A new generation has found their poet/muse in the songs and voices of The Morning Birds— truth tellers who articulate the hope buried beneath the despair of the human condition. Their combination of poetic storytelling, raw delivery, and innovative harmony is a testament to the creativity that is abundant in all of us.

In this age of highly packaged artists, The Morning Birds are a breath of fresh air. Not only writing songs that are cut from a different cloth but recording their material with fantastic originality and dynamic range. Taking us back to a time when music wasn't over-produced and streamlined, but real, raw, and rocking.

This is all quite evident from the get go on their debut album ""Inspiration Point"" - set to be released July '09. Rag time bleeds into rap, three part harmonies soar across the sound-scape, words soften the heart as drums thunder and roll behind cascading, classical piano lines and jangling guitars.

In a very transparent and intimate manner, Sam, Jenn, and Eric communicate what’s in their hearts and souls and inhabit their music and art with a unique style and message to bring you - The Morning Birds.

Always Know
Beautiful harmonies wash over this heartfelt ballad of faith and love.

h h

Melodic vocals over funky, lazy beats, hypnotic guitars, and dreamy harmonies.

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

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Bryon Tosoff

6/15/2009 3:57:05 AM
Nice vibe and tripping out fine music...love what you do. added to a few stations, bryon



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Download a FREE song here:

You can buy our album on iTunes NOW!


We are VERY proud to present 'Inspiration Point', our debut album!

Half of the album is streaming on our Myspace page, so please stop by and take a listen.
If you like what you hear, please recommend us to your friends.

You can also be one of the first to OWN the album, before it is released world-wide in July. Just go to www.thesixtyone.com/themorningbirds to download the whole thing.  

We are also making a list of pre-orders for the physical copies now.  So, if you are interested in owning one, please email us at admin@themorningbirds.com. (We will open it up and sign it too!)

This album is definitely worth owning.  We not only wrote the songs, but performed all instruments, engineered, mixed, and mastered every track.  All of the album artwork is by us - from the actual visual art to the designing of the whole package.  SO, to put it shortly, the whole thing is an art piece straight from our hearts to yours.  And you will know it as soon as you hold a copy in your hands.

Filled with love, hope, and beauty - we hope that you enjoy all aspects of our work. 

With love and gratitude,

The Morning Birds
Sam, Jenn, and Eric
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The Morning Birds