Recording artist Jonathan Burkett AKA John Blake has taken on the daunting task of launching his brand as an independent artist and he is doing so successfully.

Besides delivering great music for the people, John brings to the forefront of his empire a story that his fans not only accept and embrace but, also relate to. Jonathan Burkett does not just perform raps over popular hip hop beats, he has defined himself as “much more than simple entertainment.” Shifting his focus from the conventions of mainstream music, John delivers a style that is positive and vibrant. His relentless pursuit to design music that challenges the current state of both the indie circuit and commercial mega brands. The depth of his style rests within his personal journey which can be experienced through his productions.

Facing a potential life-threatening surgery in 2005, Jonathan Burkett set forth to triumph in the wake of trials and adversity. John Blake faced his obstacles head on, finding motivation through faith and later sharing that experience with others through music and other works. Although the rise to stardom is a feat in of itself, John does not give up pushing onward to achieve the success that he desires while still impacting the lives around him.

Jonathan Burkett is not just a rapper; his experience extends far beyond music. He is an author, poet, and lyricist. He is a published author who has received raving reviews from critics abroad. His book “Neglected but Undefeated: The Life of A Boy Who Never Knew A Mother’s Love” is a riveting autobiography about John’s painful childhood and his journey to find love and acceptance. His brand encompasses a broad vision that he graciously shares with his fans.

Pass That (feat. Troyton Rami)

Hip Hop/Rap
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