For the release of their first cd ""Coma"", which contains 11 original tracks, the band collaborated with Colin Edwin (""Porcupine Tree"") who played the bass in ""In front of you"" and ""Side C"". The CD has been mixed by Francesco Cameli at Sphere Stuios in London, and mastered by John Davis at Metropolis Group in London.

- Street Voice UK
- Coma: Wow! That's all I've got to say about this album from Italian quartet 'Sunday Recovery'. These guys certainly know how to rock out in style. I'm in awe. A splendid album which also see's Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree) playing bass on a number of tracks. There's definitely something very cool about this album. In fact it's been such a good listen I actually forgot to review it...! The opening track 'Private Joke' is a killer on an opener if you think that couldn't get any better then give the title track 'Coma' a listen along with 'Young Blood', 'Press Play On Tape', 'Pornstar' and 'Lost And Gone'. This is hard hitting rock music at its best filled with great tunes and originality. The production is amazing as is the packaging! That's all I need to say! 9.5/10

- Vanguard Online
Sunday Recovery deliver so much more with Coma and it’s a definite recommendation for all those people who expect a little more intelligence mixed into their music.Simon Mulholland

- The
...And there is absolutely no reason why the world should not be theirs. They've got the slow-fast-slow-here comes the bridge - swell to an epic finish template down pat, and there are more than enough Radioheady bits to keep the serious rock press happy while the girls get weepy and the lads get beery. If they make a windswept video for 'Lost And Gone', and get some serious MTV Rocks / Q video plays, then it should easily be a chart breaker for them.The rocker

Private Joke

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