Hailing from the colourful city of New Delhi, India, Rivita is a 20-something singer/songwriter practicing her art in the city of London. She has been making waves in the underground music scene in U.K. over the past couple of years having performed at numerous prestigious venues including O2 Islington, Westfield London and many more. Ever since Rivita was a little girl, she has been fascinated by music. At the tender age of 5 she became a part of her school's choir and performed regularly various events and functions. As a teenager, Rivita picked up the guitar and there was no looking back. Her love for music brought her to London where she was offered a place to study at the prestigious British and Irish Institute of Modern Music (previously known as Tech Music School, London). Studying under the guidance of the world class faculty of BIMM, London was a holistic experience for Rivita. Here she thrived as a musician and found her own sound and embarked upon a musical journey of being a singer/songwriter. This is where she first formed her band and started performing in and around London and meeting wonderful people along the way.

During the course, Rivita not only grew as a performer but also as a music composer and producer. After graduating from BIMM, London her impecable intuition toward composing for Film and Television led her to pursue a Master's degree in Composing for Film and Television at the reputable Kingston University. Being the youngest individual on the course, she faced many exciting challenges and excelled at them. Being professionally conversant with softwares such as Logic X, Sibelius and Pro tools, Rivita quickly gathered many skills that could benefit her career as a Singer/Songwriter, Composer, Producer and a Music Educator.

In the last 4 years, Rivita has been actively involved in Ethnic music and has performed with Brazilian percussion group BLOCO LCM and Paraiso School of Samba at events such as Notting Hill Carnival 2015, Pride London 2015 and many more. She went onto study World Music during her Bachelors degree at BIMM and eventually did a research project on ""Ethnomusicology in Film Scoring"" for her Master's degree. Her enthusiasm for World Music and percussion adds a unique streak to her music. Listeners often hear hints of her Eastern roots in her music. Taking inspiration from her research into Ethnic music and her background in Popular Music, her music blends in various cultures, thoughts and sounds,

Beware of Rivita's catchy hooks while listening to her music, they might get stuck in your head and stay there forever! Her songwriting skills have won her the semi-finalist position in the UK Songwriting Contest 2014 for her song Fly Away. While Rivita has been practicing a Pop/Rock sound with a golden hint of East, her upcoming music is moving towards an Electronic sound and she can't wait to share it with the world!

Electro Fusion artist Rivita's new music video brings together people from all around the world in 3 short minutes to send a message of peace & unity.

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Silent Nights
Silent Nights is the summer of 2016 DIY anthem with the hook "Say it, Say it, Do it, Do it" this song is powerful, motivational and fun

Electronic Pop
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Rivita incorporates her ethnic background with her contemporary style in this beautiful composition

Alternative Pop Rock
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Fly Away
Fly Away is a song about strength that one gets from love in hard times, it is a song about escaping to a place where dreams really do come true

Alternative Pop Rock
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Rivita Releases Her Brand New Summer
Single – “Silent Nights”

Pop artist Rivita who has been making waves in
the unsigned music scene in U.K. and India is
headed to release her brand new single –
“Silent Nights” – on 10th of June 2016. Based
between London and New Delhi, Rivita is an
exciting upcoming act, who describes herself as
“Pop wrapped up in Eastern flavours”. Her new
single “Silent Nights” explores a brand new
electronic and sensual territory swaying away
from her usual “Pop/Rock”, making this release
much awaited and exciting.
Rivita is a solo-artist who believes in DIY –
something the lyrics of the song “Silent Nights”
convey well as the hook goes “Say it, Say it, Do
it, Do it”. Her colleagues often refer to her as a “one woman band”. Her influences include Pop artists and
female icons such as Kimbra, FEMME, Shakira and Rihanna. Her music comes with distinct Eastern sounds
incorporating her cultural background with catchy Pop music. The new release will be accompanied by an
eye-catching music video expressing her ethnic style.
Ever since her first release in 2014, Rivita has formed quite a fan base and is sought after for her unique
voice and style.
Silent Nights Available for pre-order on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/silent-nightssingle/
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