Diana Netchaeva is a graduate of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory and a post-graduate of Eduard Grach, the reputed artist of the USSR. She is well-known both in Russia and abroad and Diana is the winner and honoree of various musical contests. Among them the international «Palma d'Oro» in Italy, the international contest named after A.I.Yampolsky in Dubna.
Diana Netchaeva has lots of tours through Russia and foreign countries, she is eager to participate in such popular events as «Russian Winter» and «Golden Autumn» festivals. She also performs solely and along with symphony orchestra, equally exclusively and of genius.

The deep and profound traditions of classical school in violin came to be perfect fundament for Diana to blend the classical accords with innovative trends in music. The talented violinist plays exceptionally alone at violin concerto, presenting plays, sonatas and miniatures virtuoso along with avant-garde compositions as the art rock style.

Diana Netchaeva never stops at what she has accomplished and through imaginative and sometimes bewildering musical sounds and compositions she seeks to share with people with problems that make her exciting and anxious. «Violin on Fire» released in 2009 reveals the vital themes of love and hate, wars and peace, charity and terrorism, all in present and future through her vivid and unforgettable work of music created by the amazing strokes of her hand.

Diana distinguishes with her unique and incredible way of style, so tremendous and touching. Everyone who hears her emotionally playing the violin, bearing precisely and virtuously the sounds to impress even those who are not concerned in violin music. The brilliant and expressive way of perception and acceptance of the world is what makes Diana differ from other musicians and stand out for her skills and talent to create music coming from the deep inside.

1976-1984 Music School №1 in Chelyabinsk, RU / teacher Boris Goldfeld
1984-1988 Tchaikovsky College of Music, Chelyabinsk, RU / class of prof. Y. Volguin
1989-1900 Glinka State Conservatory, Novosibirsk, RU / class of prof. Z. Bron
1990-1995 Tchaikovsky State Conservatory, Moscow, RU / class of prof. E. Grach
1995-1997 Postgraduate (Tchaikovsky State Conservatory, Moscow, RU) / class of prof. E. Grach

«Diana managed to reveal the instrument’s sound wealth of color, showed the virtuosic double notes technique.»
«Stirring temper, real passion, splendid technique, the skill of violin touches can be heard in Diana’s playing.»
«In the concert Diana certainly manifests herself as the bright soloist. As a rule such cases are being referred to the excellent school. There’s no denying that the school is excellent, but the performer’s endowments can’t be omitted.»
«The numerous concerts in various Russian towns are famous for her picturesque style of performance highly appreciated by the connoisseurs. And the fact of repeat invitations to the guest performances received from the philharmonic directors proves for the absolute recognition.»
«The musicians wield both – the sense of ensemble and the skilful instruments. But the violin’s voice is worth being especially mentioned in spite of the general virtuosic masterly performance. This delicate girl with her fiddlestick is able to produce the boundless range of musical tones, spirits and hints.»
«Diana Netchaeva is one of the brightest performers of the modern violin school. She is conspicuous of her special violin playing manner, which is anxious and emotional. Exact phrasing, anxious, beautiful and melodious sound form her unique style.»
«Unexceptionable modulation, rich, succulent, warm and anxious sound. Total liberation, absolute performing freedom. This is that very skilful level when the most complicated technique appears to be a fiddle-faddle.»
«The extremely beautiful, warm and melodious sound, bright emotionality, the sincere excitement entirely occupied the audience and produced the lasting impression.»

2007 - molto espressivo…
Genre: Classical / Instrumental

Classic music is boring and out-dated? No way. That’s just the stereotype of people who furnish themselves with that idea to believe that they will definitely go to sleep as soon as they hear the accords of classic music. In spite of the stereotype that many people are prone to refer to, there are people who really enjoy it and moreover, they devote their life to classic music. And here, Diana Netchaeva is just the person who took up the challenge and in 2007 she released her debut album «molto espressivo…» the home of her interpreted perception of the best classic compositions. The record of the album was made in concert with the unique guitarist V. Chebanov. Such a blend of different people with different cultural and musical preferences reveals the revolution sound of the album where all the compositions go hand in hand with the guitar accords for the first time.

2009 - Violin on Fire
Genre: Rock / Progressive Rock / Art Rock / Instrumental

«Violin on Fire» album is a sizzling waterfall of melodies like foreboding of the catastrophe and expectation of happiness, hope and dream born in the soul and presented as music sounds. The world around us is huge and indefinite and so is the way Diana Netchaeva creates, fabulous and versatile spiral way. The art-rock as the style of music that goes through the whole «Violin on Fire» gives free expression and freedom for a musician. Every single of the album is uniquely and fascinatedly created as the work of art. The themes and arrangements make us astonish with exceptional sounds with fierce air in harmonic and musical experimentation. Each track is a mysterious thing ready to make everyone stuck in and enjoy different music genres to various extents. Here they are, from jazz and rock-n-roll, ethnic and classical music, academic and avant-garde styles. But the main thing is an enchanted accord that marries these conflicting and diverse effects into the gorgeous whole thing named «Violin on Fire».

2011 - Tango Neo (single)
Genre: Dance / Instrumental

Violin on Fire

Licensed Cover

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Licensed Cover

Blues Rock
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Bryon Tosoff

8/1/2009 2:21:37 AM
Diana, your playing is stellar, I love it....welcome to iacmusic, may many more stations here add your dynamic music and play your supremely grooving cool songs. some supremely wonderful things going on., NICE!



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