The Art Of Passing time is a two piece band from Huntsville Alabama. The band consists of Jerome McDonald (vocals, guitar, bass, drums. synth) and Robby Owens (Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Organ). One of the core concepts of the band is to not limit themselves to just one genre of music, as singer Jerome McDonald puts it ""I think we would get really bored just playing one specific genre of music all the time. Part of what
makes it really exciting for us as a band is to be able to take all of out influences from different genres and meld it together into one cohesive thing. Our influences range from Johnny Cash to The Velvet Underground, to surf music, to EDM, and I think the music we make reflects that.""

The Art Of Passing time just released their debut EP ""So Many Mysteries"" in September 2015. The EP consists of 5 songs and clocks in at close to 20 minutes. When asked if there was any concept behind the album guitarist Robby Owens responded ""If I had to narrow it down to one concept I would say that this album is about rebirth, not in the Christians ""being reborn"" sense but more of a reinvention of yourself on a personal as well as a spiritual and artistic level.""

We Just Might Live Again
A song about escape, rebirth, and reinvention.

Alternative Modern Rock
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We just released our debut EP on September 22nd and are thrilled by the positive reception it is getting. We are in the process of booking a mini tour taking us through a few surrounding states, we will post dates as they are finalized!

We are also putting the final touches on songs for our next EP which we plan to have out by the end of the year.
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The Art Of Passing Time