Well, Stiff Trixy is an old band with new soul. Not necessarily an old band, considering they are all still minors. They were previously known as Turning Point, but due to the fact that there are hundreds of bands named Turning Point they changed their name. Plus Stiff Trixy just sounds cool. Turning Point had a good run, and they learned a lot. Stiff Trixy has all the same members, except the drummer and the singer. Now the lead guitarist, Josh, is the lead singer, and Connor Pickle is now the drummer. Connor was actually Turning Point's original drummer. Turning Point just got back from a tour in Costa Rica, was placed on the Grammy list this year (Thanks to Al Gomes @ Big Noise), went on a national tour with Adema, and played with Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Shadows Fall, and Queensryche at Locobazooka in Boston, Massachusetts. Josh has been on two international tours including a tour of Southeast Asia last year with a band from Dallas called Strangleweed and the tour in Costa Rica with Turning Point. This band does not lack experience or excitement. The members are Josh Allen (20)-Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar, Jason Sharpless (19)-Guitar/Backing Vocals, Jay McKee (20)-Bass/Backing Vocals, Connor Pickle (19)-Drums/Percussion. It's a shame that Turning Point had to end, but the changes have been made for the good, and Stiff Trixy is excited and ready to continue this saga.

We can't wait to get our debut album recorded so that all of you guys can hear it. It will be released by Second City Records out of Chicago. We just signed with those guys. (www.scrchicago.com) The album will be released and distributed worldwide by Second City and Sonicwave International. I hope that you all love it.


Josh Allen-Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals/Keyboards
Connor Pickle-Drums/Keyboards
Jay Mckee-Bass/Vocals
Jason Sharpless-Guitar/Vocals

The Pirate

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Get Outta My Bed

h h

Vultures of Time

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We are almost through with our debut album with Second City Records and SonicWave International; a release date has not been set yet.

The release of our album will launch a national tour.

We are on Musician's Atlas' Artist Spotlight Roster.
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Stiff Trixy