MICHAEL PALMIERI is a noted composer of modern classical music with hundreds of original compositions to his credit.

Mr. Palmieri's composing ability and know-how have been enhanced by his experiences teaching courses in keyboard harmony and ear training in the music theory department at Penn State University, teaching as an independent music instructor since 1976 and administrating and concertizing for a major piano manufacturer.

Influenced by his classical music and piano training, which includes an M.A. degree in music, his years of performance as a professional musician and his composing, arranging and improvising abilities he has, as news articles put it, ""developed his own musical language and style.""

Since 1981 he has regularly presented concerts displaying the achievements of his pupils at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York. This annual event has been listed in The New York Times, New York Magazine and other major newspapers.

Michael Palmieri has created numerous pieces for major performers. Both the Baltimore Symphony and the San Antonio Symphony Orchestras played an arrangement written by him. A String Quartet was performed by the Allard Quartet. His music has been choreographed and performed at The University of California. ""Music for Clarinet and Piano"" was played by prize-winning musicians at music festivals and competitions. Four scores for brass quintet are played by as many as thirty ensembles worldwide. The Electric Alligator Ensemble, an electronic keyboard ensemble, presents performances of his original electronic music.

Mr. Palmieri has written many ""Piano Pieces"" for his own and other professional performances and is the author of ""Student Piano Pieces"", an ever-growing collection of music written for and performed by his pupils.

Mr. Palmieri orchestrates music for live performances and produces instrumental midi/audio tracks for professional recordings.

He has written and performed background arrangements for singers, string arrangements for rock band, a symphonic accompaniment of a patriotic song recorded with chorus, a project sponsored by the government of Norway, and has been commissioned to write original music and arrangements for innumerable performers.

For over 30 years, Michael Palmieri's technique, reading ability, improvisations, arranging and compositional skills, as well as his adaptability to each very different musical situation, increased his reputation as a top freelance musician. In addition to solo performances, he has played with virtuoso musicians and singers including major show business figures. His responsibilities have encompassed classical, ethnic, popular, Broadway, jazz, and rock music. Mr. Palmieri has discontinued freelance performing concentrating his energies on creating new musical compositions and training musicians.

Fantasy 1996 Movement 4

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Tango Fantasy

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tom lee

9/14/2008 3:33:38 PM
hi larry i love some classical music. your prescence here is reassuring.



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The Students of Michael Palmieri
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