Hello! I am David Brinkman, a singer/songwriter and poet, based in Aberdeen, Scotland. I write love songs in different genres, tribute songs, and songs to make people think about important issues.

I am releasing my new debut, 14 track Cd album, “From My Pen”, SMR 0003, 2008, on my own record label, Silver Mile Records, and have been distributing it myself to many retail outlets around Scotland. I have sent copies out to all the radio stations in Scotland, as well as local and National Newspapers for review.

Here is a statement from Niall Mathewson, musician/engineer/producer about my work. “David’s album is an eclectic mix of ideas that he has been collecting and honing over a period of years. It features an interesting dynamic range of material from the lush string arrangement of “Love is a Game” or the more electronic feel of “Cindy Clark” to the more acoustic mood of “In Time” and “Our Princess”.

He also manages to inject a good helping of blues with “If You’re Without a Woman”, the happy sounding “Queen Bee”, and the thought provoking “Serving Time”. There’s even some jazz on offer with the Smokey sounding “Another Lover”. A few of the songs fall into no particular category, but are just good pop songs such as “Someone Like Me”, ""Here Without You"", “Walk Away”, and “A Tall Ship” or“Mayday Fair” and “Jojo’s Café in Paree”. I hope that you will find, like me, it has something for just about anybody”.

As a youngster, I loved singing, and had a good soprano voice. I started trying to write songs at the age of twelve. At seventeen, I wrote “Queen Bee”, and became interested in writing poetry. Since 1996, I have co-written thirteen new children’s songs aimed at the Primary Schools market. My new content management web site, with a shop, nears completion. I am still progressing a presence on http://www.myspace.com/davidbrinkmanmusic.

Over the coming weeks I shall be promoting my new web site on the internet, both here in the UK, and abroad. I am looking into the possibility of a video of us performing the song, “A Tall Ship”, which tells of a homesick Scotsman working his passage home from the South China Seas, and the lyrics tell us of his feelings for his people and his country.

Love is a Game"
Love song

h h

A Tall Ship
Sea song

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My debut cd ""From My Pen"", SMR 003 was released on the 1st of July 2008 and is currently available online at my website and retail outlets throughout Scotland.
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