Brazilian Lukas Gadelha started writing songs at the age of 10. Because he lived in England as a child, and his influences were mainly English singers like Stevie Wonder, James Taylor and Tracy Chapman, the lyrics were in English, not Portuguese. Eventually he learned to play guitar and started recording 4-track demos with voice and guitar. When he was 17 he started playing at some festivals in his home town of São José dos Campos, a small Brazilian city.
At age 21 Lukas moved to the largest city in Brazil, São Paulo, where he began recording more complex tracks with a full band. He mixed and mastered the album ''Unknown'' and finally at age 28, he recorded and released a professional album of 10 songs, ''What Are You Waiting For?'' The songs were about love, life, loneliness and the future. Gadelha says of this record, ""these ten songs are also a record of me, my fear of fading into the streets of a big city like São Paulo''. The online magazine Jamsphere said of What Are You Waiting For? “Gadelha’s acoustic melodies include smooth ballads and quicker rhythms with calm, soulful vibes’’, and “he brings a new and wonderfully fresh style to contemporary folk-influenced music”. In 2014 Lukas moved to Vancouver to study Digital Music Production at Langara College. He started to experiment with a more electronic approach, blending folk-acoustic songs with electronic beats and synths. Today, Lukas Gadelha is working on a new album utilizing this new concept with songs about missing his home country of Brazil and the challenges of a new life.


Folk Rock
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