After a long absence from Country music, Doug has now returned with an album called MY LIFE ~ MY MUSIC. Doug is originally from the Adirondack's and began to sing when he was very young. Little by little he built his self confidence. He tried singing for friends at first, then he began to join or start small bands. He played whenever and where ever he could. Soon he found like minded musicians and began his trek. He chose traditional country music as his own. He was found by a club owner that made him an offer. "If you write the song... I'll pay for the recording session." that was the challenge. Doug quickly accepted and he was on his way! There was no stopping him after that! A few years later, he made his way to Los Angeles, and Paramount Records. In 1975, he moved to Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Then he decided that Nashville is where he should be.
In 1985, a short time after retuning from a Nashville engagement, to his home in Florida, Doug was involved in a serious accident. He had serious injuries and had to retire from performing and face years of surgery. His son was born just two months after his accident. He then made a choice to devote as much time as he could to his son. When his son was ten months old, his mother walked out! This left only the two of them to go on. Doug and his son, Eric.
Twenty years later, in October, 2005, Eric was killed while riding in a car with a friend. Doug was totally alone and depressed. The only thing he could turn to was his music. He wrote for two years, everyday, fourteen hours a day. When he finished, he called Larry Rogers in Nashville. Then he went to Nashville and at STUDIO 19, he recorded his music. His album is dedicated to his beloved son Eric.

Just You Wait And See
Straight forward country song dealing with a memory of a lost love.

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After a long absence, due to injuries suffered in an accident in 1985, Doug has now returned with some new music.
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