Vadiamo is a Russian singer and song-writer, born on 25 September 1987 in Omsk city located in Siberia, Russia.
Around 13 years old influenced by such bands as “Modern Talking” and “Savage Garden” Vadiamo took an interest
in learning English language and composing his own songs (first in Russian and later on in English).
At the age of 16 Vadiamo entered Omsk State University where he studied at the Foreign Languages Department
with French as a second language. Later Vadiamo learnt Spanish and Italian on his own.
First serious success was the track “Looking For Love” (2012), followed by pop dance hits “Radio Love”,
“The Distance”, “Don’t Wanna Fight For Love” and “Without Your Love” in 2013. These songs are played by many
Internet radios all around Europe and North and South America.
In 2014 Vadiamo released the official album on iTunes worldwide in 128 countries.
Vadiamo is a vegetarian. He leads a healthy lifestyle and promotes ideas of humanism, pacifism and cosmopolitanism.

The Distance

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Nuestro Verano

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Without Your Love

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Love Or Hate

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