Michael Ferentino’s eclectic musical odyssey began in 1988 with the experimental goth/glam rock outfit, DOG. Along with co-collaborator Andres Karu (former drummer/producer for UK rock band the Wonder Stuff) and a host of visual artists/characters, DOG helped define New York City’s 90s industrial goth scene. Their shows were a combination of sex-drenched imagery and dark, pulsating machine-driven glam rock replete with elaborate lighting and stage effects

By the mid-90s, DOG quickly evolved into the 3-piece progressive/space rock band Love in Reverse, signed with Warner/Reprise, recorded three critically acclaimed albums (2 with legendary producer Russ Titelmann), and toured with the likes of Gravity Kills, Stabbing Westward, Republica, and the Cult’s Ian Astbury. Finally fed up with the bullshit surrounding the world of major label bureaucracy, Love in Reverse disbanded and evolved once more into the Amazing Meet Project, a band which has been described by Matt Pinfield as “putting the alternative in alternative rock!"" During this period, Ferentino and Karu scored the Kevin Smith produced thriller “A Better Place,” a realistically violent film that has become an underground cult classic.

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Faith Healer/DOG

Alternative Post-Modern Rock
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Plastic Jesus

Alternative Post-Modern Rock
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Get Off My God

Alternative Post-Modern Rock
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Love in Reverse has just released a massive collection of the DOG years (1988-1995) on Bandcamp, including 9 individual volumes and one 10 volume box set, representing the mad diversity of influences and genres that led to the band's devout cult following of the early 90's and eventually to their major management deal with Crazed Mngmt founders, Jon and Marsha Zazula (Ministry, Metallica, Anthrax) and their subsequent major record deal with Warner/Reprise.

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Love in Reverse