Tripp Smythe has been protesting the Establishment in the form of rebellious rock n roll since he first picked up a guitar.
Now in 2011, he has rekindled his activism in the streets attending anti-war, anti-big oil/coal/nuclear protests, as well as playing and writing songs to help WAKE UP the world.
Very socially and politically aware to say the least.
Over the years, Smythe has written and recorded many songs, all ahead of their time, and politically charged.
*Some may be heard here.
Smythe's been in many bands and projects, playing with those as passionate as he is.
He's been blessed to have shared the stage with many great musicians and stars such as: Ray Manzarek, Johnny Winter, Alice in Chains, and The B-52's, just to mention a few.
Smythe acts as the people's advocate singing about the injustices and atrocities at home and around the world, exposing the truth.
He is not afraid to tell it like it is.
Very diverse in style and sound from one track to the next, DJ friendly, but never "commercial".
Smythe demonstrates a rare talent and understanding of the Gift of Music.
A true artist, who has mastered his craft, and proves it by bridging generational and political bridges.
All the cool kids love this stuff!
One thing is for sure, this is fresh rock n roll designed to make one think, and take action!
The new album is in the works, as well as the live act. Stay tuned for dates and tours in your area.
And as Smythe would say, "REVOLUTION NOW!"

Written about the people that need to wake up

Hard Rock
h h

The Battleground is America
Smythe with the anthem for the revolution.

Heavy Melodic Hard Rock
h h

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