Peacefield is therapeutic for them and their audiences. They recently released an EP entitled “Feeling Dull” which follows their two albums - their debut CD “Narragansett” and their second effort “Curses And Calamity.” Their song “Warmer Side Of The Street” was featured in the major motion picture Kingpin, and their track “Little Mistress” was featured in the PBS documentary The Class of 2000. The band is making plenty of friends on their myspace site. Peacefield will be supporting their EP with a tour and hopefully finding the light they have been working towards.

Anthem 27

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
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Sometimes, something as solemn as death can be an enormous impetus to creativity. In the case of the brothers, Jeff and Don Glatz.

It's what brought them back together. The 1991 death of their father drew the brothers home to Pittsburgh, PA from across the country and led them to form an alternative music band. Peacefield's first CD release, ""Narragansett"" was released by Green Sun Records. The brothers named the album after the Narragansett Indians, who were driven from their Rhode Island homeland by colonists in the1670's. Singer/songwriter and guitarist Jeff was living in New York City, and singer/songwriter and guitarist Don was spending time in Austin, TX when their father passed away. ""Our fathers death had a big impact on our first release."" The Glatz brothers shared a great affection for Narragansett, RI, and in American Indian Lore. The ""In Pittsburgh Paper"" wrote ""Narragansett is a strong contender for national attention, destined to be a indie classic.""

Out and About magazine wrote ""Well produced, good songwriting, Toad the Wet Sprocket meets R.E.M. Moody vocals, layered acoustic guitars and mandolins put the icing on the cake. Narragansett is a major winner."" The song ""Circle Spin"" from Narragansett was chosen for Guide Wire Radio which highlights bands nationwide on a weekly basis.

Peacefield's follow up CD ""Curse's & Calamity"" was produced by Greg Joseph from the band The Clarks. The CD was released on King Mouse Records. The song ""Warmer Side of the Street"" was chosen for the movie Kingpin, starring Woody Harrelson and Bill Murray. The song ""Little Mistress"" was chosen for the PBS documentary The Class of 2000. ""Peacefield sounds like the unlikely offspring of an unthinkable and impossible sexual liason between Michael Stipe and Neil Young"" is what the Rock & Roll Reporter wrote.

Jamestown New York said ""Peacefield's dramatic, socially conscious music is attracting ardent fans where ever they go!"". After touring for over 10 years the band decided to take a break from touring and focus on writing. The band has shared the stage with such artists as the 10,000 Maniacs and Goo Goo Dolls. The band recorded a cover song of U2's ""Running to Stand Still"" which was put on the site for a listen.


Peacefield's newest release, ""Feeling Dull"" amalgamates an Appalachian tinged bluegrass spontaneity with the polished country flow of Nashville and the MOR maturity brushed in by the production teams of California and New York. Maybe what is most laudable about Peacefield is that the music is so well written and produced that it has the makings of anything that comes out of the major league recording studios.

These are tunes that are in league with commercial steadfast artists like Peter Cetera and Five For Fighting, but the only team working on these songs are the five band members of Peacefield:

Don Glatz (vocals, guitars, mandolin, harmonica), his brother Jeffrey Glatz (vocals, guitars, harmonica, percussion), Jesse Cravens (bass, backup vocals), R. Bruce Phillips (keys and organ) and Brent Martin (drums, percussion, backup vocals).

As Peacefield, these five musicians blend acoustic and electric sounds with the precision of veteran songwriters and producers. The band has been touring together for over ten years, which is a long time but seems short compared to the level of timing in their arrangements and the intricate embellishments, which give their songs moments of stimulus.

The guitar solo for “My Shoes” is tightly knitted and displays chord movements, which are complex and melodically quilted. The subtle touches of pop/folk moods and melodic build ups have a likeness to Steve Wariner and Pat Green. The vocals have a spontaneity that establishes a rhythm with the instrument pours as Glatz sings;

“Step in my shoes feel what it's like to be me
Forgive my sins within
Open your hearts and let me breath.” - My Shoes

The songs sing about everyday situations that relationships find themselves deadlock in. The verses try to work through the impasses hopefully to where the light is. There is a positive hue in the songs that keeps them in the MOR (middle of the road) sector.

The tune “See Her Tomorrow” is an acoustic folk number with layers of guitars, piano, and percussion, which have a slow downed tempo of Reckless Kelly. The downy textures on “Sometime Soon” provide echoing guitars along a steady reclining beat and elevating vocals embellished with piano pop-ups. The song has gorgeous melodic tones and a comfy mood like sitting by a hearth watching the embers burn as you re-live what's troubling you in your mind.
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