“Innocent Demons” band is mainly a unique and creative encounter and coexistence of two people.
29 years old Kostas, the violin player and 43 years old Thanos the guitarist.
Full names, Kostas Lolos and Thanos Kleopas.

They have met each other in 2002 and that was a turning point for their relationship with music. Being together has lead to a mutual music language and a form of expression of an individual style.

Thanos endlessly creates on the cords of his guitar melodies and tunes that meet the violin of Kostas and together they extend music to the deepest borders of feelings and emotions.

They stand out on many aspects.

The band’s name fully represents the way they feel the music and the way they play music.

Kostas, the violin player is a unique style performer. His violin is a real phenomenon for the vivid, forceful, expressive, elegant, sensitive and emotive, breath catching playing and the way he improvises and composes penetrating senses and sentiments. He is playing his violin in a different totally unconventional way.

Thanos the guitarist and singer, sings in a non existing language, a language of his own deeper feelings. What you hear is only vocals, but they so much resemble a language you can swear it really is one.
(They also have songs with lyrics in Greek)
Thanos melodies are blowing like a wind, each time from another world of this universe, carrying with them the flavor and the “feeling” of distant places. Places he must have visited with his soul.

Together they create and introduce a new sound, so different that it is impossible to classify. So their music has got a new name “ Aether music”

They can perform just the two of them and they can charm any audience with their rich and exuberant music expression. In fact it is amazing how much “volume” there can be in only two musical instruments.

And they also perform on a more extended scheme with a group of musicians they cooperate with.
They are all selected for the individual style of their performing and the qualities of their art.
They can form a 4 to 5 people band or a 7 people band, depending on the venue size or the individual style and the needs of each performing.

The members of the musicians group are of different nationalities. There are Cubans, Africans, Americans and Greeks. All together they form one of the most dynamic and individual bands ever.

The Creation Game
Aether Music

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Aether Music

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Innocent Demons start on september 2008 a tour in all Europe.
pretty darn good

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Innocent Demons