An awarded Israeli composer in the field of Modern Classical music.

In The Park
Music - Yishai Knoll; Lyrics - Rafi Weichert; Vocal - Anna Spitz; Piano - Adi Rennert; Flute - Udi Wahrsager Recorded in Mitzlol Studios; Recording and Rough Mixing - Johnathan Barak, Video - Ziv Shor, Clip Editing - Varda Knoll-Yahalom

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Jazz Ballad
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There Will Always Be More Time
Music Yishai Knoll / Lyrics Rafi Weichert / Vocal Anna Spitz / Piano Adi Rennert / Recorded in Mitzlol Studios, With the sound engineer Kobi Farhi; Video Clip - Varda Knoll-Yahlom
Licensed Cover

Classical Jazz
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Road Composition Yishai Knoll Lyrics Moshe Yitzhaki
Licensed Cover

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PENELOPE For Singer and Strings Ensemble Composer: Yishai Knoll Lyrics: Ehud Dor Singer: Keren Avrashi Strings: Vienna Symphony Library Ensemble Recording: Bardo's Studios Mixing: Noam Gingold; LFO Studio
Licensed Cover

Vocal Jazz
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Sunset With Chopin
Published on Mar 6, 2016 Composition Yishai Knoll Lyrics Ehud Dor For Alto Singer, Piano, Bass, Brass with Alto Flute, Strings Ensemble Vocal Keren Avrashi Piano Adi Rennert Bass Eli Magen Winds VSL; Alto Flute, 2 French Horns, Trombone, Tuba, Strings Ensemble (Con Sordino) Recording Yuval Segal (Bardo’s Studios) Graphics Ehud Dor Translation Yael Levin
Licensed Cover

Jazz Vocal
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Yishai Knoll

6/25/2016 8:53:28 AM
Thanks, Jaws Truly,
I think I do not have a new FORMULA, but using my ear to listen to music, collecting ideas and composing to fit my taste. Music is not invention or creation. It is composing. Thanks again

Yishai Knoll

6/21/2016 1:56:28 AM
Thanks to Indie Music People for providing me the platform to introduce my "popular" new music. In the past, I composed mainly classical modern music. I turned back to my old love for jazz and unique popular music, and welcome all to my YouTube Channel for more music here
Yishai Knoll - Composer



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