Jason "String" Atwood - Lead vocals
DJ Akira MC - Vocals, Turntables, Samples, Keyboards
Rich "b.rich" Burgos - Drums
Jeff "Spanish" Scott - Lead guitars
G. Dell - Rhythm guitars
Joe Clinard - Bass

Initially formed as a 4 piece at Ft. Hood army base by drummer Rich Burgos the band soon evolved with members shipping out to other locations. Singer, Jason "String" Atwood joined the band after a chance meeting with Burgos at a tattoo shop owned by String. After a short time the band's DJ Akira MC found himself in the fold and the band was completed when Spanish and George Dell, lead and rhythm guitarists respectively climbed aboard. "Downsiid's early years had hardcore roots until String's writing and voice developed a new sound that consisted of hard rock with soulful vocals," related drummer, Rich. "As the band matured over the years, strong musical and big singing hooks became a huge part of our sound. Today the commercial side of Downsiid has surfaced and hooks, musicianship and creativeness are the number one priority in the writing process."

Putting themselves through a relentless touring schedule, playing events at Ft. Hood, Battle of the Bands contests, talent shows and really, any hole in the wall club that would have them. The band were a fine tuned unit by the time they entered the studio to track their debut album, 'Karma: The Rebirth'. The band was just finding itself and moving towards branching out through the rest of Texas and they started exploring label opportunities and radio airplay. Songs 'Simple Man" and 'I' were being played all over Texas and the latter all over the country - even topping R&R magazine's chart. Released in 2001, 'Karma' went onto sell a few thousand copies, all burned on computer and hand labeled.

The band's sophomore effort, 'The Evolution of Ghetto Rock' was released in 2005 and has sold an astonishing 10,000 copies to date, with all sales coming off the stage, from the trunks of their cars or through the band's site "We have a very 'Grassroots' approach to promoting a sales," says DJ Akira. We are a hit the streets, in your face, shaking your hand kind of band."

In 2010 the band entered Rising Son Studios in Nolanville, TX with world renowned producer Roy Z (Judas Priest, Halford, Bruce Dickinson, Sebastian Bach, Sepultura, etc) to lay down tracks for what was to be their most powerful album to date, Life Of Lies. The sextet came in contact with Roy Z through a series of events, "We had (Virgin Records consultant) Scott Frazier come out and scout us before we recorded Life of Lies," says Akira. "Scott said we needed a hit song and to generate some buzz for the labels to take interest and suggested we check out a band called Downset who was produced by Roy Z. We were working with Maor Applebaum, who was mastering a demo for us at the time.. We mentioned Downset and Maor said he knew Roy Z. He put us in contact with him and we sent him some demos and he agreed to work with us. He ended up flying in to record a song we had just written that was very radio friendly and at the time we thought it was a great launching song. We recorded "MySpace Police" but to our dismay, MySpace fell and Facebook rose making the song irrelevent but started the writing process for Life of Lies. Roy returned to record the album and even played guitar on "Going Nowhere". He has also signed on to do our next album.

Downsiid also hooked up with hit songwriter, Andy Waldeck for Life Of Lies. Frontman, String says, "We co-wrote "Life of Lies" and "We Can Get Out" with Andy. We met him through one of our old guitar players and he sent us the songs and we changed them around to fit our style. This was our first time writing with anyone outside of the band and it was a great experience for us."

Life Of Lies opens with the powerful first single and video, "Not With Me", which came about per the band's reputation as a bunch of homewreckers and manwhores. "It was so grossly blown out of proportion," laughs String.. "We handled it the way we usually do, head on. The result was a story about a woman's infidelity in the club....and how it's not our fault." "Bullet Hits The Skin" is an analogy for the phrase, 'when the shit hits the fan.' (This band has always had haters. Luckily for every 1 hater there are 10 fans that love us. We decided to write a song addressing the people who sit online and go out of their way to leave negative posts and trash talk the band.) The acoustic track, "Part Of You" actually stated out as a rap song written by Akira. Initially titled "Tales From The Womb", the song tells a story from a fetus' viewpoint of a his mother's drug use, no father, promiscuity and thoughts of abortion. Akira bought it to the band and String wrote the hook which would later become the actual song when the rap was taken out and the acoustic guitar and cello were added. Designed to make the listener think, the song makes a lot of suggestion towards the debate of abortion but never takes a clear stance. "Pole Dancer" is basically a hip hop flavoured song written by a bunch of guys whose loved of strip clubs is all too well documented over he years. The song doesn't just play up the party aspect of the clubs, though. It reaches out for the human side of the dancers, including the struggling mother and the downfalls of the industry, amongst other points. The track has been Chopped and Screwed (Texas remix that slows the song down almost to a drag) by Swisha House Records out of Houston and is being played in strip clubs all over the country.Downsiid also included a bruising cover of the Prince classic, "When Doves Cry" on the album. According to drummer, Burgos, "That song was just such a huge hit in the 80's and still well known and loved. its a sexy song, bottom line. So, we had to cover it."

Beyond band business, the members of Downsiid have shown their entrepreneurial side by opening a nightclub and a clothing line. Opening The Music Vault in 2008, when all of the music venues in central Texas began closing down, the venue became the place for bands to play in the area. "Downsiid always felt responsible for keeping the scene alive in one way or another," says Rich. "After some careful planning and negotiating we opened doors in June of 2008 and we pride ourselves on being an artist run business - and succeeding. We understand what bands have to put up with so we're there to support them. Within 2011 The Music Vault has actually become the top underground dance venue of techno/dubstep/house & bass and top 40 music in the area as well as being recognized as Best Live Music Venue of 2011 in the area.

Ghetto Rock Clothing was started by the band because they "got tired of advertising other companies," tells Burgos. "We put clever slogans on the shirts and add the Downsiid logo to it, rather than just creating the same 'ol boring band shirts. We've also branched out into other types of merch and have even sponsored everything from skateboarding teams to MMA athletes. Ghetto Rock is band owned and will always be band owned."

Part of You
Part of Me is an Acoustic song with deep thought and very chill vibe.

Indie Acoustic
h h

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10/25/2011 1:28:35 PM
Part of me was just aded to our IAC site based on popular feedback. We hope you like the song. It's totally different from anything we have done so we hope we dont piss off our harder edge fans but we had to record this song.


9/6/2011 3:28:17 PM
We saw that the site now has video charts. How do we add our video to IAC?

Slimdog Productions

3/15/2011 6:58:47 PM
Wazzup fellas!!! You all are coming as hard as always with your music!!! How are things going? Man, I miss the days of hanging out down in Austin. How often are you all playing down there nowadays? Your station is the shit by the way...You coming with any Hip Hop style music, let me know so I can get it on my station. Peace.


Bryon Tosoff

12/16/2009 12:07:17 PM
You all rule, Placebo is great happening vibe. stellar piece of work, great listen.added to SMASH..hope the other tune works soon, looking forward to checking it out too!


Slimdog Productions

10/3/2009 2:27:30 AM
Put "Poledancer" back up and hit me up when it's on. I'll get it on my station...

Slimdog Productions

10/3/2009 2:24:57 AM
WADDUP!!! Man, you know y'all gotta put up on of your Hip Hop Styles songs so I can get it on my station...Hope you all are doing well. Gotta try to hook up next time I'm in Austin.


Ash Ferry

9/19/2009 11:04:14 PM
As soon as my neurotransmitters aerodynamically figured out the Placebo's effect in my brain, it filtered me right here to your page. Amazing isn't! Thank you soo much for adding our song to your station. It was very nice seeing this when I logged on here tonight.

Ash Ferry

9/12/2009 10:47:10 AM
Hello! Wanted to thank you for stopping in at the Jam Station and leaving your shout there. I also want to let you know your song is really great! Do you play this live at your club there? Wish I were closer to Texas. wah!


10/23/2007 3:17:30 PM
Check out DownsiiD SONG Gufu off the Karma CD CIRCA 2003


5/22/2007 4:18:27 AM
Downsiid will have it's debut CD in Stores across the U.S on July 19th. Help support Indie Music by purchasing our Cd. Thanks! Downsiid

FYE, Circut City, Sam Goody, Best Buy and Target


5/9/2006 7:58:35 PM
The music biz is one tough nut to crack! We won't stop. phm


4/29/2006 12:59:34 PM
Check out our new song listing...Blue


4/29/2006 12:14:17 AM
pril 24th 2006

Whats up to everyone out there?
Its been a whole minute since we dropped some news and for that we apologize. DOWNSIID has been on the grind really hard this year to top last years goals so it makes it hard to drop our news sooner. BUT we promise to drop the most up-to-date news when we do drop it, so here we go........

After a long planning process with the video and the show it finally came together at the end. The video is finally out and was premiered that night as scheduled. Big thanks to IGR's Andrew and Brandon for a great experience and for being so patient with us and letting us be part of the planning process for this project. Also of course our management XTREME MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT/ INNERGLOBAL RECORDS for the final push on the project and coming through with the tools to make everything happen again. we love you all from the bottom of our hearts. Of course our extras that came out and supported (too many to name) lol but you know who you are. Overall it was a success and people love the end product. If you haven't caught the video yet please check out our myspace page at www.myspace.com/downsiid. We will have the video on this site as soon as possible. Please enjoy the video and share it with your friends.We need to spread the DOWNSIID word.

The summer is among us and it's time to hit the road! Once again thanks to INNER GLOBAL RECORDS we received a great surprise this month, a GIANT RV with trailer to start our tour. For a while now we have been planning a tour that would take us around military installations across the South and play for our troops in the Armed Forces. With that said stay posted to our schedule and find where we will land on this tour. We will keep everyone posted as new updates come in for the FREEDOM TOUR!

If you have been following the bands progession you will know that DOWNSIID is on the verge of having 3 songs in the top 2


3/9/2006 8:54:52 PM
Downsiid finished up it's third Video this weekend that is sure to be HOT!!!

Check out our two previous videos for "i" and Simpleman at WWW.DOWNSIID.COM



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Just add a risky song for us called PART OF ME to our profile. This by far is most different song you will hear from DOWNSIID, we hope you like it. The Life of Lies CD is now available on ITUNES produced by the Legendary ROY Z (HALFORD, TRIBE OF GYPSIES, IRON MAIDEN) Enjoy.


Hellos IAC! Just wanted to take time to give a quick update on the band. We recently added our new song "Placebo" to the ROCK charts and happy to see it's doing pretty well. The song was written by Jason "String" Atwood. The message in the Music is all about what we do as people to mask reality. Some use pills, some use alcohol or whatever their vice might be to escape that empty feeling. We worked hard on the song and would love your feedback. Next week we are headed into the studio to work with Roy Z. This is a dream come true. To be able to work with a musician and producer at the top of the pile is an awesome feeling. Looking forward to task!. Last week we added a song called "Poledancer" to the Hip-Hop charts, check it out. So far not a lot of plays but it gets great response in the live show venues.
More great news to come about our up coming album "THE STAND" Your not going to beleive who's helping produce along with ROY Z. Peace to the Indie.


Downsiid will be playing the EGYPT Reunion Tour!!!!

Dec 18 2009 8:00P W/ EGYPT Reunion Tour Charlottesville, Virginia
Dec 19 2009 8:00P w/ Egypt Reunion Tour Springfield, Virginia

Downsiid will be kicking off the Backyard Band Indie Music Show this Thursday at THE MUSIC VAULT in Harker Heights, Texas. The Eagle 101.7 will be doing a live remote from the show.

Hello IAC! DOWNSIID will be making their first East Coast trip this coming week. We will be doing two shows in Virgina with our good friends EGYPT who are doing a reunion show on 12-18 AND 12-19. JAXX'S on the 18th in Springfield VA and The Jefferson Theater on Dec 19th. We would love to meet new friends in this area. We always have a good time so come on out and have some fun with DOWNSIID.

Terrible News, our show at The Jefferson Theater on last Saturday was cancelled due to a snow storm. We drove all the way from Texas to be caught in one of worst snow storms in Virgina History. Just our luck. We did, however, make the JAXX show on the 19th that was a blast! Thanks to all of our new east coast peeps. Your hospitality was greatly appreciated.
Signing off for now. Have a Happy Holiday all! DOWNSIID
We are overjoyed to see that our song Placebo has moved up the ROCK charts to # 14. Thanks to all the folks who dig the tune. All the best in the new year. DOWNSIID
Downsiid is gearing up for the 4th annual SIID SHOW!! This show is the best underground Music Festival in Texas. Going on the fourth year the fest has now added on new cities such as Lubbock,TX, San Antonio, Tx and Bryan College Station. Check out details at www.myspace.com/DOWNSIID. Check out the site for the official lineup.
Placebo keeps moving upward!! Go Placebo. Thank you listeners for appreciating the song. This is why we do what we do. Kick ass!
The band is gearing up for the fourth Annual SIID SHOW that will be kicking off at the Music Vault in Harker Heights TEXAS. Tickets are $12 presale and $15 at the door. This is the biggest underground Rock/Hip Hop Music Fest in Texas.
The SIID SHOW Rock N Roll Circus started off with a huge bang at the Music Vault. The show was a sell out with great texas bands on stage. Huge thanks to all of the bands who participated in the event to make it a great time for the freinds who made the show. Next stops will be WACO TEXAS and Austin!!!!!

2-19-2011 - Back in WACO for the 5th Annual Siid Show. Check our website for details on the Texas Bands who will rock WACO. www.downsiid.com

4-12-2011- Working on a huge show today in the Centex. 8-10K people expected. More details to come.


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