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Roy Muniz

11/29/2008 12:41:49 PM
peaceful greetings Fyvwunsyx. I wanted to say thank you for the respect you have shown to Shine on Sun. It means alot to me. All the best and keep on rockin....
Happy Holidays.


10/28/2008 5:05:42 PM
ther you go my young talented friend, very nice piece of music you offered for a review see station. . . . congratulations and welcome to ReflectedRespect radio. . . . . respect!!!!!!

to love is to endure,


Roy Muniz

10/16/2008 12:31:02 PM
Good to meet you. And thanks for the request to add to the station. peace and music.

Cat Ize

10/11/2008 8:28:01 PM
Welcome to the revolution!!!!

Cat Ize


9/29/2008 1:50:06 PM
nice story -great lilting sounds

how do ewe say that name?



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