Alyssa discovered her passion for music as a child growing up in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Learning both piano and organ at an early age, she soon discovered her passion of singing. At the age of seven she began to study classical voice and continued her studies throughout high school. It was then that she also began to play guitar and soon found a great sense of self-expression from playing, singing and songwriting. In 2010 she obtained her Bachelor of Music Performance from the University of Regina.

After completing her degree she moved to Toronto, Ontario to further peruse her musical career. She continued her classical musical studies while auditioning, performing in various operas and choirs and participating in many festivals, master classes and workshops.

Alyssa has always had a great interest in music composition and songwriting. In the beginning of 2015 she decided to better connect with this creative side of herself. In August of 2015 she released her debut album, Home. Alyssa currently resides in Toronto and continues to perform at various venues and write.


Home is Alyssa's debut album featuring songs of love, longing and missing the things dearest to one's heart. Home was created while Alyssa spent the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 in her home town of Regina Beach, Saskatchewan. It was this reconnection to home, family, nature and the Saskatchewan prairies that provided the main source of inspiration for this album.

Alyssa's music is influenced by a range of musical styles from pop/folk to classical. Drawing from a variety of artists and composers to create a sound which is embodied by sweeping melodic lines and lucid, sweet structures. Alyssa's voice is showcased on this album by a passionate and inspired vocal performance. Mixing her knowledge of classical training and pop/broadway belting to create a beautiful, smooth timbre which is all her own.

released August 11, 2015.

Visit to download the full album.

Cliché is the title track from Alyssa Woolhether's debut album Home.

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So Much More
from Home

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