heads on backwards is a collaboration between jaime elliott and bryon tosoff

run run running
running from your fears is no way to run your life, face them head on

Alternative Modern Rock
h h

love your angel tonight

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

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Jaime Elliott and Bryon Tosoff are the heads,the heads that are on backwards.

There is nothing much to say except we are never gonna travel , tour and or care if we make money doing this thing called making music. We just make music and have fun doing it, that's the bottom line.

We know we are never gonna get rich doing this shite anyways, so what the hell. if we get a spin or two from you cats then that's. cool. honestly , we both dont care about fame, fortune, we just do this thing cause we like too.

So if you like it. grab it, If you dont, well we dont really care.

have a nice day

"the heads"

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heads on backwards

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heads on backwards