Moss Agate was started in 2002 by songwriter/guitarist Bob Lyon. Members include Joel House on drums, Mike Loos on guitar, and Ed Hamblin on bass. Currently in the studio working on fourth full length album. If you love Blues, Boogie, and flat out Rock & Roll, you'll love Moss Agate!!

Boogie Street
Classic style Rock and Roll, upbeat, and dance-able.

Classic and Progressive Rock
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Pocket Full Of Blues
Upbeat Blues based tune with a touch of dance-able jazz mixed in

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Down The Road I Go
A Delta style blues song about life and aging.

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Sometimes You'd Rather Forget
Melodic, clean vocals driven by guitars and a "bloozy" sax.

Melodic Rock
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4/10/2016 10:53:53 AM
I really Like Down the Road I Go.....Great vocals and some nice slinky pickin!



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