Michael Behm is a recording artist that defies convention which is quite rare in the cookie cutter world of original music today. In an effort to stand out from the crowd an artist needs to embrace his inner voice to maintain credibility amongst his loyal fans. To this end the good times are rolling for Michael Behm as a few short months after releasing “Saving America,” the first single off his forthcoming album of the same name really impacted to a broad spectrum audience. One major cause of celebration for the singer-songwriter and concerned citizen: Barak Obama has been elected to the White House and Americans have begun the job of saving their own bacon following eight years of the Bush presidency.

On a personal level, Behm is absolutely pumped over the response to the meticulously crafted “Saving America” – a stirring, guitar-fuelled call for change, renewed optimism and fresh hope from a Canadian to his friends and neighbours south of the border.

Positive reviews, on-line streaming via services like Australia’s mp3.com and reaching #2 on Reverb Nation, and now a rush of adds from U.S. community radio stations are building momentum for a melodic original bristling with memorable hooks and a historic sample from one of John F. Kennedy landmark speeches.

Radio promotion by Plug Music in Canada and the Sutton Music Group in the U.S. has produced spins. The latest reports reveal that stations in St. Louis, Olympia and Tucson, among others, are playing the song. GK Radio Europe has also added Behm’s music in recent weeks. The artist has tasted success over the years as a solo act and band leader, most recently with the 2007 single “The Art of Letting Go.”

Working in his state-of-the-art home studio on Vancouver Island off Canada’s west coast, Behm sang, played guitar, produced and handled the multi-tracked instrumentation on the Saving America album. The drummer for the sessions was Pat Steward (The New Odds, Bryan Adams).

“Saving America” was mixed in Vancouver by Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Elvis Costello, Metallica, Sam Roberts) and mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Los Angeles by the legendary Brian “Big Bass” Gardner. The latter has put the final touch on classics by Blondie, the Beastie Boys, Black Eyed Peas and Blink 182, and that’s just a few of the Bs on an awe-inspiring list of A to Z credits.

Other irons are burning bright for Behm this year. His U.S. publisher’s Rumblefish, Scorekeeper and Defacto Music are actively promoting and exposing his deep catalogue of song titles in America. His bluesy original “Take Me Down to the River” is now the theme for Campbell River, B.C. adult contemporary radio station 99.7 The River. And Vancouver’s Rock 101 has selected a Behm original as the theme for the Bro Jake Show, the popular morning show hosted by Canadian DJ legend Jake Edwards. Michael is finishing up a new track for and up and coming animated Disney movie entitled, “Not Another Fairytale” while producing projects for Astral Records and DEAD Famous International in Australia.

If I Could Learn To Fly
Here is a classy pop song with a choppy brit pop feel to it. A well structured tune with loads of cool dynamics in the arrangement and vocally delivered with real conviction. A strong hooky chorus with some nice harmony work coupled with a well balanced production. A radio hit by all accounts.

h h

Saving America
An introspective tune that turns the recent presidential election and its candidate into some form of saving grace. The song power along with purpose and precision and the chorus refrain is something that the listener can't shake for days...and that is always a good sign of crossover potential and commercial success. You be the judge.

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I am pleased to announce that I will be releasing a (3) Track Maxi single, ""if I could learn to fly"" on the DEAD Famous records label with MGM Distribution on August 14th 2009. To coincide with this I am running a commercial radio campaign with SBMP and D Star to stimulate interest in the single. I will also be running a national competition to support the release by giving away (4) Fender Squire guitars to also promote the fact that my upcoming album, ""saving america"" should be released in October 2009 in time for the pre holiday push. Stay tuned for more details as there will be constant updates on all my websites.
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