Independent artist from Virginia Beach by the name of Black Magick Floe sets the tone of his new album "Pivotal Moments" by releasing a mellow but grungy single entitled "Move That" produced by ADOTHEGOD. Floe is locally known as a diverse multi faceted artist with dimension switching from fast choppy lyrics to smooth vibe music that embraces nightlife. Working alongside KO of TTG, Black Magick Floe has also put together another album entitled TTG BORN and READY

Move That
produced by ADOTHEGOD

New School
h h

Change Me
Change Me feat Chris O'Bannon and DPow produced by Upper Division

New School
h h

Lovers Night
produced by dreamlifebeats

Alternative Soul
h h

Sum Time
track produced by This is trill beats off of next album Pivotal Moments 2.

Hip Hop/Soul
h h

End Of Days
slow temp mellow/anthem type track. listen in headphones for best experience @floeiam

Abstract Hip-Hop
h h

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Virginia Beach Virginia United States
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Black Magick Floe