2010 has been the most productive year yet for this 17 year old singing sensation, who's in the process of taking the world by storm with the upcoming release of her debut EP. Michala Todd has been busy winning over new fans by the hundreds via her live shows and strong internet presence, while at the same driving her musical hooks even deeper into longtime supporters of her career with her memorable, mature beyond her years music.

She's a singer songwriter who will stop at nothing to see her music exposed to as many people around the world as possible. She's preparing to launch a massive marketing campaign in support of her new project that will include a major showcase for industry reps in Nashville, TN mid way through the month of August. The set will include all six tunes from her new record, in addition to a few familiar surprises.

Moving comfortably from high energy dance to mid tempo pop/rock on through to her formidable power ballads, this girl does it all - and does it well!!! Fans continue to pick their jaws up off the ground after listening and watching this gifted songstress make her first impression a lasting one. Adequately describing this young lady's talent is a little bit like trying to hold the intangible.

One thing for sure - this international artist is just getting started and won't be invisible very much longer to a world that's longing for a little more musical substance with their spice. Rest assured, this girl will be making it work in a town near you in the days ahead.

So take a chance on something fresh and original this summer...and bring your musical taste buds to life.

C'mon we dare ya!

House of Glass
Compelling upbeat pop/rock song.

Soft Rock
h h

In Between
Power Ballad/Radio Friendly

Soft Rock
h h

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Bryon Tosoff

9/1/2010 8:41:56 AM
welcome to iacmusic Michala. some fine happening tripping tunes you got up here. eYe added some up to a few stations...



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New songs uploaded to my sites. I co-wrote them with my team in Nashville. Check them out.
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