Verena Serene is a instrumental rock/metal band from The Rio Grande Valley, Texas. Verena Serene keeps the instrumental machine rolling with heavy riffs to ambient pieces.
Formed in Summer of 2011 by Joe Ybarra (eyes shut), the band would soon release a 4 song demo titled VS '11 that would soon establish the name. Now with EP's, Singles and LP's into it, they still continue on their Journey to create music for the imagination. The band now consists of Joe Ybarra (guitars), Diana ""Dee"" De Hoyos (bass), and Sergio Olivares (drums).

Perilous Envy

alternative melodic metal
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Breathing In Clarity
Taken from the 2017 album Navigate available at

Hard Alternative
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Taken from the 2013 recording Transverse available at

Hard Alternative
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Tomorrow Another Day
Taken from the 2015 single Perilous Envy available at www.verena

Hard Alternative
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Verena Serene