Manchester's The Mekkits play gloriously sunny ska-tinged surfy/folky pop music! Singing songs of the sea, the city, the countryside, animals, love, life and special people, The Mekkits are a must see live act, a party band, bringing the sunshine to everything in their path. Three voice harmonies, earthy acoustic guitar, and a double dose of keys and brass characterise their unusual and un-Mancunian sound.

Mark Bristol sings and plays acoustic guitar. James Chambers sings and plays guitar, keys and trumpet. Adam Costello bangs the drums. Richard Sims sings and plays guitar, keys and trombone. David Smith plays bass.

Holiday Song
Some reviews: “…The bass line drives up and down the song in a counter wave with the plinking lead guitar to create a fluid and buoyant song that is both uplifting and bright. Combine this with the harmonious warbling in the main body of the song and you emerge with an excellent summery track. There has never been a song written about such a cold subject (a ski trip) that feels so warm…Pure eccentric genius” “It’s grim up North. Or is it? Manchester lads, The Mekkits! write music that makes

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The Animals Left The Zoo
Animals leaving a zoo...

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Manchester United Kingdom
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July 2008.

We've had fun doing a tour of Holland, being on the telly and playing at Wakestock festival so far this summer.
At the moment we are intermittently locking ourselves away in Studio Los Mekkitos recording songs for what should become our first album.
We will be doing a handful of gigs over the coming weeks so be sure to come down and catch us at one. You will not regret!
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The Mekkits