Evergrey is a Dark Melodic Metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden.
The band was founded in 1996 and released its debut album The Dark Discovery in 1998.

Evergrey's lyrics have always been of the darker sort. While The Dark Discovery dealt with a variety of ideas, later albums have been concept albums, dealing with issues like self-reformation (Recreation Day), paranoia, alien abduction (In Search of Truth), child abuse, and religion (The Inner Circle).

Recreation Day is an album that covers many issues, ranging from death and mourning to general fear and sorrow, all of which contribute to a greater concept of re-creation of one self. These ideas are explored from many different points of view, such as someone contemplating suicide ("As I Lie Here Bleeding"), mourners after a funeral ("I'm Sorry," a cover of Dilba Demirbag's hit) and dying priests looking back on their "unforgivable" sins (molestation) ("Unforgivable"). "Unforgivable" also acted as a catalyst for the next album, (The Inner Circle), which dealt with the same two issues described in the song: religion and child abuse.

All releases so far:
* The Dark Discovery (1998)
* Solitude • Dominance • Tragedy (1999)
* In Search of Truth (2001)
* I'm Sorry (rare single, 2003)
* Recreation Day (2003)
* The Inner Circle (2004)
* A Night To Remember (live CD/DVD, 2005)
* Monday Morning Apocalypse (both single and album, 2006)
* Torn (2008)

For decades, Sweden has continued to produce the top names in heavy metal, regardless of sub-genre. Although debuting back in '98, this Gothenburg outfit is only now receiving the international acclaim due them. Molding the various pedigrees of their countrymen into one distinctive sound: supreme musicianship prized by perfectionists; yet intense enough to win the blackened hearts of those more primordial. EVERGREY offer fans something truly different.

In these days of paint-by-numbers releases, where everyone mimics the elite purveyors of a particular style, EVERGREY's music is something unique. Reviewers, and fans alike, typically use other bands as a reference point when discussing music

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RECREATION DAY from Recreation Day CD

Licensed Cover

Dark Melodic Metal
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Licensed Cover

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Bryon Tosoff

4/30/2010 11:14:08 PM
awesome! just wow! killer vibe all



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5th June 2010
European Summer Festivals confirmed:

10th June - SWEDEN ROCK - Solvesborg
27th June - GRASPOP (main stage) - Dessel, Belgium
3rd July - UNIROCK - Istanbul, Turkey
10th July - ROADGRILL FESTIVAL (Headliner) - Rotterdam, Netherlands

"The Band"

1st June 2010
Today 1st June 2010 we will be traveling with Van from Sweden to Netherlands, gigs already planned through the Euro Tour.

Netherlands gigs:
2nd June - NL - Zoetermeer // Boerderij
3rd June - NL - Weert // Bousil

"The Band"

May 28, 2010
Evergrey News
The police report and a tour update

AS promised here is the police report from ROME.

Just to clarify once again… NOT all of our stuff have been stolen BUT quite a significant amount as you can see on the report. The list of the stolen property is listed on this police report and if you see this property on sale somewhere please contact us. See the police report here: Part 1, Part 2 http://www.evergrey.net

This is of course devastating for us, maybe more than you can ever imagine. To make an Evergrey show we need certain specific things and our crew, this is not too hard to understand.

It’s never a choice for us to cancel… we always TRY our best to make the shows happen. We spent 3 days in a bus from LYON to Sweden having to pay ALL the money that we had for the trip home. We have been home for a couple of hours now and are REALLY trying to make the best out of the situation. We are now aiming to rent a van to go BACK the same way we came from to make the DUTCH shows since it is “only” 15 hours travel to get there. To buy flights for 8 people for Spain and Portugal shows is simply not realistic since it costs too much. Then we would have to ADD travel, renting cars AND hotels too that amount. Once again simply impossible. We already lost so much money it is beyond comprehension.

We would really like to play the shows and would love to have the chance to re-schedule. It’s really better for ALL involved that we come to your countries and perform in the way that makes Evergrey justice but under these circumstances it is impossible.

To add to this there are MORE things that will prove that the organisation of this tour was extremely lacking. This includes the tourbus not being paid for (by the booking agency) which made us have to pay 4500 Euros just to get home from Lyon. This money we had to borrow to even be able to get home. Our lawyers are handling THIS situation right now and therefore we are not able to speak about it as of yet.

There will surely be more information about this as soon as possible.

We really hope for your understanding as this situation is hard as it is.
The band

May 24, 2010
Shows in Spain and Portugal cancelled!

Due to a break-in in Evergrey’s tourbus all gigs in SPAIN and PORTUGAL are cancelled. Evergrey lost equipment and merchandise for a value BEYOND 35000 EUROS so it is impossible to continue… we pass Lyon on the way home and will use the equipment of the local support. MAYBE we can go home and get new equipment for the Holland shows and come back but this is still uncertain…

A list of ALL things stolen will be presented here together with the Police report.

More details on this soon…

To our Spanish and Portuguese fans we are extremely sorry but we have NO chance of making it with everything being stolen.

May 7, 2010
Featured Evergrey News
Time for some changes

As promised here is the first part of news regarding Evergrey as a band.

At first it might seem devastating and frightening as it did to us when making this decision. People change, evolve and grow, sometimes in different ways and in different directions. This happens to everyone and it has certainly happened to Evergrey as a band throughout the years.

Me and Rikard have together with Henrik and Jonas made the mutual decision that it was best for us all that they leave Evergrey. They wanted to and we wanted them to.

The last tours, recordings and just hanging with each other has not been as fun and giving as earlier AND before it would go too far, resulting in a collision in between friends, which could ruin everything we have built up during the years, we decided to call it quits.

It’s sometimes both smart and foreseeing to end situations before they get out of hand and create something that is totally unnecessary and irreparable. To be in a band must be experienced as fun, giving and fulfilling. There is SO much time during a life as a touring musician that is boring that if you don’t even enjoy yourself while playing then it’s better to do something else.

Henrik and Jonas also got “DeathDestruction” that ALSO has evolved and became more and more serious during the years and now they even recorded a debut album and naturally it felt fresh and reviving for them to enter something new and unexplored as opposed to Evergrey where they more or less experienced the same things over and over.

It is VERY important for us to tell you that we are still great friends and most likely always will be since we have shared 10 years of our lives and dedicated it to the progress and evolvement of Evergrey. The friendship is what we value the most and nothing could be more important than that, at least for the four of us.

So please take some time to digest and understand. That is what we have done and I am glad to say that all of us are happier than in a long time. This is something I think you can feel when watching the video version of the statement.

TO WATCH IT ==> http://www.Evergrey.net

BUT that is not the end of it. Jari ALSO decided to leave the band, and the reason was that he would rather play with a band called “Killing machine” as they could offer him a salary we couldn’t and that was the sole reason of his decision. We were REALLY sad to see Jari leave as he is a tremendous bass-player and person.

I know what you all are thinking… ENOUGH WITH depressing news.

So to something brighter:
With all these new situations we were facing, me and Rikard had to sit down to think. First thought was of course “Fuck this… let’s get a day job” but after a couple of weeks of contemplating and silence we realized something:

Should we quit what we are doing, something that we still love as much as ten years ago, if not more, because of someone else disappearing, I mean it’s not like it’s the first time it happens and it never made Evergrey stagnate or lose its edge, quite the contrary.

So should we continue to make the music that we and YOU enjoy deeply?

As you understand we have chosen to continue.

We have a full album written and half-way recorded. Last recording/mixing day will be June 30th. And a release BEFORE or at the latest on the 14th of October is set. We will soon (as we use to) start feeding you snippets.

We ALSO have a European Tour coming up – starting NEXT SUNDAY in Hamburg. And to be able to do that tour we must have new members, and we do! So please be open-minded and welcome:

Marcus Jidell (Ex- Royal Hunt) on Guitars
Johan Niemann (ex-Therion, Mind’s Eye) on Bass
Hannes Van Dahl on Drums

So be sure to bring your CDs of the above mentioned bands to the shows to have them signed ;)

These are the guys we have been working hard with to rehearse the old songs and writing the new ones. And today was our last rehearsal for the tour and I must say it sounds great in a way I didn’t expect after such a short time. There is not a chance in HELL you will be disappointed in the performance of these guys.

So that’s why we do this tour… to bring and present the new guys to you and also at the same time get the chance to play the cities we didn’t do on the November tour of course.

As with ANY change, when you give it time you realize that it’s turned out for the better. So far in this EVER-LASTING changing of members in Evergrey, it’s always turned out great and brought fresh blood and motivation into the band, and the level of wanting to prove ourselves as a band is higher than EVER before.

We do have some other great news that surely will bring this band to another level but as of yet we are restricted to speak about it.

So don’t give up on us, you never have, and we love you for it!

2nd May 2010
16th May - D - Hamburg // Ballroom
17th May - PL - Warsaw // Progresja
18th May - PL - Krakow // Loch Ness
19th May - SK - Kosice // Colosseum Club
20th May - A - Wien // Escape Meatal Corner
21st May - I - Rome // Kollatino Club
22nd May - I - Rome // Greet & Meet with the fans
23rd May - I - Brescia // Olden Live Club
25th May - F - Lyon // Le Marche Gare
26th May - E - Bilbao // LaudioMetal
27th May - E - A Coruna // El Tunel
28th May - P - Benavente // Side B
29th May - E - Albacete // Gientarock Festival 2010 (Evergrey Headliner)
30th May - E - Madrid // Sala Live
31st May - E - Barcelona // Salamandra
2nd June - NL - Zoetermeer // Boerderij
3rd June - NL - Weert // Bousil

**FESTIVALS 2010**
25th June - B - Dessel // Graspop Festival (Main Stage)
3rd July - T - Istanbul - Unirock Festival

30th April 2010
Latest Evergrey news

Hey friends..

As promised there will be a whole lot of news coming your way in the coming weeks and days.

We have and still are undergoing some BIG changes in Evergrey at the moment. This involves everything you can possibly imagine, and can’t imagine. BUT we are also very determined and focused on making the best album we have ever accomplished! We have NEVER spent so much time on detail as we are doing on this album. Everything from sounds to song-structures is under the magnifying glass and nothing will be left to chance.

Purely business related we are also undergoing changes, both big and small and the only thing we can and are allowed to say right now is that being us is very exciting for the moment :)

Of course you will all be informed about this as soon as we know for certain that the plans are going to take place.

BUT we DO have some new tour-dates as well as quite a few to still be added on other continents than Europe so for our fans outside of Europe don’t give up hope we will try to please everyone as soon as possible, probably sooner than you think :)

And for our Euro fans, be sure you get tickets for these shows as they will be something none of you have seen from Evergrey before. Hmmmm what else might there be to tell...?

Yeah, back to the album! 11 songs are written and we will keep on writing and recording as long as time allows us. We are very pleased with the result and the direction we are heading right now. Maybe there is bit more weight put on melody and the orchestration of some songs. As said before, the sounds have become VERY important for us, every song has its own unique trademark as far as the sounds go. There are short songs (meaning 3 – 3.30 minutes) There are long songs (meaning up to 6.40) for the moment. There are slow, heavy, fast and atmospheric songs and of course most important of all - it sounds more Evergrey than ever!

So please stay tuned, visit our pages to catch the latest news and we will be there to serve them.

Thanks for sticking by us!
“The band”

3/7/2014 7:09:34 PM
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