M. Maggie is a Poet and Songwriter based in NYC // LA.

Growing up around New Orleans influenced a mix of Soul, Blues and Jazz that is undeniably incorporated in each piece she writes.

From playful Pop to vibey RnB and Neo soul, M Maggie brings catchy, conscious-driven lyrics with an energy that is sure to ignite your soul.

Lead singer of the Soul-Pop band MARYMAC

Did it For U (Prod. Lucian)
Did it for U is that Christ complex; about taking that next step in a relationship. Putting everything on the table and admitting that there will be problems but promising to stick through the pain/struggle so you can reach paradise.

R&B, Hip-Hop
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Good NEWS!

March-May I am giving you More M.!!

More.Music // More.Media // More.Maggie

Not only will I be releasing a New Music Video each month from the Vienna Genesis EP, I will also be releasing New Remixes, New Features, New Interviews, New Live Shows and even sharing a Live From Center Stage performance Cape Cod April 27th.

All of this is in preparation for my Re:Mixtape expected this summer, with new music dropping @ this years Electric Forest Music Festival.

So get ready for some MORE.Maggie !
Coming soon!!
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M. Maggie