify, deezer and rhapsody

MY LOVE CALLS (single) it is a beautiful piece of work, many call it a worthy cinematic film music that is going out October 1, at cdbaby deezer groove radio, rhapsody and spotify.


August 25 2017
Recent things happening-August

Verified on Spotify in August 2017

1st album Approved by Pandora

Kick Back Album reaches top ten on jazz charts on CFBX Kamloops

older news:
August 4th 2017
Things rocking at Spotify!! lots of spins, pulling in the shekels,wow

May 11, 2017
Charting at # 2 JAZZ CJAM
Charting at #5 top 30 CJAM
CFUV gets digital files 4 review

March 16 2017

Dedicated to Chris


Album picked up by Humber Radio. and CJAM

March 13 2017
My album has been put on the playlisting at CBC Canada today!

February 23 2017
My New album is now Streaming on spotify, deezer and rhapsody

January 26, 2017

Thanks for all your votes in the KAYAKS, and for confirming me in being awarded Station Manager of the year again and getting the nod for Jazz and Ambient songs of the year

December 24 2016


My music will be streaming via Groove Music streaming services Canada

December 23 2016


Well I finally completed my 2nd cd project with KICK BACK JUST RELAX in November 2016 and it is now receiving airplay in a few stations in the US Europe and Canada. Hoping for some more and possible inclusion in some soundtracks and licensing possibilities.


Thanks for the help of Duane Flock, Dolores Paradise, Paul Wainwright, and my brother Ted Tosoff, big thanks also to Gary Dunham for the artwork, one on the Kick back album and another for the single release of It's Time

Great mastering service by Marcio Rodrigues. i am proud of the finished product

I have just finished doing a cool happening rocker with Steve April
movies in our mind, it gives
fun song

Doing some piano works, the underworld, to hell and back and considering a few more piano works

thanks to those who nominated me
for Golden Kayaks in Ambient and Jazz as well as Station manager of the year. much appreciated

cheers and happy new year

June 24 2016

Kick Back Just Relax album is underway, with participants as follows: guitarist Duane Flock singer keyboardist Dolores Paradise, Engineer Percussion programmer DJ Julio on It's Time, Paul Wainwright on sax as a featured artist on many songs, Jazz Guitarist Phenom Denis Simpkin on 1 cool chill tune "Slide" and my Brother Ted Tosoff doing some engineering production as well as adding some great percussion and mixing the album and adding some special treatment on a few songs too. After 4 years in the vault and time to move forward, this one will be a great chill cool jazz release radio will embrace
=======================. February 2016
Some great things happening folks, with a new collaboration of a number of IMP artists on a new project watch for it right here, one is with Ken from Two Silo complex and some other surprises with a cover on one of my songs, and more!!.

I was named Station manager of the year and received the nod for having the best ambient song.thanks for the votes!!

2016 , thanks for the nomination in Ambient and Station Manager

concert with bluevoodoo on July 8th 2011 at Blue Frog studios..BLAME

Blame, the bluevoodoo at blue frog studios,white rock bc from bryon tosoff on Vimeo.

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Anonita   truth indeed lives here. tell the story.
Aria Elan official   r and b trip
Ariel Nan   wonderful
Arlentide   magical vocals
Ash Ferry   angelic voice
Azita Zoom   cool vibe
B L A C K   Dark Truth screams
Back From Ashes  
Bald Walter   sweet groove
Basia Lyjak   Rocker!
Beth Fridinger  
Bethany Becker   hip groove
BETSY CHARGE   talented writer player
Beverly Jayne   rockin angel
Black Velvet Lace  
Bob Elliott   smooth soul vibe
Bob Maloney  
Bobby Parker  
Bobby Parker  
Brian Pounds   great vibe, cool groove
Brian Shiva Haley   world beat with U2 feel
Bryan White  
Bryon Tosoff  
Bümdoser   unique as hell.vox rox muse grooves
Caembria   angel
Cantrip   trippin vibe-way kewl
Cardboard Room  
Carl Schonbeck  
Carmen Loretta   quirky groovy
caro   elegance
Carolyn Stewart  
Carson P. Cooman  
Caught By Grace  
Cecilia G   uptempo jumping swinging out jazz
Cheryl Casselman  
Cheryl Hodge  
Chris Mahon  
Chris Weekes   Walk towards the sun
Chrissy   kix out vox rox
Clayton Wright Jazz Piano Trio   great music lives here
Clockwise Stereo   grabs ya
Concussion Girl   grooviliciousness
Conversation Suicide  
Cover Girls  
Cross Town  
Dan Traxler  
Dana Lauren  
Daniel P Hudelson  
David Caprie   stunning vocals
David J Sutton   beautiful tonal colours.
DEAD Famous Vol13  
Decadence NY   awesome sound. retrodelicious
Deni with Carlo Letizia   vocals and music are stellar
denise cascione  
Diana Netchaeva   kicks.breathtaking
Dick Aven  
Donna Devine   stellar
Dove   soaring vocals
Downsiid   great rockin groove
Dream Secret   driftin cool groove
Dream Vampires   stellar vox,song.
DreamCapture   elegance
Dura Confesion  
Ed Rosenberg   breathtaking grooves
Elixir   trippin out groove
elizabeth geyer   breathtaking vocals.sweet
Eric Lawrence  
Escape the Fate  
Evamusiconline   tripping out groove
Evan Martin  
Evenlee   cool smooth groove
EVERGREY   rich rockin killer vibe
Eye To Eye (ft. Krista Parrish)  
Fade to Black   retro cool groove
Fawna Flora  
flatland   gr8 groove
FLOW of Meshwell   original vibe rap here
Fredrick and The Golden Dawn   unique,creative,experimental.
Fyrefly   fyrefly fires it up
garry segal   cool bluesin'
Gena Perala  
Geoff Lapp Trio  
Geoff Westen   tripping
Georgia Thomas   girl has sweet vox
Girl Goes Electric  
Greta Gaines   groovin sexy vibe
Hailey Ward  
Hank Grant  
Hannah Diamond   nice groove
Happy Rhodes   magical
Harpdog Brown  
Harper Stephens  
heads on backwards   the heads are kickin out melodic rockin tunage
hear kitty kitty!  
Hey You!   hey you!kix Azz!
Hugh Hamilton  
Ian Collins   tripping retrolicious vibe
Ice Giants   groovy funky vibe
idiom   well seasoned veterans, pushing the limits of rock beyond the average run of the mill stuff out there
Iris Divine   rocks
ison and april, our Back Pages   monster vibe great duo
J. Patrick Sharpe  
James Elliott   latent talent. outstanding creative mind
James Tristan Redding  
Jamie Kern   masterful composition, soaring vocals
jen bye   way off the wall and too cool
jena Douglas   thanks for your fine music-great variety of genre
Jennifer Fertado   some soaring vox dark songs but colorful
Jere VanLoan   nice touch
Jesse Adams  
Jessi Norgard   grooveness of cool
Jessi Robertson  
Jo Ellen  
Joanne Lurgio   drivin good vibes
Joe Stanton  
Johnny Max Band  
josie campbell   lyrical vocals. smooth vibe
Julie Dexter   this girls got a sweet soul groove
Juliette Lewis   rocker
Kalle Mattson   staying true in the groove
Karl Sloan  
Karma Kreeps   katee rox with karma
Katee Rose Lee   going places
Katelyn Dawn   canuck girl sings with flair
Ken Tucker  
Kevin Jones Band   good pickin
Kevin White  
Kindred Lost  
koogaphone   unique tunage vox
Kris Zeman   magical vocals and songs
kristin mainhart   unique sonics
Larree   miss this dude
Lars Mars  
Lauren Nikohl   soaring vocals, elegance in this singers style
Lavender   magical vocals and amazing music
lena fayre   soaring vox
Leo Haszard   rootsy groove
LEVIonline   sweet vocal aroma
Lex Zaleta  
Lianne Morgan   cool songstress
Lijie   special
Linda Baker   true hot jazzin groove
Liza Lee  
Long Way From Here  
Lonnie Glass   real roots groove
Loren DiGiorgi  
Loren DiGiorgi   Magnificent playing
Lucy Briggs   mellow sweet vox.elegance
Lulu Fall and James Theory  
Lunic   groovalicous vibe
Lyle Holdahl   something amazing happening here
Madeline Deveroux   pop folk hip groove
Mandi Kennel  
Marc Bosserman  
Marcus L. Miller   killa jazz man
Maria Jacobs  
Marina V  
Mario Burgos   stellar work here
Marty Brodell   groovin crazy wild stuff
Mary Koomjian   mellow groove
maXwells cafe   Wonderful Stylings
Maybe Someday  
Mel Bryant   sweet bluesy singer
Michael Bush  
Michael Caruso   MC is the rockin truth!
Michael Musumeci   rocks those 88s
Michala Todd   fellow canuck with tripping vibe
Michèle Raffaele   brilliant piano, stellar vox
MichelleRene   something special
Mikayla Lee  
Mike Adams   music that makes you a part of the song. cool
Mike Adams 1  
MILES B TWEEN   groovin
Milla Kara  
MISS KRISTIN   vibe is fine
Modern Day Zero  
Monet   sweet vocals
Monicka Ferens   deep waters here
Morgann McClanahan   angelic vocals
Mud Dog   lays down the blues
Murder City Sparrows  
My Head Radio   good music and groovin vibe
Nacho Valenciaga   excellent guitarist and vocalist.
Nadia von Hahn   what a voice.!!
Nat Jay  
Natalie Brown  
Nate Guinto   stellar vox and fiddle
Navacross   foot tapping!
Neil Harnett   killer vox ripping guitar
Neta Jane  
Nick Jester and the Outliers   Smooth rock here
Nik West   power house
No Hope Astronaut   this band rocks it out!stellar.
Noah Spaceship  
NoCo The Ron muga project  
NoCountry Project   its real, good
ODi   soars!
Otis and the Professors  
Patrick Baricault and Range Heroes  
Patrick Yandall   brilliant guitarist
Patrizia   sweet vox sensational
Phil Streets  
PIANORAMA   Sweetness on the keys
PIRANYA   wild thing
Pony Up  
Poor Billy  
Product Recall  
Rachel Collis  
Rachel McGoye   Rachel lays down sweet vibe
ram2000   tasty
Rampage   truth and tripping it
Ray Boozer  
Rebecca Downes   Wow factor
Renee Maurice   what a voice
Rinsley   happy go lucky vibe
RMF   sweet stuff
Roadhouse   hush,.great happening groove
Roberta Carrieri  
Robin Church  
Ron Kemp   what a voice
Ronnie Hock   grooving tunes,nice vox
Rose Reece-Morgan   unique vox groovin music
Royal   making his own world
Ruchard Emberstone  
Ruslan Moiseev   great guitar work, stellar, with nice shots in the bridge too. fine layered synth. real fine hooks too
Rusty G's   watch.they got it
RuthyAnnMandell   insightful
Sabrina Fallah   tripping cool
Sarah Lonsert   this is magical and moving
Scarlet Fade   a mix that kix
Scour   POW!KIX
Selon Recliner   soars skyward
Sephoria   groovin vibe delicious
SHAG STEVENS   great funk groove
Sheryl Crow  
Shoe City Sound   magical works, great vocals by dolores
Sign of Descent   true originality ROX
Silje   Silje is amazing.great vibe, magical
SILVERWOODSTUDIO   trippin groovin vibe
Soho Sq   nice vox
Soo Woo   fun is here
Spinning Chain   kix killa vibe
Starr Belle  
Stephen John  
Steve April  
steve april COLLABROS  
Steve Iannetti   one the best musicians around, anywhere
Steve Ison  
storyteller guitar  
Summer and the Sinners   one of the best blues singers on the planet
Super db   da disco dance dynomite
Susan Raven  
Tamara Champlin   voxalicious
Taylor Mills  
TBL   a trip
The Art Nova  
tHe AuDiObOdiEs!!   groove is cool
The Black Flies   good ole boys
The Black Orchids   gr8 rawkin kix
The Blue Method  
The Darling Buds   sweetness all over
The Features   crazy and fun
The Influence   melodic rock,catchy vibe
the junior league   bIg sound with tasty vibe
The Kords   brilliant kickin grooves
The Logs   kikking
The Man With No Band   love the blues soul
The Morning Birds   way back in the day
The New Translation  
The Rose Windows   retrolicious
The Strangest Feeling  
The Sumner Brothers  
The Tonics  
The Vegetarians   groovin vibe
The Viscerals  
TheThieves   top drawer
Third Time's A Charm   beautiful voices
Thumpers   tripping groove
Time Cat  
TLP (The London Project)  
Tokyo Penguin   unique and sometimes compelling
Tony Vani and Debbie Hoskin  
Tosoff and April  
trapperschoeppandtheshades   magikal ear candi
Trux   great songs here
Typhoon Bob and Big Dog MaHound   kinda Steppenwolf groove
Typographers   girl guy girl
Umberto Sangiovanni   unique and relective quality
Vanilla Ice  
Vin Colella   tripping groove
Wendy Jensen  
Will Champlin   mood groove
World Vs World   punching vibe tripping out
Wyatt-n-Ayres Songwriters,   a tripping vibe!
Yakobo   stellar captivating
zeman ruckus   miracle groovy vibe
  great vocals
  nice groove to Woody's tunes
  kikking vibe
  unique tripping groove
  atmospheric groove
  stellar vocals and harmonies. fine songcrafting
  ala groovin cool
  cool vibe.spacey groove.chilling

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