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Im Building a Bridge

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Stop Loving you
The Lyrics are by Wyatt-n-Ayres Song Writers,the song is called “Stop Loving you” it is sung by an Artist called NO NO she lives in California usa, and the song was recorded at the Jungle Rooms Recording Studio`s Engineered by Brian Reeves, who has Platinum singles with Millie Ray Cyrus ( Hannah Montanna)

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Bryon Tosoff

1/3/2010 2:57:17 PM
Indeed this is a stellar piece of happening groovin vibe. almost caught a little bit of Steely Dan in the guitar riff there, well crafted, wonderful vox / harmonies....supremely cool song.this is a way fine song with energy passion and stunning imagery, nice work all round...this is a tripping magic journey..this is a hit and is going places, if not already there....you rule serious coolness

Wyatt-n-Ayres Songwriters,

1/3/2010 2:36:51 PM
I know these songwriters and thier songs are great, BUILDING A BRIDGE, is a great little song with a brilliant tune, this is just one of the many wonderful tunes from these fantastic sondwriters Wyatt - n- Ayres,
all the best to you both
Lady Carol



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