On behalf of Robert and Charles Peacefull, we would like to welcome you to this page. Originally from The Isle of Man, the brothers began writing songs as ""Quarter-Pounder"" in the Summer of 2005. This was in part as a recovery aid for Robert, whose long struggle with manic-depression had led to a period of hospitalisation following a recent suicide attempt. For Charles, once described as ""an unpleasant fist fighter"", it not only provided the opportunity to rekindle the creative partnership he had enjoyed with his brother in the 90s, when they perfomed together in The Gifts, but also to reconcile some of the differences that led to their well documented and acrimonious split. Those of you familiar with the ""Quarter-Pounder"" story will appreciate that for different reasons, neither Robert nor Charles can be contacted directly at the present time. However, we hope to bring you some news of their situation and of new material which we understand to be forthcoming. We will also endeavour to pass on any messages you may have to them. Thankyou.

a black eye for christmas

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
h h

The Beach Under My Heart

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
h h

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Please go to www.quarter-pounder.co.uk for more information
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