""[Moo's] rock 'n' roll anchor is augmented by its unusual, halting time signature; it is groovy, bluesy and unstable all at once."" —Good Times

Mootheband is an alternative rock band from Los Angeles, CA. The project started in 2013, when singer/songwriter Casey Dayan won a $2,000 grant for writing and performing ""Mother"" under the moniker Moo. After winning, he was invited to play at a number of clubs and private events in the bay area.

Later that year, Dayan teamed up with Jesse Holsapple, whose experience playing funk and soul with former members of the Doobie Brothers brought a new, funky element to the project. Soon after, Jesse introduced Brendan McQueeney—who was studying with esteemed jazz drummer George Marsh—to the band, bringing diverse rhythmic interpretation.

During their time in Santa Cruz, Mootheband developed a unique style, blending storytelling and progressive rock into something you think you've heard before but haven't.

Recently—after all but exhausting the music scene in Santa Cruz—Mootheband found themselves in Los Angeles, which they found to be much bigger and smellier and hotter than expected. They are currently trying to write and perform in a large soup of other people trying to write and perform.

Stage Between Stage
This is a song about having recently moved to Los Angeles as a band.

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