RMXS is a modern alternative rock band from Sunderland, North East England.

RMXS was created in December 2014 by college friends Michael Sayers, David Barrow and Calum Wilson, who decided to create a band after discovering each others shared love of the same music (and a shared fan boy like appreciation of the band Rush). When they discovered they held the ability to write songs, then the most of the pieces had fell in place. Except for one. They were missing the all important vocals that are needed to make any band complete. After finding it difficult to find a vocalist, they discovered fellow college mate Dean Herron had just what the band needed; a unique voice and the ability to provide second guitar to bring the sound to another level.

After several months doing nothing but writing songs and practising as much as possible, the band is now ready to show their original and unique sound, which is a mixture of alternative rock, indie, grunge and a range of other influences, to the world.

A song off RMXS' upcoming EP Broken.Fixed.Pending

Alternative Modern Rock
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